A Nice Brew & Something New With Benny Neylon/Giveaway


I am pleased to have Benny Neylon on the blog today to discuss Multiple-Genre Writer Syndrome and of course, his favorite tea 😉  Benny is the author of several books, including two collections of short stories set in contemporary Ireland (Yarns, and Thumbprints), as well as his first novel, NSA.

He also happens to have a fantastic sense of humor and is a true pleasure to correspond with. Please help me welcome him. Thank you for taking the time to share and visit today Benny!

Benny has also offered to generously give away all 4 of his current eBooks to 5 lucky winners. This will be open internationally, so stick around!

Multiple-Genre Writer Syndrome

Help, I think I’ve got Multiple-Genre Writer Syndrome.

It’s okay, MGWS is not that rare – you’re going to be just fine.

Who are you, and what the heck do you know about it?

I’m Benny, and I too am a multiple genre writer.

Forgive me if I sound a little suspicious–

I am, really! I’ve written microfiction, essays, screenplays, short stories and novels in sci-fi, non-fiction, contemporary fiction, satire, thriller and parody. Hell, I’ve even dabbled in freeform poetry and haikus… what can I say, I’m sick!

Why is this happening to me? All I wanted to do was write a steampunk series and now I’m midway through penning a historical romance and a self-help manual!

I don’t know; it’s just how it goes with MGWS… That said, here are four off-the-cuff unproven signs you might have MGWS:

  1. You read voraciously and sponge up information, squeezing it into that giant soup cauldron we call the human skull. Later (usually inconveniently late at night), stories fall out, not always in the genre you’d imagine: [Thumbprints, my short story collection, materialised just like this.]
  2. You think to yourself, “Why the hell not? There are so many interesting things to write about, so many different styles of writing possible, that it would be an absolute shame not to try more than one.” I mean, would you want to go through life having sampled only one kind of tea, when the greatest tea in the world – Pukka’s Three Tulsi, see below 😉 – might have passed you by?
  3. You have developed a mental crutch to deal with those moments when you are struggling to write or edit one particular story: by switching to a completely different genre, you create a workaround for writer’s block. Then, when you return to your first story, it’s as if the barrier has melted away. [For example, I wrote The Holiest Bible Ever – a short and irreverent retelling of Genesis – as I wrestled with the form and message of NSA, my first novel.]
  4. Deliberate practice: you are a keen student of scientific methods and strive for excellence, figuring that working across different genres will make you a more complete writer because science.

[More unsubstantiated theories are available on request.]

Well then, what can I expect to stay the same with MGWS?

–Your voice: each writer’s voice is unique, from the way you arrange words, to where the focus is (or isn’t) in a scene, to what you as narrator notice in the world you have created. Unless you are consciously aping the style of another writer, that voice – your voice – shines through, whatever the genre.

–The end goal: creating fiction for others to enjoy, completing a work you are proud of, and crafting a story with something to say. You don’t need to force social or political commentary into your work, but just knowing that your story has brightened someone’s day will always be worthwhile.

That all sounds good… what’s going to be different?

–Your level of organisation may need to step up a notch with MGWS. Writing in a single genre, a particular character could drop seamlessly into one story from another; this is clearly not the case with MGWS. You must isolate and compartmentalise your genres, put them in separate buildings (or computer folders) and securely patrol the perimeters, to prevent handcuff-loving musclebound hotties from your erotica novella inappropriately slipping into your WWII-era historical thriller.


Putting the ‘mental’ in Compartmentalisation

–With MGWS, there is no cosy niche. Your efforts to find readers will be spread broad but thin, rather than focused in on one particular area. On the other hand, your work has the potential to reach a wider range of people, and if a reader loves your writer’s voice, they might just be willing to follow your writing and try a new genre, so everyone’s a winner!

So overall, you’re saying the outlook is…?

Positive and sunny – embrace the freedom of MGWS and enjoy writing about (almost) anything!

Want to know more? Ask any question on multiple-genre writing in the comments below and probably definitely receive at least one answer.

About Benny Neylon:

Benny was hand-reared on a farm in the west of Ireland and is currently alive in Barcelona. Previously, he worked in Europe, Africa and North America as a structural engineer.

His latest book and first novel is NSA, a political satire in the vein of Catch-22.

Benny is also the author of two collections of short stories – Yarns and Thumbprints – set in rural and urban Ireland, respectively. The Holiest Bible Ever, his third book, “finds the funny” in a retelling of the Book of Genesis. He is presently working on a science-fiction short story collection and a steampunk novel, amongst other things (He has MGWS, after all).

image2Benny’s Favourite Tea: Pukka’s Three Tulsi.
Type: Infusion (Bag)
Drunk: Hot water and patience
Website Description: Sacred is the herb that shows you the way […] green tulsi for sweeping away the clutter, then purple tulsi for uplifting the spirits, and to finish lemon tulsi with a zesty twist to inspire you onwards.”


