Halloween This or That Tag


I stumbled across this tag on Kendra’s blog Reads and Treats and decided I would participate simply for the fun and spirit of it, as I have really had little time to add any Halloween touches to the blog. Stop by and say hello to Kendra! It appears the original tag originates on Cupcake Doll Face Blogs. I was unable to locate additional details.


1. Chocolate candy or fruity?  

Always chocolate for me, unless I can opt for chocolate covered fruit!

2. Witches of Vampires? 

Tough one, but going to give it to the witches this year. I have read some fascinating witch themed titles.


3. Trick or Treat? 

Believe it or not, I am a bit of a “trick” gal. No snarky comments required 😉

4. Halloween Party or Scary Movie?

Cheating and going with both. It should always be a party followed up with a campy horror film.

5. Skeletons or Zombies? 

Zombies all day, every day. Skeletons just lack the ability to scare and terrify for me.


6. Trick-or-Treat or Hand Out Candy? 

Trick-or-Treat. Sadly my youngest has decided he has outgrown this, so last year was it. Can I go cry now?

7. Hay Ride or Corn Maze? 

A hay ride to the corn maze.. duh!


8. Scary Costume or Funny Costume?  

Scary in general. It seems much more fun to go for frights on Halloween.

9. Pumpkin Seeds or Pumpkin Pie? 

Pumpkin pie, or even better, pumpkin cheesecake.

10. Bottle Feed A Baby Zombie or Walk Alone Through A Dark Forest?

Bottle feed a baby zombie, awww it is a baby after all.

11. Bats or Black Cats? 

Black cats.. Bats equate me running for my life.

black cat.gif

12. Pumpkin Spice or hot Chocolate?

Hot Chocolate with the works ❤

13. Celebrate in your neighborhood or at the mall?

Always the neighborhood, although we have done the mall twice due to rain when the kids were younger.

So there you have it. Something fun and simple just beacuse. I hope everyone enjoys the holiday!

Happy Halloween.png

78 thoughts on “Halloween This or That Tag

  1. Danielle does tricks for chocolate candy. Lol 😂 Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. 😜 Drew still might get you on that one. Or Anne. Watch out! 🙂 I agree with you on these. Definitely chocolate over fruit, and I love witches! My first novel is all about witches. 🙂 Scary costume for sure, but I love stupid pun costumes that me laugh because I’m silly. Totally agree on the hayride to the corn maze. Yes! I love those and they are way more fun than a boring haunted house. I always know when they’re going to jump out in a haunted house. The only house that ever scared me had walls that closed in on you, and I’m claustrophobic so that alone was enough to freak me out. Otherwise, houses are usually so typical. At least hayrides are more fun than strobe light houses with people in costumes. Right? 🙂

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    1. Agree! Claustrophobic as well so no way in hell am I doing closing in walls. I have tonhave MRIs every so often and even with sedation I freak and usually have to be pulled out.. ugh. You, Drew and and Anne were exactly who I expected comments from on “tricks” 😘

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  2. CHOCOLATE ❤ I can never resist. I started my third advent calendar today xD Oooh, no snarky comments? I'm disappointed!! I'd be scared the baby zombie would eat me. I don't trust them, baby or not!

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    1. So my replies and some comments are jacked on my feed, and it looks like this did not originally go through Donna. So sorry 😦 I was laughing because I have to fight with the kids to keep them from cheating on there advent calendars each year. I always lose that battle of course 😛

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  3. Mmmmm chocolate covered fruit any day!!! I also love witches. I just feel like you can do so much with them. Hot chocolate and pumpkin PIE any day though. I’ve never tasted pumpkin cheesecake, you’ve got me wondering with that one. I agree with scary costumes. Although I have seen some hilarious costumes.

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  4. Well, well, well, I see my name is being bandied about, hi Jill! So, Danielle, tricks for chocolate eh?? Interesting!😉

    So, different services cost different amounts of money, so….is that the same for tricks?? Does each trick cost a certain amount of candy/chocolate?? Do you have a guide you’d like to share??😂

    And finally, are they expensive tricks or cheap tricks??😂

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                1. Lmao, oh Drew, Drew :’). You keep outdoing yourself! Meringue :’). I read about someone baking a cake with his egg whites once though, and I believe it actually worked?! Maybe I should add it in my Recipe section some time ^^

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  5. All good choices! Chocolate is the absolute best. The real question is which do you prefer; white, milk or dark? 😛

    And pumpkin pie! I only discovered the wonders of that a dish a few months back. I think it’s quite a traditionally American recipe, right? My mum grew some pumpkins and made several pies and it was quite simply the most divine thing I’d ever eaten.

