“People look, they don’t see.”


Bone Gap

Author: Laura Ruby
Publisher: 4/26/16 Balzer + Bray
ISBN: 9780062317629
Pages: 345
Genre: YA/Fantasy
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Bone Gap is available here on Amazon.com


Finn and his older brother live in the small town of Bone Gap. One night a beautiful young Polish woman named Roza mysteriously arrives in their barn, entering the boys’ hearts and lives. Then just as quickly as she arrived, Roza is gone, and the people of Bone Gap, including Sean, believe she just left. But Finn knows otherwise. He saw the big man take Roza away in his black SUV. The trouble is, Finn cannot remember his face to save his life or Roza’s, and Sean and the residents of Bone Gap do not believe a word he says.

My Review:

I have to be honest, I am pleasantly surprised with how many great titles I have stumbled upon so far this summer. Bone Gap is no exception. For myself, this is magical realism at its finest. Laura Ruby has created a small town unlike anything imaginable.

“Because we don’t have your typical gaps around here. Not gaps made of rocks or mountains. We have gaps in the world. In the space of things. So many places to lose yourself, if you believe that they’re there. You can slip into the gap and never find your way out. Or maybe you don’t want to find your way out.”
Laura Ruby, Bone Gap

Character development in Bone Gap is a steady process. The omniscient, third person narration allows the story of each character to slowly unfold in alternating chapters as we learn of their history and current struggles. Each individual is sincere and believable. Our main characters Finn and Roza evoke strong emotions and instantly we feel a sense of connection.

The setting of Bone Gap is one that is well-known to many. Ruby easily renders a small-town environment that many of us have grown up in in her illustrative story telling. Realistic and clear details give life to the setting, making it almost seem tangible.

Starting off as a slow and steady paced read, something wonderful begins to happen. We discover a brilliant composure of fantasy, love and realism occurring. Through the use of well articulated symbolism such as bees and a mare named Night that represent feminism and dreams, an incredible tale unfolds. Caught up in a whirlwind of emotions, Bone Gap challenges our very perception of life.


Make no doubt about it, Bone Gap is more than just a story about a kidnapping. This is a tale of fantasy and life. It moves at a pace of its own. It flows, but is not necessarily an “easy” read. Maybe not for everyone, but I am highly suggesting this to all YA and Fantasy fans.

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