Watching Edie

29243709Watching Edie

Author: Camilla Way
Publisher: Harper Collins
(Kindle Edition)
Expected 8/2/16
Genre: Thriller/Mystery
⭐ ⭐ ⭐

You can pre-order on here.


Edie and Heather were best friends. Edie admired Heather’s drive and determination, while Heather loved Edie for her beauty and creativity. During their highschool years they spent a majority of their time together.

So why is it that years later, when Edie is alone and about to have her first child that she is so shook up when Heather mysteriously re-enters her life? During a time when Edie needs Heather and help  the most, she cannot seem to welcome her lost friend with open arms. What is the mystery that lies buried between the two girls?  What happened so many years ago that could cause so much pain and have separated the two?


This is my first review of an ARC. I was very excited to snag a copy of Watching Edie on my Kindle before its release date. The plot really intrigued me and I have been long overdue for a good mystery/thriller read. So thank you NetGalley and Harper Collins!

This was not a bad title, and I did enjoy it. The author writes in a very clear manner that provides an easy and fluid read. The characters were interesting and relatable on several levels. As we read about the girls and their struggles during the highschool years it feels familiar to a small degree. By small, I mean as far as the bond they share and the feelings of wanting to belong. Granted, Edie’s character takes this persona to the extreme. But Heather and Edie were credible and easy to connect with in a sense, and the settings are easily conjured up as you read with the author’s vivid details. The writing overall is very well done. I enjoyed that the narration alternated between both girls in a truly coherent manner.

Unfortunately, I normally enjoy saving quotes and favorite lines from novels, but there just were not any standout moments. So I have none to share in this review. Maybe that is asking a bit much from a mystery novel. I honestly do not read them often enough to know.

The story began to struggle to maintain my attention about half-way in. I found myself skimming through the pages a bit as it took on a familiar  story-line. It read like too many films and a few other books. I admit, I was concerned about this one. But the author redeemed herself with an ending that was more elaborate than I expected. At the risk of spoilers, I will just say that I felt the ending made up for a majority of mid-section I battled with. I am giving this 3 stars personally, but it was a close four. It was almost there for me, just not quite what I was expecting. Something was still missing.


I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys mysteries and thrillers.

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