    What scary movies will you be watching this Halloween? :O I’ve got the day off work so I think I might settle down with some Japanese horror movies 🙂

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    1. I always opt for a good dark chocolate. I am not a 100% sure but pumpkin pie is pretty common during Thanksgiving feasts. I just live cooking with pumpkin and squash. I make pasta sauce and raviolo even. Delish! As far as scary films.. I like the old campy ones I grew up with such as Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th.. a few favorites such as Evil Dead. Grade A cheesey stuff 😉


  6. I have to say, I agree with all of your answers! I love zombies. TWD is my favorite show. That and AHS. Also, a baby zombie would be so cute! My son decided he didn’t wanna trick or treat this year, which devastated me because he’s 8 old, but acts like he’s 14. Idk… anyway, finally tonight I convinced him to go out with me trick or treating on Halloween Monday, so I’m pretty excited lol.

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  7. Mmmm! Pumpkin cheesecake you say?!?! I’ve never had a pumpkin anything (I know lol) but if I were to try, it would be a cheesecake cuz 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼yea! Haha! Omg! I dread the day in the distant future that my 2 tiny humans have outgrown Halloween 🙈🙈🙈inevitable I guess but so TRAGIC! Haha! Chocolate covered fruit is hands down a fave…chocolate covered frozen bananas & strawberries covered in white or milk chocolate…💭💭💭 Great Tag answers Danielle! 😉💕

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  8. LOVE this tag!! ❤ I keep thinking Halloween is already over because we celebrated it last night, but that was purely because it was more convenient than on a regular Monday evening ;). Soo, I'm just happy to see it isn't over yet by reading tags like these and such ❤ <3.
    Sooo, who in their right mind would pick fruity over chocolate anyways?! 😉 Campy horror films all the way! But best friend and I are always in the minority when it comes to picking a scary movie for my Halloween parties when it comes to that, so it was another animated movie last night *sigh*. Zombies over skeletons any day, skeletons can't eat you because they have no stomachs left and such. DUH!
    Funny costumes are for carnivals! Every summer, we've got bats flying around the houses here as soon as dusk sets in. I can't remember them not being there actually. But this year, it was pretty scary to have them flying over the pool while I was in it. I bet you're happy you weren't here at the time XD. Love your answers and the comment section is pretty vibrant as usual as well 😉

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    1. We used to have a pool when I was young, and I was that one kid who always cam in early because the bats swooping down near the water terrified me haha 😛

      Campy horror is always the best! I have a few classics I enjoy and do like animation though 😉 Last night I fell asleep watching Halloween.. who does that? Me.

      I am not sure how much we will do tomorrow on actual Halloween. My son has decided he would rather do things today, on the weekend. I understand. They are have trick or treat on a Monday after school. It stinks..

      And yeah.. skeletons cannot really pose much of a threat.. maybe chomp at you a bit 😉

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      1. Hahaha, oh man, I guess they’re after musquitos on the water’s surface, but stay away from the humans guys?! Classics are the best, but everyone seems to think they suck here >.<. And animation can be good at a starter. But I want some real scary stuff afterwards XD. Hahaha, and that's EXACTLY what would happen in a horror flick!! Girl passes out on couch while watching horror, BAM, gets stabbed in the neck! Oh, boo, taking away the fun for you with trick or treating ;). You could do a movie marathon tomorrow instead? And stay awake? 😉 I'll take a chomp over a ripped artery any day!

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  9. My country and I don’t celebrate halloween but I’m really loving all this halloween vibe across the internet! 😀 ugh yes chocolate covered fruit is definitely the solution 😛 and yay to witches, vampires are so last year and wicthes remind me of Manon Blackbeak & The Thirteen. Also yes to zombies, I just watched Train to Busan and loving it hahaha AND OMG PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE?? I’ve never had one of those but I’ve had and loved both pumpkin cake & cheesecake so I assume it would be amazing lol great answers to these questions! 😀

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  10. I love reading about your Halloween habits too, such a great tag. We don’t celebrate Halloween here either. Would love to taste pumpkin cheesecake, apart from pumpkin soup I’ve never tasted anything pumpkin. I’ve never been into a haunted house either, I’m such a chicken**** that I already know beforehand that it’s not for me.

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    1. Some of the haunted houses here in Portland are pretty intense! It is a big deal. I have yet to work up the nerve for them since I moved here. My daughter just went and was terrified.

      Let me know if you manage to get your hands on some pumpkin cheesecake! I assure you that if it is made properly, you will not be sorry ❤


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