Pairing Teas & Reads

After a small hiatus, Pairing Teas & Reads is back this week and I am taking a specific look at Zhena’s Gypsy Tea.  I have chosen to explore several of their sampler teas.

Teas & Read 5

Favorite of the Week:

Raspberry Earl was a huge hit with me! I loved the classic flavor of Earl Grey mixed with the delicate blend of fruit. It was a new take on a timeless favorite.

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54 thoughts on “Pairing Teas & Reads

  1. Ooo definitely going to have give the raspberry Earl a try! I’m a bit hit and miss with actual Earl Grey. Sometimes I can down several cups like my life depended on it, and other times just the smell makes my stomach turn. It’s really strange :S I heard someone sum up Earl Grey perfectly a while ago: “It’s the only tea where it tastes like you’re eating a potpourri.” 😛

    Good choices with the Egyptian Mint! Mint’s certainly very refreshing and invigorating. In the wake of recent political events, I’ve been meaning to reread ‘1984’ and ‘Brave New World’ so I’ll be sure to have some of this tea on hand!

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    1. To each his own 🙂 But you never know. I love trying and exploring new things. I often find that one experience shouldn’t spoil them all. I don’t really view these as flavored though because they are actual blends with real fruits and flowers. “Flavored” gives me the impression of something with some syrup tossed in or an additive 😛

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      1. Ooohhh, that be fighting talk bloggerette Danielle!😂 Well you see, as they are real fruit blended with tea, technically that still makes them flavoured as the real fruit just like syrup, etc changes the flavour of the original tea, hence making it flavoured, if it didn’t change the flavour it’d still just be good old fashioned plain tasty tea!😂 I’m male, I’m down with bringing out the technicalities when needed.😂😉


          1. Eurgh, no, no black tea, tea with milk and sugar as while I’m sweet enough myself, my tea requires sweetening!😂 Tea with no milk, barf!🤢

            I do like this barf emoji, it’s even green so it looks sickly, barf!🤢 barf!🤢 barf!🤢

            I know you put alot of effort into the post and enjoy doing it, I’m not disputing that or being horrible, I’m not that evil!😢😞 I’ve said before it’s a cool idea, I’m merely ragging on you in my sarcastic and fun way.😀


  2. I really like the sound of the Raspberry Earl. I actually think I saw it at the store while browsing the teas one day and I definitely going to have to buy some the next time I go. Also, Neil Gaiman and the Bone Gap seem to be following me around the blogosphere this year. A huge sign that I need to get to his books that are my list for this year as well as the Bone Gap already. 😂 Great post as always, Danielle!! 💕

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  3. I tend to avoid earl grey tea (like the potpourri comment, someone once said that it tasted like dirty dish water! Can’t get that out of my head) but you do make it sound lovely. And the graphics here are super dooper!

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  4. Greetings! Here in South Africa, the best tea is quite likely Five Roses, which is a Ceylon blend. No tea can rival it. But I don’t have Five Roses anymore. I drink about three to four cups of tea a day; and I have milk, but no sugar.

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  5. Another lovely pairing Danielle! I really need to try Egyptian mint as I love green tea and peppermint tea… I’ve never had a combination of the two! Interesting.

    I was a little interested to see that you consider The Ocean at the End of the Lane a “light and uplifting” read though… I consider it on the darker side… or do you mean “light” as in not hard to read?

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    1. Yes I am so sorry.. definitely when I say light I mean an easier read 😉 I should have done better with that haha.

      I often enjoy mint paired with green tea! Tazo has a great blend called ‘Zen’ that you might be able to locate rather easily. I enjoy it iced 🙂

      I hope your week has ended on a high note ❤

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  6. With 2/3 books read (have to find myself a copy of Philip K. Dick’s book), it sounds like Egyptian Mint might be my cup of tea!!! 😀

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  7. These teas sound so nice! I haven’t really tried any new teas lately. I think the last unusual flavours I tried were from T2 – Turkish Delight and some apple based tea. So lovely in summer, chilled!

    I really want to read Bone Gap, I can’t even remember why but I feel like I need to get myself a copy.


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