“You do not fear death, a voice in my mind whispers. You fear living.”

16004695Desolate (Immortal Rose Trilogy #1)
Author: Amy Miles
Publisher: Amy Miles Books (Kindle Edition)
Pages: 261
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy


Robbed of her innocence, immortality and family all on the night of her wedding, Roseline Dragomir finds herself imprisoned and the victim of horrible, relentless abuse.  Ready to end her own existence to free herself of the horror that is now her life with her husband Vladimir, she has lost all hope of ever escaping the torments that await her.

Then she meets Fane. He is seductive and compassionate. But can she ever trust him? Is he all that he appears to be? Surrounded by vicious vampires and a controlling husband who will never release her, has she finally found hope in the form of the mysterious Fane? Has she found the answer to her survival?

My Review:

My initial impressions were that the beautiful cover and enticing synopsis held a lot of promise. I have been a fan of well written paranormal and vampire novels since I discovered the lovely Anne Rice years ago. Of course, those are some big shoes to fill, so often I am left disappointed when I attempt the genre. Needles to say, I have reached the point where a title has to really pull at me before I will even consider it. Desolate did just that.

I want to note that this is a particularly graphic story. The author has spared no expense at ensuring the torture and misery endured by our beautiful heroine are conveyed the fullest extent. Respectfully, being that this is considered a YA read, the author has included an advanced warning of this fact within the beginning of the title. Kudos for that!

I approached Desolate which is actual a prequel as a new comer. This was my first encounter with Amy Miles’ work. Her writing is eloquent, articulating the events and abuse occurring with great strength and depth. I will admit that at times the attention to detail felt slightly circuitous, but overall I enjoyed her style. Desolate reads smoothly. I was drawn in from the very beginning and found myself eagerly returning each evening.


Character and world building felt utterly on par. Each scene unfolding before me vividly with the fluid narration. The decision on the author’s part to not hold back works. I appreciated Roseline. I mourned for her. I was angry for her. I hated Vladimir (her husband) and his brother Lucian with a passion. I found myself infuriated with them. She is a herione you can easily come to love. Fane was absolutely intriguing, but I was never able to quite determine how much trust he deserved. Like Roseline, I was cautious of allowing myself to accept him. I wanted to, but I was just never fully there.

There is a touch of romance within Desolate that leans towards the typical, cliché scenario. Somehow it still worked for me, and I am not big on romance. So I am giving extra points based on this. I have nothing against love at all, but rarely do I find that I am able to enjoy love stories as they are always too predictable. There was just enough mystery and intrigue maintained throughout Desolate that I actually enjoyed this addition to the plot.

Unlike most paranormal novels centered around vampires, Miles added a bit a flare with some unexpected traditions and events or hunts if you will. I am not going to elaborate in order to avoid dreaded spoilers, but this created a unique and exciting experience.


Desolate was easily 4 stars for myself. I really enjoy well written paranormal titles and this hit the spot. I would strongly recommend caution however, if you are not a fan of violence or graphically depicted scenes because there is no shortage. I did feel that this read more as New Adult and have difficulty viewing this title as a YA read. While I greatly appreciated this title, it will not be for everyone. Recommending for fans of vampire and fantasy reads who do not mind heavy violence and sexual content.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Purchase a copy of Desolate (Immortal Rose Trilogy) (Volume 1) on Amazon

*I received a copy of Desolate from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All thoughts above are my own.

5 thoughts on ““You do not fear death, a voice in my mind whispers. You fear living.”

  1. *strokes chin* I don’t mind heavy violence but how graphic are the sex scenes? 😀 Cause I want to read this now because of your review but I can’t read another book describing someone’s moist folds anymore ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am dying Anne! There are no moist folds. The sexual content is actually focused more on the violent about so even though there are sex scenes, they are not nearly as graphic. You tend to be preoccupied with the pain she suffers. It is definitely not for everyone. But at such a low price, worth the risk maybe? You could also request through NetGalley if they still have up. Shoot. I forgot to add that to my blog.. quickly editing! Ugh.

      Liked by 1 person

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