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Today is one of those days. Nothing seems to being going the way I want. I woke with a piercing headache, nerve pain and  a foul mood. I greatly detest the latter. I am not generally a cranky person, so I really struggle when I feel off like this. So what to post?

I could post a lovely selfie of my current situation which includes my coziest fuzzy socks, special mug and very weird, hurts to brush it hair style. But I feel we have reached a point in this relationship where you deserve better. So I am sparing you. You may not realize it at this moment, but you are grateful 😉

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So 3 cups of dark coffee, a hand full of “vitamins” and here we are!  Let’s mash baby! I may not feel tip-top, but I now have enough caffeine coursing through my veins to kill a horse! So let’s do this!


Book Versus Film


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I contemplated many times as to whether or not I truly wanted to do a full write-up regarding the comparison Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail the book and Wild the film. I was pleasantly surprised with how much feedback I received from my recent review, and I dove right into the film after completing the book. I am so thankful that this was not a disappointing experiencing. I truly have no negative remarks for either of these. So I have decided to go with a short comparison based on a few key elements.

Setting & Plot

I felt that the setting and plot remained very consistent between the book and film. Given the that this is an autobiography about Cheryl Strayed deciding to hike the PCT alone, there was not a lot of room deviation. I can honestly say that the film presented most scenes visually as they had played out in my head throughout the reading experience.  It was also super fun watching my partner ask me to replay a scene that was filmed locally here in a shop near his work that he frequents. His enthusiasm was adorable. Bonus!


I will note that the film omits several characters. There is no mention of Cheryl’s stepfather in the film, which I did find odd as she references him several times in the book. This is not however, a huge loss regarding the story. He was mentioned in minor detail only, just frequently.  Cheryl’s ex-husband was portrayed slighty less favorable, but this was okay. In a sense I felt the film seemed more realistic in this aspect. And again, it was only slight. A few hikers were left out that did disappoint me. There is a particular story involving Cheryl acquiring a Bob Marley t-shirt (we do see the shirt in the film) that I would have like to have seen included in the film, but again not a damaging loss. Often as readers we tend to approach the film adaptation expecting at least minor alterations and Wild is no exception.

Overall Experience

I cannot say this very often while comparing books and films, but I was equally pleased with both. I found that Cheryl’s story was equally presented beautifully, and I have no true complaints of any real depth about either the book or film. There where a few slight alterations and the book carried a bit more emotion for me, but again not detrimental. I recommend both. I prefer to watch before reading, but in this instance you could safely approach these titles in whatever order you felt like and receive a satisfying experience.  5 ⭐ experience and full recommendation for both!

You can find Wild the film here on Amazon.

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail the book can be purchased here.


Something else that has crossed my mind several times as of late is Twitter. I see feeds everywhere I turn. On blogs, Tumblr, Facebook, you name it. Everyone seems to be “tweeting”. Well, everyone except for me. I am going to be honest, I have no idea how this social network that is only growing in popularity works. Completely at a loss. I have navigated my way through Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, and several other networks, but I have never so much as created a Twitter account. Clueless. I only recently learned how to hashtag.. well that was embarrassing to admit. Ugh.


As a newer blogger, I have personally found myself branching out in many ways to connect with others. I love this! I love the community and experiences I have become a part of. Nothing is more satisfying than a sense of belonging and the ability to share my passions with those who appreciate and respect them. This blog has allowed me to do all of this and became a sort of home for what drives a large portion of who I am ♥

It took a lot of research and self convincing before I took the plunge though. I have been considering a blog for literally years, and when I made the actual decision, I read countless articles and played with this account for months before deciding to go public. I was also in no way prepared for how much time I would dedicate to Books, Vertigo and Tea. This is not a complaint in any form, just raw truth. When we enjoy what we do we tend to give so much more. So as I sit here contemplating all that I currently juggle, I truly have to ask whether the addition of another social media platform is a worthwhile decision.

Do many of you tweet or at least have an account? If so, are you finding this beneficial to your actual blog or is this something you gain more of a personal satisfaction from? I am curious to understand the hype and success of this media icon, but admittedly not ready to add another network to my list without some initial feedback first. I have asked about platforms in general before and questioned whether others struggle to generate a successful following on these accounts, but I am asking specifically about Twitter today. What are your personal views as a blogger? I openly welcome an addition that will enhance the blogging experience, but I am not currently seeking another personal account.

To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question.

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As always, I hope this Mash finds you in high spirits and doing well. I am staring at several ARCs I am ready to dive into. I am excited to receive some much welcomed feed back on the Twitter debacle and looking forward to my next review.

Latest ARC that is looking very promising:

Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Córdova


Until next time, cheers!


P.S. I have noticed I have several keys sticking on this overpriced keyboard. Please excuse typos 😉

10 thoughts on “Midweek Mash

  1. You are not alone! I have a Twitter account but it frustrates me because I can never write what I want with only 70 or 80 characters, and I always forget that hashtag. I use it to (automatically) share my blogposts and to find and share giveaways that I find. A lot of authors use it too and ask for reviewers or tweet about their new book. I did get quite a few followers on Twitter but almost no comments so I don’t know. I advise you to do the same as me and let wordpress share it to a Twitter account and see what it gives you.

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    1. I’ve been meaning to ask you this, but I think your Twitter account isn’t properly connected to your blog? When I tweet one of your posts via WordPress, it automatically uses @BelgianReviewer, which is someone who’s heavily into gaming, YouTube ^^. He or she has been getting a lot of post tweets that are meant for you, that’s for sure!

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  2. What?!? They filmed at the Dead-head? That’s awesome! I’m still working on Cinder but I think Wild is going to be next on my list.

    As for twitter, I don’t know if you have the time/energy to devote to it, you’re going to have tweet a lot to get followers before I think it’ll get more traction to your blog. You’ll have to do a lot of interaction with people who have lots of followers to get attention to your tweets. I’ve been on for like 7 years and I only have like hundred some odd followers, but I don’t have a blog I just use it for personal stuff. It’s definitely a medium you have to devote a lot of time to.

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  3. Great to see that the movie didn’t disappoint after having read the book first! 😉 There are always a few characters missing, magically added, or slightly different than you had imagined they would be, but if it’s nothing too annoying, that’s great!

    As for Twitter, it did help me in getting in touch with some authors, but it’s mostly great for interaction with other bloggers (I know, as if it isn’t enough on here yet! 😉 ) without cluttering someone’s comment section with nonsense. I mostly use it to send Gifs and pictures of half naked men wearing kilts to some of the gals on here. But when it comes to heavily using it, retweeting, and tweeting other stuff besides your blog posts….yeah, no, I’d need to hire an assistant to take care of all of that ^^.

    Hope you feel better soon ❤


  4. Great post! I started using twitter as a personal account to connect with writing friends and see all the NaNoWriMo goings on, but it quickly became beneficial to my blog. I tweet every post, and like tweets from other bloggers. If you use a hashtag on your tweet, anyone else who uses that hashtag can see your post. It really gives you a greater reach and helps more people discover your blog. The 140 character limit is annoying, but I just reply to myself and create a thread if I need to say more. It was confusing at first, but now Twitter is my preferred social network. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about it. 🙂

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