New BFF: Books, Vertigo and Tea

Recently I had the great pleasure of getting to know another wonderful blogger Inge @The Belgian Reviewer. I am super excited that she has included me in her BFF (Blog Friends Forever). This was so fun and she is amazing. I am thrilled to have made this wonderful friend. Her blog is incredible! I cannot rave enough about how her reviews ❤ Stop by and check out The Belgian Reviewer. I guarantee you are going to want to follow this incredible blog!

The Belgian Reviewer


Hi everybody!

I have a new BFF (Blog Friend Forever). I invite you all to meet Danielle. We’ve only been friends very recently, having discovered each other’s sites only a few weeks ago, but she’s such a warm, friendly and very cool lady (she’s into tattoos too btw). She’s fairly new to blogging (from June 2016) so go over there if you get the chance and take a look because she has a wonderful blog called Books, Vertigo and Tea and she’s really good at it too!

So here’s a little something about the person behind the blog:

Patricia “Danielle” – I have always gone by simply Dee or Danielle. My first name has never served much more of a purpose aside from legalities.

I will refer to myself as a very youthful mid-thirties. Life is too short to adult full time.

What did you study or…

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8 thoughts on “New BFF: Books, Vertigo and Tea

      1. Haha! I thought it looked strange xD I typed a heart ❤ and when I posted it, it just showed up as an empty comment. *sigh* another half arsed attempt at keeping my comments shorter and to the point going down the drain ;). FOILED AGAIN!!

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