Red-Blooded American Male

Red-Blooded American Male: Photographs
By Robert Trachtenberg
Publisher: Amphoto Books
ISBN13: 9781607749660
Hardcover, 224 pages

Goodreads Synopsis:

Emmy award-winning photographer Robert Trachtenberg presents today’s playfully “macho” coffee-table collection of 100 modern (and cheeky) portraits of men including Channing Tatum, Neil Patrick Harris, Stephen Colbert, and more.

James Van der Beek in a state of undress; Mark Wahlberg arm-wrestling his son; Channing Tatum bromancing with friends in the park. These are the portraits of today’s tongue-in-cheek masculinity, as conceived by Emmy Award-winning director and photographer Robert Trachtenberg. Red-Blooded American Male presents 100 of his most imaginative, striking, and unconventionally sexy portraits of both celebrities and regular guys going about their thoroughly modern lives. No longer do men have to be serious businessmen or hunky firefighters to be deemed attractive–they can also ride tricycles and get pedicures. Revealing a surprising (and often self-deprecating) side to Mel Brooks, Seth Rogan, Jimmy Fallon, Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Hamm, Conan O’Brien, and more, this gorgeous coffee-table book features an introduction about male images and stereotypes plus pithy captions about each photo’s shoot, giving readers a peek behind the curtain of a famed portrait photographer’s creative process.


How do you review a “coffee-table” book? I have no clue. In my entire life, I have owned only 2, well now 3. The others being Star Wars: Blue Prints and The Stephen King Illustrated Companion. Highly recommend both if you are fans!

When I first saw Red-Blooded American Male, I knew it had to be mine. I was probably completely sold on Will Arnett in fish nets, but who can blame me? Everything about this collection screamed to be owned and placed ever so carefully on the center of my living room table for all of the world (or the one to two people who actually visit me) to enjoy.

Robert Trachtenberg’s name was not something unfamiliar to me, but I cannot honestly claim to be an expert in his work. I know he is a photographer, writer, director and producer. And he is very damn good at what he does. Now he has decided to do it with 100 men  in one fabulous, big shiny book 😉 Mommy likey! But I received even more than my little “ginger” heart could have ever hoped for. 

Sneak Peek:

I am pretty much refraining with all of my might at this point because this book has some amazingly creative photos and spoiling them would be a complete shame. So I have just opted to highlight a few of the tamer photos of some that I happen to adore.


Perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects of Red-Blooded American Male would be the introduction. Full of humor and successfully engaging, Trachtenberg has chosen to open by having Jess Cagle (editorial director of Entertainment Weekly & People) present him through interview. It works too well. I was also immediately laughing as the very first question addressed the number of Canadian males featured in this book with a very contradictory title. You may have guessed this from the cover 😉 His responses are an appropriate opening to what is a satisfying and fun experience.20161222_150722-01_wm

We are presented with collection that is as entertaining as it is enlightening. Each image addresses the male image in a new light. Exposing the truth behind masculinity and expectations. Stereotypes are approached head on and we are given a refreshing and more individualized look into the male life that is shown in a more self appreciating and enjoyable angle. Proving there is so much more to being appealing and attractive than the perfect physique and original standards imposed by society. This is a must own for all.

*I received this book from Blogging for Books for this honest review.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
(If I knew how to make these stars bigger, I would)

About The Author

ROBERT TRACHTENBERG’s photographs have appeared in Entertainment Weekly, Rolling StoneEsquire, the New York Times Magazine, People, and Vanity Fair, among other publications. Advertising clients include NBC, CBS, ABC, Netflix, Amazon, and HBO. Trachtenberg has written, produced, and directed several documentaries on such legendary entertainers as Gene Kelly, Cary Grant, and Bing Crosby. He is the winner of the Emmy Award for Outstanding Direction for his film Mel Brooks: Make a Noise. Trachtenberg is also the author of the book When I Knew (Harper Collins). He lives in Los Angeles, California. Visit and Instagram @roberttrachtenberg.

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23 thoughts on “Red-Blooded American Male

  1. I haven’t ever seen this book before but I love the photos you chose to show us! Most of my coffee table books are actually on my shelves bc my coffee table is ridiculously small, but they tend to be recipe books. I’ve never thought of getting a photo book for my coffee table but looking at your review, I think I might have to! I love books that subvert stereotypes, and this sounds like one. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I saw this book on Blogging for Books and I laughed so hard. I wish there had been an available copy when I was looking! These photos are hilarious, and also perfect. Who is the subject of your favorite photo?
    I would love to have this on my coffee table. Have you received any comments on this book yet? I can just imagine the conversations…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am not sure I can pick a favorite. There is one of NPH that I love ❤ Also the Judd Apatow pick is great. I might say there are some of Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart I was a fan of 😉 Too many to choose. It has already started several conversations in this house haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my god hahahah I totally didn’t expect a book like this to hit the shelves. I love the idea behind it though. Definitely more to a person than just looks. The humor behind the pictures look ON POINT. Excellent review! 😀

    – Lashaan

    Liked by 1 person

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