Midweek Mash

*Okay so when I first posted this, apparently my coding was off sigh. So my Goodreads has been removed and replaced with a boring screenshot,. Yeah, I basically cheated.*

This has been an incredibly long week, and I am only 3 days in. It is just that time of year when everything happens. Work picks up, school resumes, birthday, annual check-ups.. the list goes on. I am pretty sure I have “only” chugged 5 cups of coffee and a rather large glass of green tea to no avail. Up since 3am and not even sure I have fully opened my eyes. I may have sort of slouched into work without actually lifting my feet. I don’t know because I do not remember.

giphy (14).gif


On the plus side, I made it! I live to fight another day and tomorrow I am having these amazing little items called “blackout” blinds installed into the bedroom skylights. I haven’t been this excited in a while. Maybe my reading will pick back up when I can actually rest. I haven’t been in a slump, but more of a “fall asleep” trying phase.

My beautiful friend Stephanie has finally started her blog!! It was like trying to milk a turnip haha. She is a terrific writer and I cannot express how much I believe everyone will enjoy her work. I am really pushing for this because I know how much she has to offer creatively. And her blog name rocks! So please feel free to go give a warm welcome toΒ Fictional Escape Artist.

This week I wanted to look at two things I have discussed in the not so distant past. Reading challenges and favorite genres. Why am I revisiting topicsΒ from only a fewΒ months ago? Well to be honest, because I had considerably less followers at that time and the feedback and interaction was practically nonexistent. And I am curious. So humor me.

2016 Reading Challenge




I have shown you mine, now show me yours πŸ˜‰

I have belonged to Goodreads for several years. I love the community and the overall functionality of the site. It is a great way to meet like-minded readers, discover new titles and keep track of books. I am guilty of having 20 bookshelves currently set-up. I love categorizing. What can I say?

But one of my absolute favorite things about the site is setting my annual reading challenge. I cannot help but enjoy creating this goal each year. A goal that I actually loveΒ reaching, or attempting to reach. There is something oddly satisfying as a reader about tracking each book and neatly filing them away on my imaginary shelves. Okay, maybe it sounds a bit creepy when I put it that way, but bottom line is that I like it! I like a lot of things. Like a nice glass of chocolate milk before bed. If it works, it works! Don’t judge.

giphy (13).gif

So once again I ask, how many of you set real reading challenges each year? Do you actually track how many books you have devoured? And if so, do you have a site or app you use to do this? I personally keep everything on Goodreads, but I am learning there are many other apps designed for this purpose. If you did set a goal, what was it? I tend to aim a bit low and then increase my challenge if I find myself reading at a faster pace. This year I aimed for 70 books. Some times I fly through titles, other times I hit slumps that seem to never end. That is usually when I Netflix binge or break out Twin Peaks.

Favorite Genre


Poll time! So one of my very first posts included this very poll. It was less than successful. And that is being polite. I don’t think I received a single response. It’s okay, I am forgiving…

giphy (15)

I tend to review a bit of everything. I am sure it will always be this way because I have bipolar reading habits. One of the many reasons I cannot get along with TBRs. I have serious commitment issues. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care πŸ˜‰ I would love to know what your favorite genre or go to read is. I tend to favor fantasy and dystopian stories. Fantasy because, well it is fantastic! Dystopian because of the strong lead characters and often rich world development set within the premise of hope against all odds! Let’s face it, the leads usually kick serious ass. Dystopian works well in books and film when done right. So what are your preferences?


Tonight I continue with The Wolf Road by Beth Lewis


The dialect is an adjustment, but so far I am seriously intrgued.
I leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

β€œGood friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”
― Mark Twain

Cheers πŸ™‚


P.S. As much as I loved the purple my son chose for the site background, I felt I was going cross-eyed every time I looked at it. Hopefully he will not notice that I toned it down.

11 thoughts on “Midweek Mash

  1. I voted (for mystery;-))! I also only do a Goodreads challenge. I keep far away from book-a-thons or book list challenges and everything that tells me what to do and give me some stress ;-). For my Goodreads challenge I picked a safe number which I was fairly sure to achieve (counting one book a week and a few more for vacation time). I know not much of a challenge really but still happy with my ribbon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I tried to vote for ‘Other’ (paranormal romance for me ;D) but my vote didn’t seem to want to process. It’s probably my phone, to be honest. I’ll try again on my laptop!

    I’ve seen the Goodreads challenge but have yet to try it. Like you, I sometimes gp through reading slumps and think I must subconsciously fear failure or something? I feel inspired to try the challenge now, though πŸ˜€

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  3. It’s pink! I keep track of EVERYTHING!! On Goodreads :). I set my reading goal for 50 books this year, thinking I would read 1 book a week minus some holidays/reading slumps. I’m at 7o now…blogging has really upped my reading! Oh Twin Peaks ❀ my comfort food in time of great distress. I've got both of the DVD boxes displayed next to my TV. My hubby has never made it past the first episode. "Why are we watching at a ceiling fan for 30 seconds?". Sigh, I honestly don't know if I should've married him ;).

    I voted Fantasy, but I don't think I can simply pick one genre, I love too many of them! Bipolar reading habits :'). Dystopian, Horror, Sci-Fi, and once every blue moon I get blown out of my socks (if that's an expression) by a contemporary novel.

    P.s.- I think he might notice it ;). But I like the pink as well and you're right, it's less in your face'n shizzle.

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