The Last Day of Captain Lincoln

The Last Day of Captain Lincoln
By EXO Books
Illustrated by Kimberly Hazen
Publisher: EXO Books
ISBN: 0997590203
Pages: 133
Genre: Fiction/Sci-Fi

Goodreads Book Blurb:

Captain Lincoln’s last day is the hardest day of his life.

An old, onetime Captain of the interstellar spaceship USNAS Hope Eternal, Lincoln always knew that this day would come. For just as birthdays are carefully planned, so are deaths. And although he must reckon with his fate, this is not a somber story. It is a tale of love and sacrifice, told in the context of the most advanced civilization ever to exist—a society that has taken to the stars in an effort to save all that is best in humanity.

Follow Lincoln through his internal struggles, his joy in having lived, and his journey to peace.

The End is just the beginning.

My Thoughts:

As I started to type out the usual details I include in every review, I stopped upon reaching genre. I realized that a part of me felt as if I were selling this story short by simply labeling it. Sure it is fiction. It is definitely science fiction, but it truly is so much more than that. While short in length, The Last Day of Captain Lincoln is monumental in meaning and expression.

This is the magnificent tale of one man’s final day seen through the eyes of our protagonist Captain Lincoln. It is told with rich narration that vividly paints images of the story with great ease. The accompanying illustrations, quotes, and references simply belong, fitting into each portion of the story flawlessly, contributing to what is more than a piece of science fiction. This is an observance of human life and humanity from a perspective that offers a truly unique glimpse.

The setting is a Utopian society on board of a space craft USNAS Hope Eternal. Every five years new children are born and those who reach the age of 80 celebrate this new life and the passing of their own as they embark on the final journey and prepare to die. The world building that occurs within the 133 pages is not overly complex, but full of depth and cleverly elaborated on through the use of the Captain’s final speeches, thoughts, and memories. The author manages to effortlessly portray this new life and society in a small manner of time while building our protagonist and giving him viable life.

“Even thought you can’t see it, my son, things are changing. Things ALWAYS change, given enough time and pressure. The very thought of that is scary to some, but change is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. It is a simple fact of life.”
― EXO Books, The Last Day of Captain Lincoln

This is a rare look at life through the eyes of a man who has lived peacefully and happily, but now faces his death knowingly. An idea that would be hard to swallow for many. We are witness to the memories and emotions that overcome Lincoln on his final day, exposing us to a side of humanity many would normally avoid thinking about. It is not often that we are so open to accepting our own fate. Knowing when that day was to occur could be terrifying. Imagine counting down your own final moments.

“Suddenly the normal dominant, rational part of Lincoln’s brain was completely and totally locked out of his body. He no longer had any control. He felt sick, old, and so very tired. Weak  in the knees, he was doing all that he could just to stand.”
― EXO Books, The Last Day of Captain Lincoln

While this may be a fast read, it is not an easy read. This small book resonates with you. It is a fascinating tale of one man’s life and bitter-sweet end that offers a new viewpoint on life and death. The entire collaboration of art, storytelling, and perfectly timed quotes blend incredibly, building a one of a kind reading experince that is so much more than mere fiction. I want to thank EXO books for providing me with a copy of The Last Day of Captain Licoln. My review is completely unbiased and of my own opinion.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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About EXO Books

EXO Books is the pen name and publishing company of a science fiction writer. He is a man who lives in New York City, USA, Earth.

The name EXO Books was inspired from the book of Exodus in the Bible. An exodus is the departure of a people out of slavery, to a promised land. It is a journey punctuated with peaks and valleys of joy and sorrow, through darkness ever towards the light. Inherent to this great journey of ours is the notion that while we continue to search for a better life, this search may not be fruitful in our individual lifetimes. Still, we try. Through it all we are sustained by our love for each other, and by hope.

The road is long, my friends. We trek on together.

15 thoughts on “The Last Day of Captain Lincoln

  1. Excellent review! Knowing the exact moment you would succumb to death is definitely frightening. It sounds like The Last Day of Captain Lincoln has the perfect premises to deliver a great story for deep introspection.

    – Lashaan

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  2. Wonderful review! I’m going to bed pondering over the thought of what I would do if I knew it was my last year of living, let alone my last day. And I didn’t even have to read the book for that ;). Seriously, though, this sounds like a fab mind blow!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your review of this book is so great! A few days ago, I was given the opportunity to read and review this title, and your review stuck out in my mind and that is what made me agree to reading it! Lol. Thanks for the awesome review and I’ll let you know what I think when I finish it 😊😉

    Liked by 1 person

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