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Most of you know that the past few week was not without a few hurdles, but they have passed and I am happy to say that only some slight fatigue remains. I even managed a somewhat productive weekend. By “somewhat” I mean I did only what I had to. I tend to enjoy those lazy weekends full of warm mugs, books and hugs. So today I am spending Sunday exactly this way before the nonhusband prepares to leave for another week…


Mini Review

By HP Lovecraft
Publisher: Crow Press
Pages: 13
Genre: Short Story/Horror

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


Howard Phillips (H.P.) Lovecraft (1890-1937) was an influential author best known for his science fiction, horror and fantasy stories, and among those stories his best known ones are those that combine elements of all three. Through that mixture, Lovecraft became the most celebrated author of a genre known as “weird fiction”, especially with his works on the monster Cthulhu, which has continued to be the subject of other writers’ works. Today, an entire mythos centers around Cthulhu, bringing together all of the different stories from all of the different writers.


This is my first encounter with Lovecraft, yet I easily found certain elements contained within these 13 pages to possibly foretell more of what was to come in later tales. I state this purely based on the fact that I am aware this was one of his earliest works and noted several hints geared toward tales that even those such as myself have some vague familiarity with.

I admit that my appreciation for the dark and depressing tale was not instant. It was not until several hours after having completed the final pages did the full impact of it truly occur to me. Introduced to a nameless, captured seaman who has managed to escape in a small boat, he finds himself on an island where he will make a discovery that will leave him desperate to escape once more and haunt him until the very end. This was a very atmospheric and dark read that left me pondering the possibilities of what had truly happened. A promising start for myself and HP.


lowLow, Vol 1: The Delirium of Hope

game-of-shadowsGame of Shadows

the-enemy-withinThe Enemy Within


My reading has been slow this week, but I still continue with Kings of the Wyld (The Band #1). I am thoroughly enjoying this title and have hardly cracked the surface. Very promising!

thethingswelostThe Things We Lost in the Fire
By Mariana Enriquez
Translator: Megan McDowell


An arresting collection of short stories, reminiscent of Shirley Jackson and Julio Cortazar, by an exciting new international talent.

Macabre, disturbing and exhilarating, Things We Lost in the Fire is a collection of twelve short stories that use fear and horror to explore multiple dimensions of life in contemporary Argentina. From women who set themselves on fire in protest of domestic violence to angst-ridden teenage girls, friends until death do they part, to street kids and social workers, young women bored of their husbands or boyfriends, to a nine-year-old serial killer of babies and a girl who pulls out her nails and eyelids in the classroom, to hikikomori, abandoned houses, black magic, northern Argentinean superstition, disappearances, crushes, heartbreak, regret and compassion. This is a strange, surreal and unforgettable collection by an astonishing new talent asking vital questions of the world as we know it.


GoodReads Monday
Let’s Talk About My Abrupt Absences

That is it for this past week here on the blog. Stay well and stay you!

I find it appropriate to leave you with this..

“The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.”
-Richard Bach


Danielle ❤

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77 thoughts on “Sunday Sum-Up

  1. If you enjoyed Dagon, then I recommend “The Annotated Lovecraft” that came out in ’14 or ’15. That has a large selection of Lovecraft’s works that are easily digestable and the book can be read just a little at the time. One of the plus’s of a collection of shorter works.

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        1. I am sooo behind with these headaches. Well, you know how it is. I think they are about to introduce him. His advertisements were spotted and he keeps coming up. It would help if I could read more than 15 minutes at a time haha. I love the humor! Good stuff. I have laughed so many times 😛

          Liked by 1 person

  2. really random but where do you find these short stories? i would love to read some lol.
    that gif had me cracking up!!! hope you have a good week and i hope you end up loving Kings of the Wyld, hopefully i read that one day.. ❤

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  3. Have you ever read a book that Drew hasn’t read (not talking YA obviously)? He knows all of these books inside and out and he’s much younger than us :-)! Wow The Things We Lost in A Fire sure is scary when I see what you’ve summed up there. I hope you can sleep when your nonhusband is away for the week ;-). Love your quote, so important to live in the moment. I forget sometimes but then there’s you reminding me again so thank you for this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I get a lot of recs from Drew because he reads my favorite genre. Not sure your older than him though?

      I will probably scare myself silly haha. I like to do that. Always punishing myself 😉

      Hope you have a fantastic week Inge ❤


  4. LOL – that gif.
    I have to give Lovecraft another go – especially in regards to cthulu. I read a short story awhile back and it was meh which is why I have been hesitant.

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  5. I’m so pleased that you’ve been feeling better this past week! 🙂 I’m with you on lazy weekends with warm mugs, books and hugs ❤ Speaking of warm mugs and also a little randomly, have you ever tried vanilla chai tea? I bought some yesterday and it's divine. Highly recommend it if you're looking for a new tea to try 😀

    I haven't read any Lovecraft either, but I might start with 'Dagon' when I do eventually get around to him 🙂 Short enough to provide a decent introduction! I'm a massive Poe fan so hopefully I'd enjoy Lovecraft too.

