Pairing Teas & Reads

This week I am featuring all teas that I have discovered favorite brands offer readily available in tea bags. Keeping life nice and simple.

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65 thoughts on “Pairing Teas & Reads

      1. Perfect! I’ll keep the milk and extra steeping in mind. I’m not a huge tea drinker, I prefer coffee, but I’d like to start experimenting with different types of tea.

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  1. Peach Iced Tea sounds awesome for the summer although I didn’t love Orphan Train. Yay, I have English Breakfast which I really like. Book wise I loved Water for Elephants so I may have to try Jasmine tea which I’ve never heard of…I love this feature Danielle. I’ve never put milk in my tea but I might try that since I’m a die hard coffee with creme drinker

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    1. I love lemon tea! I have been drinking plenty with honey due to this cold. Almond milk is good stuff as well. I usually have them switch my dairy to almond at Starbucks (which I frequent because they are only ones open when I work so early).


      1. Me too! I find it so comforting and sweet ❤ I've never tried almond milk because it looks like milk and my intolerance made such damage that it left me afraid of even stuff that look like the real deal, haha. But I heard it's awesome with tea. I want a Starbucks tooooooo

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  2. For some reason I’ve never been a big fan of English Breakfast tea but I love Peach tea so much. I’ve mixed it with a Pineapple flavored tea once and it was the best thing. I think I’m just a fan of fruity teas in general 😂. I’ve never tried Jasmine tea though and it sounds interesting. I’ll definitely have to if I come across it. Also, I love Wuthering Heights! That book keeps popping up everywhere lately. I’m thinking it might be time for a reread lol. Great post, Danielle!! 😊💕


  3. Jasmine and peach teas are flavours I haven’t tried yet… I have been properly hooked on English Breakfast tea however… 🙂
    Ireland isn’t that great with tea varieties… well, there’s new stuff emerging, etc of course, but if I was in Estonia I’d love to send you a fine parcel of interesting/strange teas 🙂

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      1. In Estonia, you can get everything from the supermarkets, even the organic/health food shop kind of stuff. So, I will take note that next time I go home I will select some out for you… I may not visit Estonia for a while, mind, but I’m thinking what’s the rush and we’ll be here anyway! 😀
        My mother loves tea, but lately she’s just drinking hot water with some crushed ginger. She seems to love it… and my brother is wacko altogether, he usually forages in the nearby forests fro roots and such to make some weird teas for himself… I think the craziest he makes is from chaga. He’s a forest harvester so he always comes home with this big massive ‘mushroom’ from the birch tree… haha, I always tease him he’s like a warlock making his potions in 5 litre pots 😀

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        1. Haha! I think it is pretty cool that he is a forest harvester. Do you sample his teas ever? I am very curious. I have read a lot about roots and plants that can be made into some interesting teas.

          The crushed ginger makes sense. Ginger is such an amazing root with so many health benefits. I never appreciated it until I moved here. Now it is a must. Plus, I am obsessed with ginger beer 😉


    1. Oh I am sorry. It is a bit hard to see huh? It is The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. I loved it. It is a slower read, but so good 💖 I agree about our tastes! I have been noticing the same haha. Let me know if you pick this one up. I woukd love to see you review it. Thank you so much!

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  4. I love everything about this post – it looks beautiful and you’ve picked some great tea. You really need to try some Australian made tea; it leaves Twinnings for dead! I’m going to do a post on a boutique Melbourne tea house real soon…

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  5. I can’t get through my morning without a mug of English Breakfast tea. I only started drinking it in the past few years but it’s become a staple part of my diet ❤ I genuinely get concerned that I drink it too often sometimes 😛 And good choice with its pairing! I couldn't agree more 😀

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