Massacre of the Sixty Review

Massacre of the Sixty 
By Dave Johnston
Publisher: Sixty Publishing
Expected 12/4/16
Pages: 125
Genre: Thriller

Book Blurb:

The billionaire Mengistu is running a competition with a ten million dollar prize fund: 60 minutes, 60 players, no rules, a straight fight to the death. Massacre of the Sixty attracts only the depraved and psychotic..

Can Holly Holloway survive the carnage to discover more about the shadowy agency “The Hollow Falx”? It’s gonna be brutal, it’s gonna be violent, it’s what she’s trained for.


If you have not read the first book in this series, you may want to hold off on this review until after checking out Atomic Number Sixty. While I generally do not post spoilers as a rule of thumb, this is a series that should be read in order. You can find my review for Atomic Number Sixty here.

The Sixty Minute Reads Series is quickly finding a home among my favorites. Cleverly written and designed to provide a reading experience that occurs roughly over the time span of 60 minutes, it is unlike anything I have ever encountered. The author supplies fast paced and exciting stories that can easily be completed within one sitting. And you will find yourself doing just that. These 60 minute stories are difficult to put down. Once you dive into the chaotic world that is Holly Holloway’s life, you find yourself fully engaged and wanting more.

Holly is not your average woman. She is an international agent that works for an organization tasked with saving the world. No pressure, right? She lives a life of secrecy that is not without great risks. In this second edition to the Sixty Minute Reads Series, we find Holly being tasked with the assignment of uncovering the details related to The Hollow Falx agency and billionaire Mengistu’s attachment to them. However, in order to learn, more she must enter herself into the Massacre of the Sixty. This is an arena style competition that lasts for a duration of sixty minutes and includes sixty competitors. Only the winner walks away.

I was ecstatic when I realized exactly what was happening within Massacre of the Sixty. This is an intense read. My kind of read. I will warn that it is not without violence and gore. If that is not your thing, back out now because this was a terrifically brutal and insanely enjoyable story that I did not want to end! There is something oddly appealing about “fight to the death” scenarios. The grisly possible outcomes spark intrigue and suspense that I cannot pass up.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever witnessed a fight involving knives or swords or blades? It doesn’t last long. There isn’t that constant clashing of metal you see at the movies.”
-“Holly Holloway” in Massacre of the Sixty by Dave Johnston

We find ourselves in the center of an arena with Holloway and a scoreboard representing each contestants life force. Every 6 minutes, 6 more participants are released into the ensuing madness to stake their claim as they fight through the ever-growing pile of bodies. 60 minutes, 60 contestants, winner talk all! A hefty reward of 10 million dollars.

“Massacre of the Sixty: it’s a tournament for the suicidal. Last man or woman standing is the winner. A rich winner, though.”
“Mike Bacon” in Massacre of the Sixty by Dave Johnston

This was fun! Holly is fun! She is an incredibly strong and confident heroine. This is completely acceptable and viable because this is what she has been trained to be. The author also manages to maintain her humanity through briefs glimpses into her life at home with her parents. Her snarky, and somewhat humorous attitude play well into the role she has been given, creating a memorable character that I easily appreciated and enjoyed. I often found myself snickering at her witty remarks and thoughts. Her approach to each situation contributed greatly to the over all entertainment value.

“Stripped to the waist, he had engorged pectoral muscles and a blonde mullet. Golden Axe, fo’real.”
-“Holly Holloway” in Massacre of the Sixty by Dave Johnston

The writing is what really pulls this together though. It is precise and to the point. We are given a very clear vision of the events unfolding without an overabundance of details. The narration effortlessly alternates in first person perspective, between the Holly’s current situation and the events leading up to her present assignment. Everything about the timing works well to ensure a rapid and intense read, creating an exciting and enticing atmosphere.

In the end, Massacre of the Sixty hits hard and fast. Incredibly well-timed and thought out writing keep you in sync with Holly as she fights her way through the arena creating a very unique experience for the reader that I found to be completely rewarding.

*I would like to thank the author for providing me with a copy of Massacre of the Sixty. This is my honest and unbiased review.

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36 thoughts on “Massacre of the Sixty Review

  1. This sounds brilliant… I read the Atomic review as well and it out SAW into my head for some reason.. ‘Let’s play a game’… Will defo check this out as I don’t mind gore, especially when it’s well done in a short read! Perfect for xmas 😀

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  2. Reblogged this on Dave Johnston – Author and commented:
    One of the honest benefits of starting this writing malarkey has been making friends around the world. Soft, I know, but I’ve really enjoyed it :o) So here’s a review from Danielle, who has really helped support me on this process, and who I now genuinely call a friend.
    Check it out, then immediately buy all my books or else.

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  3. What a brilliant idea to bring out 60 minute reads. This book blurb and review makes me think of the Hunger Games.. only in a much shorter and condensed version. I think this is a great idea for new readers of this genre who want to give it a try as you don’t have to become invested for 300 pages at once!

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