    Loving the Richard Bach quote. It's so very true. All too often, in the midst of 21st century, people use their cellphones to live stream or post those lovely moments rather than simply enjoying them.

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    1. I love vanilla chai! I have not had some for a while so I may need to search for a new blend to try. Do you know what blend you had? Curious as to whether it is one I can get here.

      It took a moment for HP to sink in, but I did appreciate the story once it happened. I always enjoyed Poe. I think you might like Lovecraft if you are able to enjoy such older work.

      You are so right ❤ We just need to turn off and live sometimes!


      1. It’s one manufactured by a British supermarket chain, unfortunately. Really randomly, they have their own range of fantastic teas! If you wanted, I could grab you a box sometime and mail it across?

        Ah another Poe fan! What’s your favorite piece by Poe? Also, random bit of trivia: I was born on his death day 😛

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha that is some random (not so random given our discussion) trivia! 😉 I think Tell Tale Heart always draws me back or the Murders at the Rue Morgue, but it has been so long I refuse to commit to that answer ❤ Yours?


    1. It is pretty intense Renee! I wanted to branch out and try something new, but it is slow going because even I am on the fence about how comfortable I am with it. But the writing and translation seem solid.
      Much better weekend ❤ Hope you enjoyed yours!

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  6. I hope you enjoyed your weekend! 🙂
    Mine was quick.. darn it, the weekends fly by too fast what with all the catching up with the cleaning and laundry and just trying to take a moment to myself 🙂
    And for you- I wish a speedy workweek so the nonhusband will get back to you quicker for another chilled weekend together 🙂

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  7. I’m a little so-so on Lovecraft, if only because his writing can be so dry. The mythos he developed is fascinating, though, and I have read stories set in that universe that are great (can’t remember what they’re called right now, though!). I just picked up the graphic novel series Locke & Keye from the library. A friend recommended them, and they look fabulous from what little I’ve seen. I’ll let you know what I think about it!

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  8. Glad it’s been a good weekend! Low, Game of Shadows and Kings of the Wyld all have me interested… 🙂

    If you like Lovecraft and Sherlock Holmes too you could try The Cthulhu Casebooks: Secret of the Shadwell by James Lovegrove. Just read it and it’s creepy and Lovecraft- ish.

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  9. I was a bit meh about Lovecraft when I first read some of his stories, but they do linger in the mind, so my appreciation grew for them afterwards. I still wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan, but I enjoy him now (when he’s not being too hideously racist as he sometimes is) and can see why he has such a following.

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  10. The Things We Lost in the Fire looks like my kind of short story collection. That is, smart and not afraid to go after hard topics.

    I am another who didn’t love Lovecraft when I read it but still think about aspects of it years later. Of course I had people who steered me clear of his more racist outings so I didn’t have that aspect ruining my enjoyment.

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    1. I am now curious as to which of his writings I would be better to avoid since you are the second reader to note that there were issues with racism. I am so very new to his work.

      The Things We Lost in the Fire definitely does not hold back. A very graphic anthology. I am finding that I appreciate the writing though so I am curious to see how I will feel in the end.


  11. Wow! For being in and out of things lately, you still made a ton of progress this week! I’m glad you found Lovecraft promising. I don’t mind dark stories, but I don’t want nightmares. O_o I tend to avoid Lovecraft out of that fear. It seems so silly, honestly. Oh well. You take care of yourself. ❤

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  12. Yay for better weeks! 🙂 I’ve ordered my copy of Low thanks to your review & will let you know what I think of it soon enough lol. I actually got a copy of The Things We Lost in the Fire from Blogging for Books recently, haven’t seen too many other review it just yet. I’m looking forward to this dark collection set in Argentina, happy reading Danielle! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lilly 🙂 It is pretty dark and somewhat heavy. I am enjoying it but the very first story was even more graphic than I could have imagined. I am not sure I will know how I feel until it is over. I hope you love Low. I just picked up volume 3 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. my eyes seriously just went wide HA! I’m such chicken ish for horror & gore & pretty much anything that goes bump in the night. I know these stories are based more on real life horror & atrocities but I must steel myself. OMIGOSH they must be really good for you to already be on vol.3! this makes me happy 🙂

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  13. Congrats on your productive weekend and getting over those hurdles!! Dagon sounds interesting… as well as The Things We Lost in the Fire. Looking forward to your review on that one!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. That is an interesting place to begin reading Lovecraft’s stories! Reminds me of how you first got acquainted to Brandon Sanderson’s writing. I haven’t read anything by Lovecraft yet, but I think I’ll probably start things off with one of those huge collected editions of his tales.

    I’m glad to hear your feeling much better than how you felt in the past weeks. Hope the momentum continues to go your way and a fast and healthy recuperation and back to routine is coming quickly! 😀

    – Lashaan

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