11216807_907662405936159_1742013820521528621_nWelcome to Books, Vertigo & Tea! Needless to say, I have a passion for books and reading. I never leave home without book in hand. I sleep with them, and, yes occasionally I can be caught sniffing them. I have been writing reviews over the last few years on several sites such as Goodreads and Amazon, but I have never really exposed this side of myself so openly. Why? Because the thought of people combing through my reviews and critiquing them is nerve wracking (Do people do that? Review reviews?!), or even worse is the thought of no one having the slightest interest in them. Funny how that works.

So why Books, Vertigo & Tea? Well, we have covered the book part, and obviously I love a good cup of tea. What compliments a great book better then tea? Nothing in my opinion. Vertigo, you ask? Unfortunately, while juggling family, work, books and tea, I suffer from bouts of pretty intense vertigo. This can put a pretty interesting “spin” on things. Pun intended! I also happen to enjoy anime, manga, and many “geek” related pleasures. So you can expect an occasional appearance of all thing geekery at times!

After finally decided to move forward with this blog (thank you Gabe for the ongoing encouragement and support) I have discovered that I truly have no clue what I am doing! And I have researched every angle possible. I knew this would be hard, but wow! I have a newfound respect to any and all bloggers.

I have also sadly come to the realization that my photography skills cannot even be truly called skills. I will need some serious improvement. You absolutely must have beautiful book pictures on a book blog!

My final dilemma has been what to post. Reviews of course! But I could not bring myself to post older reviews. I considered it. After-all, I need content. It feels like cheating though. So I am currently reviewing Nineteen Eighty-Four. Why? Because this is the title I just completed. Talk about pressure! I have chosen a timeless, dystopian classic to review right off the get go.

So here we are, and this is my first post! Please feel free to check out my Rating & Review  page for my information what genres I normally enjoy. You can also find me on TumblrInstagram, Goodreads and Pinterest!


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