Sunday Sum-Up

I always find Sunday to be one of the best days of the week. Even though it signifies the nearing of another workday, it is typically uneventful and a nice time to just sit back with a good cup of tea, read, and reflect.


I thought I would spend a few moments today looking at some of my favorite quotes from recent reads, what I am currently reading and discussing the highlights of my very run-of-the-mill week (just the way I like them). I do not do well with too much excitement or out of the ordinary. Thank you vertigo! Let’s look back shall we?

Quote Feels for 6/26/16

I could have listed so many quotes this week, but I tried to narrow it down. I have chosen to post several from my last 3 reads, all of which were beautifully written within their own right.

“The Chinese considered the moon to be yin, feminine and full of negative energy, as opposed to the sun that was yang and exemplified masculinity. I liked the moon, with its soft silver beams. It was at once elusive and filled with trickery, so that lost objects that had rolled into the crevices of a room were rarely found, and books read in its light seemed to contain all sorts of fanciful stories that were never there the next morning.”
Yangsze Choo, The Ghost Bride

“If I had known how easy it is to lose your life, I would have treasured mine better”.”
Yangsze Choo, The Ghost Bride

“The truth is what I make it. I could set this world on fire and call it rain.”
Victoria Aveyard, Red Queen

“It’s our nature. We destroy. It’s the constant of our kind. No matter the color of blood, man will always fall.”
Victoria Aveyard, Red Queen

“I see a world on the edge of a blade. Without balance, it will fall.”
Victoria Aveyard, Red Queen

“I know of witches who whistle at different pitches, calling things that don’t have names.”
Helen Oyeyemi, White is for Witching

“It was the dread that comes about when you are allowed to have something that seems costly and yet you’re not asked for payment.”
Helen Oyeyemi, White is for Witching

Current Read:

I am reading The Shadow Queen (Ravenspire #1) by C.J. Redwine. I am very excited about this one. I am a huge fan of retellings, and the classic story of Snow White is always such a fun story. This title has not disappointed so far. I am half-way through the novel and already excited for the upcoming review I will write. Everything about this has been beautiful, including the book itself. I love when you open a book to discover a map! It is like an early birthday!


Highlights of the Week 6/26/16

My excitement for the week came in the form of my summer book haul. I am telling you, I am wild and crazy, and my reading list is huge! They say that you should never grocery shop on an empty stomach, and in a sense I think the same applies to book lovers. Being left in a book store or even browsing online is downright dangerous when you are craving a new read. Detrimental to ones funds, but I can partially justify this order with the fact that I had some gift cards from a recent birthday 😉 It has been very hard to decide which titles are my must haves with so many to catch up on and look forward to. My most recent arrivals include:

I have been really torn between starting My Lady Jane, With Malice, or The Bone Gap next. Then this arrives:


Help? Life is just becoming too complicated at this point *snicker*.  Any recommendations or opinions on the above? I have read some pretty awesome reviews on all of these. I should have started The Selection several years ago. This is what happens when you have a “to read” list that is never-ending.



I wrapped up my Saturday night with a bit of fangirling. Roughly somewhere between 9 to 10 hours of a nonstop Hunger Games movie binge, and I do not regret a minute of it! No hesitation when openly admitting that Katniss Everdeen is one of my all time favorite heroines and I adore Effie Trinket. Don’t judge.


Today plans to be nice and quiet with my coffee, sending out some overdue pictures(sorry), and some reading before a new week begins. So what are you reading? What titles are you excited to snag this summer or have been your favorites? I would love to see some quotes you have marked from recent reads!

Cheers 🙂

One thought on “Sunday Sum-Up

  1. “They say that you should never grocery shop on an empty stomach, and in a sense I think the same applies to book lovers.” Totally agree. Walking anywhere near Waterstones when a holiday is approaching burns a massive hole in my bank account. 😦

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