“Welcome to the Captain’s Deck”

28650500Seas (Wendy Darling Vol. 2)

Author: Colleen Oakes
Publisher: Sparkpress
Expected 9/20/16
ISBN: 9781940716886
Genre: Fantasy & Fairy Tale
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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Wendy and Michael Darling have escaped the clutches of the demented Peter Pan, only to find themselves captive on the Sudden Night. Now within the clutches of the  abominable Captain Hook and his crew Wendy is willing to do anything it takes to protect Michael and save her brother John who has refused to leave Peter Pan.

Continually hunted by the obsessed Pan, Wendy begins to uncover many secrets. She discovers the truth surrounding Captain Hook’s hatred for the devious Peter Pan and learns the fate of Neverland hangs in the balance. Will she be able to play their game and save not only her family, but all of Neverland?


I received Seas (Wendy Darling Vol. 2) as an advanced reading copy from the publisher and NetGalley in exchanged for my honest and unbiased review. I would like to thank them for this opportunity.

When I first began this title I was concerned. Concerned because I admittedly have not read Volume 1. But the synopsis intrigued me, and I have honestly never read a retelling of Peter Pan. At least not that I can recall. How can that be? I have no clue. I love retellings! Fairy tales are the best.  So I submitted my request and waited eagerly. To much delight, I was approved and jumped in eagerly.

I was instantly relieved to discover that I felt comfortable with this book, regardless of having missed the first volume. There was enough of Wendy’s past revealed, that it seemed safe to proceed, and I did.

I was immediately drawn in with the beautiful cover art and the author’s picturesque narration. She truly is a lovely story-teller (note to self, check out other titles). Character development was passionate and thorough, leaving nothing to want. Told in 3rd person, the story is seen through the actions of our beloved heroine, Wendy Darling. I quickly felt connected to Wendy in her commitment to her younger brother Michael and the need to protect and comfort him. While her situation was not entirely relatable (I hardly ever awake on pirate ships), her endless love for family totally was, making her a credible and strong character. Colleen Oakes took classic characters and gave a new meaning to their existence. She even managed to portray Hook in a manner I never expected.

OK, maybe this gif wasn’t necessary, but come on! Look at him..

“Hook was still, his head hanging down, his eyes closed. When they opened, they met Wendy’s, and in that moment, Wendy knew him, saw him, not the terrifying captain that he truly was, but also for the man who was tasked with caring for his crew, for this man who lay dead at his feet.” – Colleen Oakes, Seas (Wendy Darling Vol 2)

The setting takes place in Neverland of course. If you cannot figure that out, I cannot help you. Sorry. The author does a tremendous job here. In the spirit of the original story, she describes luscious islands, enormously daunting ships, and filthy, scandalous crew members in rich detail, placing you right in the center of the action. It is downright graphic at times, but could you expect anything less from a story full of pirates?! Arrgh.. keepin’ it real! I-just-finished-the-most-wonderful-story

This was a win for me. Fast paced, full of action and fun. I enjoyed every minute of this whirlwind retelling. The only portion of this that I struggled with was the formatting. This was a Kindle edition, and at times it seemed to be off a tad (I am sure that this is mainly due to receiving an advanced copy), but this did not take away from the reading experience. Joyous, childish glee. I found a terrific retelling of Peter Pan!! I am easily giving this 4 stars, it was a very close five. Recommending to all fans of fantasy, fairy tales and especially Peter Pan! Go read this series! I will be looking to pick up Volume 1 so I can catch up on what I have missed!

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