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family-of-books-tagSome of you may notice that I am undergoing several changes to Books, Vertigo and Tea (feedback please!) and I am behind on reviews. I have come to accept this as normal at this point because we are never truly finished when it comes to reading. So while I continue to work on the site and make it through the fun crazy that is the holidays, I thought now would be a great time to catch up on a book tag or two. And since with holidays comes the joy that is family, I am choosing to start with the Family of Books Tag.

I was nominated by Zezee @Zezee with Books.  Visit Zezee and say hello!

Created by Booktuber Acacia Ives, this tag is a series of book related questions that happen to be matched up with family members.

Parent: A book that hugs you when you need it.

Yes, I know how about a dozen of you are sighing heavily right now thinking, “How many times can she mention this book?!”. The answer, so many damn times. There is no shame in my game. Everyone has that “one” book” and this is mine. An annual reread that is the equivalent of comfort food. My first introduction to real fantasy and absolute favorite. Cracking open The Hobbit is like slipping under a warm blanket.


Parent: A book that gave you morals and rules to live by.

great expectations.jpg
Oh how much I took from Great Expectations. I actually read this book at a very young age due to limited book availability in the small town I grew up in. It was a grocery store purchase that ended up burrowing its way into my heart. It taught me to look past social standings and see what really mattered in one’s life. It was a lesson in true human needs such as love and devotion. It touched on the human conscience in a great way.

Younger sibling: A book that’s so cute its’ annoying!


To be fair, I think the narration for this one was what annoyed me (since I listened to audio), but while I found Dumplin’ to be pretty adorable at times, it was almost to the point of irritation. She was “too” cute.


Older sibling: The book nothing else lives up to.

Game of Thrones entered my life just when I thought I had lost touch with epic fantasy and started a feeding frenzy! I quickly found that no other series has quite provided me that same amount of fulfillment or enjoyment. Call it what you will, but for me it was an instant relationship no other will compare to.


Grandparent: The old fave with wisdom and a certain smell.

While I know longer have any living grandparents, my copy of Fahrenheit 451 is full of knowledge and wisdom (just like they were) if you read it properly. It also happens to be a very used and old copy that definitely is beginning to acquire that “smell” you pick up in used bookstores.


Aunt: The book you can read when you need to feel your emotions.

While I wouldn’t exactly compare this book to my aunt, it is definitely a powerhouse chocked full of feelings for me. I am a very emotional reader to start. Having discovered The Vegetarian this year, I found myself diving head on into sadness, anger and confusion. Maybe not the sort of emotions you were expecting, but this one packed a bit of everything for me.


Uncle: The book that makes you laugh.

I laughed a lot with this one. A lot. It is not very often that a title can make me laugh out load, but The Monster on the Road is Me did just that. It also has a serious side, but there is a certain amount of real humor not to be taken for granted.



Your child: The book that changed your life forever.

The Little Prince
is full of big heart, spirit and love wrapped up into one amazing adventure. I cannot think of another book I could use better to compare to my own children.




Extended family: The book that shows you that life can be different to what you know.

If you have not read The Alchemist, do so. This small and beautiful title packs a whopping message within its pages. One man’s journey teaches that fear is nothing more than an obstacle, and that we should never be afraid of failing. Our dreams are worth chasing and can be accomplished.



I am not choosing to tag anyone particular for this one.  I wanted to complete some nominated tags and this felt most appropriate. Please feel free to jump in or share your own thoughts and books though!

43 thoughts on “Family of Books Tag

  1. 😀 Glad you did the tag. I love the background of your blog, the illustrations of the flowers in the greenish color. Very cool and cute.
    I guess I should get cracking on The Alchemist then. I bought the book last year I think but haven’t opened it yet.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loooooooveeeeeee this! I didn’t expect anything else as your first answer, ha ha! I have wanted to read The Vegetarian, and now I want to read it even more. I need a good laugh right about now, so I am going to check out The Monster On the Road Is Me. The Little Prince is my heart, too. 💖

    I kind of miss the teapot on your header, but I love the minimalist look. The book covers pop more on a simple design.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay, The Hobbit, no surprises there!😂 Yay for Game of Thrones to, it’s the book that made me realise fantasy was my favourite genre.

    Cool new blog design, cool colour and looks really smart. Agree with Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala though and miss the teapot but the new design is cool to.😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is a feel-good tag ❤ I love it! Fahrenheit 451 is indeed perfect as a grandparent! My copy is old and yellowish and smells like the terribly old book it is ❤ I always feel guilty when I see The Little Prince on a blog because I haven't read it! Well, apparently my mother read it to me when I was young but I have no recollection so it doesn't count! I love the greenish leaves-filled background, it's so spring-y and it feels vintage!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love this tag! Also loving the new theme of your blog. Very pretty!

    I’ve been thinking about giving Game of Thrones a read (I say that so casually, I hear it’s usually a case of devouring the series as opposed to merely reading :P) I’ve actually just started watching the TV series, not thinking it would be my thing, but I’m really enjoying it. It’d be great to read the books and see how they compare 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I cannot recommend the books enough! There are a few small deviations but the series on television is wonderful as well 🙂 I recommend both. The books are not complete though (and taking forever). Maybe wait until the author puts out the final books? Or you could end up frustrated like the rest of us haha.


  6. Yes, yes, yes to all these beautiful classics! Love that Fahrenheit 451 is starting to smell like a veteran. That book is definitely with so much wisdom (it’s even quite short, and probably an easy re-read for a lot of people!) Love all your picks for this tag. 😉

    – Lashaan

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  7. I bought the first Games of Thrones book a long long time ago and I haven’t been able to read it yet. It’s not that I don’t want to or anything it’s just that I have waaaaaaay to many series that are partially finished because I never get back to them. So I have told myself that I won’t be starting any new ones until I at least make a dent in them.

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    1. Haha, I completely understand. Game of Thrones really hooked me in a bad way. I tore through all available books over the course of 3 weeks. But normally I am so terrible about series. Even if I like them, I tend to bounce around. So I can appreciate holding off until you finish some you have started 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I also can’t seem to read the same author back to back, maybe two in a row once in a while. I seem to get bored reading the same writing so I usually try and break it up with something else…..One thing leads to another and I’m no where near my TBR haha

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  8. Great book selections!!!

    I LOVED The Hobbit when I read it in high school, but haven’t read it since (around 14 years… wow I feel old) so I am WAY overdue for a re-read.

    I just read The Alchemist this year and LOVED it too. I listened to the audiobook version by Jeremy Irons which was on point!

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