Behind the Book Blog: Interview With the Lovely Lady of ‘Books, Vertigo and Tea’

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and answer some questions for K.L. Kranes. It was a wonderful opportunity and tons of fun! Many of you may be familiar with her recent novel The Travelers, but she is always offering so much more. Her blog is among my favorites due to her constant range of topics from all things bookish to life and some very relevant and important current events. Her blog is one that I will always recommend.

K.L. Kranes, Writing Reading Life

To an author, especially one like me from a small press (The Travelers, Saguaro Books) without a huge marketing budget, book review bloggers are critical for success. They’re also the gateway for readers to a world of undiscovered books.

Book bloggers constantly reviews books, feature authors, and write profiles on upcoming book events or materials. But, has anyone ever stopped to ask them – you write about everyone else, what about you? What motivates you to write about books? Well, I’m curious about book bloggers….so I asked one if I could interview her… books vert 5

Below is an interview with the lovely book reviewing lady behind the blog Books, Vertigo and Tea. (You can follow her blog and follow her on Instagram and Twitter. In fact, throughout this blog post you’ll see featured pictures of her bookstagrams.) This blog first caught my eye because of the unusual name. Only a really interesting…

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31 thoughts on “Behind the Book Blog: Interview With the Lovely Lady of ‘Books, Vertigo and Tea’

    1. It wasn’t too much to share it was it? I always want to share as much about me as I can and vice versa, plus I want more people to visit her wonderful blog. But I didn’t want it to come across as a “look at me” sort of thing hehe.. I have no clue how to handle this stuff. ❤


  1. Danielllllleeeee! Loved the interview, but please do share your creativeness with us! 🙂 I’d love to read your stories or look at your pics!

    I knew you were a fantastic woman, but after reading the interview, I think you’re even more fantasticer (LOL) than I thought!

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    1. Lol I do not think that is a word, but still I blush ❤ I may at some point share some art if I feel froggy, but my writing is something I have always kept private. I decided years ago that if I published anything ever, it would be under a pen name 😉

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  2. Danielle, I loved this interview and the questions. (They’re not the same right?) I couldn’t stop laughing when I read about you breaking out in song and embarrassing your kids. How much fun is that? It reminded me of how I used to embarrass my son out in public – I would start speaking to him in Italian. If he ignored me or tried to walk in front of me I would start singing in Italian. He doesn’t understand the language and I don’t speak it. As he got older he accepted that I may have been dropped on my head a few too many times when I was a child and thought it was funny (the Italian part, not the being dropped on my head part)

    Kombucha is something that I have been wanting to try after seeing it on The Travel Channel. One thing stopping me is that I read somewhere that people have had serious reactions to it and have died. The desire is still there, just not as strong. Thank you for letting us in 🙂

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    1. You haha.. singing Italian you don’t even know huh? You are a man of many wonders 😉 Embarrassing children is a past-time we have earned!

      Wowza! I have not heard of such severe allergic reactions to Kombucha. That is scary. Maybe a supermarket brand would be safer? I just could not get past the sour. I gave it several goes in what was considered “flavored” varieties.. it was all just sour 😛 If you try it, please share your thoughts!

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      1. Well, if you do, let your readership know. You’ve seen how much everyone supports Jillian and Gretchen! We will obviously lift you up as well. Besides, you’re social media savvy. That’s super important for success these days. If I ever wrote a book (not that I’m planning on it, that’s my other half’s ambition) no one would ever hear about it. O_o

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