Sunday Sum-Up

First and foremost!

Happy Birthday Harry Potter!harrypottertw0

The majority of us know that today marks the 36th birthday of J.K. Rowling’s beloved wizard Harry Potter and the darling author herself! It also marks the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Harry Potter #8) in print edition. This is the first official Harry Potter play to be presented on stage and brings a new story to Potter fans everywhere. As you can imagine, this is a pretty big deal for most. And even if it is not for you, I am sure your are probably still very aware of the release and buzz. It has been eagerly anticipated and celebrated everywhere. And I do mean everywhere! From social media accounts such as Instagram and Tumblr to local shops. Bookstores are full of wizards, young and old lining the walls to receive their copy and celebrate the grand occasion. So, while I was not among these delightful wizards (I have seriously slacked in finishing the series) I want to wish Harry and the lovely J.K. Rowling many more happy years. I wouldn’t dream of posting today and doing otherwise!


Grab a copy now!


This past week also proved to be pretty nice for myself as well. I celebrated my daughter’s 16th birthday (yes giving away my age), scored several unexpected titles, and learned yesterday that I will be receiving a signed copy of Color Blind by Sheila Sobel. This was a Goodreads giveaway. Stoked to be receiving this!




I also reached 100 followers this week! This may not seem like a large feat, but after having only launched Books, Vertigo and Tea roughly 1 and a half months ago, I am ecstatic about this! Joining the blogging community has been one of the best decisions I have made. But it takes a large amount of effort to keep up at times. I know  you are all familiar with just how much goes into maintaining an active blog,  but each and every one of you have provided such positive feedback and enriched my entire reading experience in so many ways! I am always driven to want give more. Blogging has made my life better. Thanks to this amazing community (that is you πŸ˜‰ ), I finally have a positive, creative outlet where I can share my passion and so do so comfortably. This is because of you. So thank you!


Current Reads


The Monster on the Road is Me

J.P. Romney


The Bone Witch (The Bone Witch #1)

Rin Chupeco


I plan on completing The Monster on the Road is Me today. I am so thrilled to have received this ARC and cannot wait to write the review. It has been fantastic! I know spoilers huh? But isn’t it always so fun to review titles we thoroughly enjoy? I think so. I just began The Bone Witch. Literally. This is another ARC courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher. I love the gorgeous cover! I would probably be guilty of picking this up as a cover buy if I spotted it at the bookstore.

Quotes of The Week

This week I am sharing quotes from my most recent reads These Dark Wings (Ravenmaster Trilogy #1) by John Owen Theobald and Lost Labyrinth (Brooklyn Brujas #1) by Zoraida CΓ³rdova.

“The juice is worth the squeeze,..”
-John Owen Theobald, These Dark Wings (Ravenmaster Trilogy #1)

“Your Courage, Your Cheerfulness, Your Resolution will Bring Us Victory. – Ministry of Information, poster.”
-John Owen Theobald, These Dark Wings (Ravenmaster Trilogy #1)

“Always there have been six ravens at the Tower. If the Tower ravens fly away, the kingdom will fall.”
-John Owen Theobald, These Dark Wings (Ravenmaster Trilogy #1)

“She is the light in the hopeless places. She is the sky when the night blazes.”
-Zoraida CΓ³rdova, Lost Labyrinth (Brooklyn Brujas #1)

“Look twice, my child, for shadows change and so do faces. -Rezo de las Brujas”
-Zoraida CΓ³rdova, Lost Labyrinth (Brooklyn Brujas #1)

“I was searching for someon. But the labyrinth has a way of taking you in and never letting go. It is a dark place, a dammed place.”
-Zoraida CΓ³rdova, Lost Labyrinth (Brooklyn Brujas #1)


I could honestly include about 5 more quotes from Labyrinth Lost, but maybe I should allow you the opportunity to read the book on your own? Just a thought. So please just keep in mind with these quotes of late, that many are from ARCs so they may very well change or be altered before final publication.

What are your most recent favorite quotes? I keep a small spiral notebook full of scribbles and “post its” in many books marking quotes. I also tend to highlight the hell out of my Kindle titles. Do you make note of quotes? If so, how do keep prefer to save them?

End of July Book Haul

The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows, Ruthless by Carolyn Lee Adams, Room by Emma Donoghue, & Soulless (A Parasol Protectorate Novel) by Gail Carriger

So I broke my personal promise to refrain from picking up any new titles for the remainder of July. Should have been easy since we only had two days left, but alas I have zero self-control when anywhere remotely near a bookstore. So this is what happens when you have a membership that constantly sends you awesome discounts and a wicked sweet partner who supports and encourages your obsession/hobby πŸ™‚ Did you happen to score any last-minute additions before we enter August?


I hope that this week has been kind to everyone and that the next week holds much happiness for you all. Until next time..


6 thoughts on “Sunday Sum-Up

  1. A. Did you bake that cake??! B. A belated congrats on your daughter’s bday. You just must’ve been very young when you had her πŸ™‚ *envisioning Gilmore Girls scenes* C. Welcome to the realm of breaking personal promises when it comes to books πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha no to that cake, that is from the scene where Hagrid brings one to Harry. I do cake decorate though 😊 I was slightly young when I had her *wink! I feel there are many more promises to be broken with books in my future πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 2 people

      1. *facepalms* I’m such a noob ;). Aha! Yeah, ‘very’ young might’ve been a bit of an exaggeration from my side, insinuating you were like..12 at the time XD But cool! Tee-hee :3

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Hey…just found this post as I was scrolling backwards and forwards, up and down and side to side!You reached your 100 in August…I just reached 100 in the wee hours of this morning, 1 Ocdtober!! Yayyy us! Of course, 100 is old hat to peepuls like Anne (nudge nudge) with her eleventy-six hundred!!


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