(But an honorable mention to Nomad Coffee, roasting coffee right around the corner from me in Barcelona)

Find out more about Benny and his work at westclarewriters.com, on Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Tumblr


*Must be 18 yrs of age or older to enter and have a valid email address. All winners will be announced on social media and contacted via email. This giveaway is provided by the author. 

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Danielle ❤

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54 thoughts on “A Nice Brew & Something New With Benny Neylon/Giveaway

  1. Hello there Danielle and Benny! Well, I have just come across this blog for the first time as I am new in the bloggers’ world. “What have I spent time on Twitter for, trying to get in touch with other bloggers?” I have to ask myself when reading this post. (I am also new to Twitter, btw – so not an expert on social media at all!)
    Thank you Benny for writing about MGWS! This sound like an awesome ‘condition’ to have. I haven’t got it because I have only just managed to finish writing my first novel. I’m actually trying to get some opinions about it and finally getting published. I find this process so very hard as I have already received quite some rejections for my book. Then I read what you say under “The end goal” – well if only literary agents had your view about books!!! At least I now know that I haven’t wasted all my time writing my story… Thank you for those words, they keep me motivated ❤ !
    Katie – One Of Us Has To Go

    Liked by 2 people

      1. You’re welcome :-). Thank you for wishing me the best for publishing my book, that’s really nice. It’s a damn hard process and if I wasn’t kind of dependent on getting it published, I would maybe give up (sooner). My book is so important to me for different reasons (as for any writer, I suppose) and it’s a special ‘baby’ to me. My mother language isn’t even English, so I have really worked hard at it.
        I love the look of your blog. It looks so girly and I love girly ;-). I am not so happy with the look of my own blog (although I really like the design of my website), so maybe I’ll have to work at it some time. I don’t drink tea myself but I just asked my boyfriend (he’s English, so he knows all about teas 😉 !!!) and he told me about his favourite tea: Earl Grey.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you so much for the very kind feedback and words 🙂 I can only imagine how much your personal work must mean. I have written multiple times, only trash it. So I admire the ability to make that leap and fight for your work ❤

          I do enjoy a good cup of Earl Grey from time to time. I hope you have a beautiful week. Please do not be a stranger!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh hi Danielle again! I’m very happy you commented one more time. Last night, I couldn’t stop thinking about some people’s blogs, that they appear so professional and have so many followers. Like yours. I felt a little intimidated as my own blog is so new and tiny. How do I recognize whether I ‘fit’ into people’s blogs? By the number of followers? I have also seen some blogs that didn’t have any comments at all. I guess that blogs vary from one ‘extreme’ to the other!? I have clicked several times on ‘Like’ just here on yours and that doesn’t show up that I have liked your last comment. I have seen two likes in my own blog but can’t actually see where people can click on like, neither where I can click to like their comments (see, I am such a beginner 😉 ).
            Now when you trash your writing, I wonder why!! I have experienced writing as if on a rollercoaster. I sometimes thought it was great work – the other day I thought it was all to throw away. If you ever have the chance (I’d love it as you seem to read a lot – so I’d value your opinion), you are more than welcome to visit my blog :-). I have started posting excerpts of my novel (One Of Us Has To Go), which tells a story about OCD (have you ever heard about that disorder?) and some very strange upbringing and relationship stuff. If I’m allowed, I put the link here (I guess you’ll approve this again, so you can decide if you want to or not 🙂 ). I’d be thrilled if you had a look at it and told me what you think <3.
            Have a beautiful week yourself (and I'll try to comment shorter next time 😉 )!


              1. Oh dear, I just needed to ask my (English) partner to explain to me what the saying “I’m having an off week” means – never heard that before (as I said, I am not a native English speaker). Now I hope you’re feeling better very soon!! I really do ❤ .

                Liked by 1 person

  2. I can think of a few authors this applies to! Love the way this post is done! Haha! Not a fan of the tea though, find Pukka teas a bit too weak on the old flavour for my taste buds! Although considering they are made in Bristol (Brizzle) I should be a bit more supportive shouldn’t I?! 😂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. “…to prevent handcuff-loving musclebound hotties from your erotica novella inappropriately slipping into your WWII-era historical thriller.” That line actually made me laugh out loud :’) I’m so happy that people suffer (is that even the right word?) from multi-genre writer syndrome. I dabble in various things – poetry, horror, romance, comedy etc – but I think to have success as a multi genre writer shows real talent 🙂 Great tea choice too! Sounds like a good choice for summer 😀

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Aww thank you, that’s so sweet of you to say ❤ I shall keep on trying 🙂 That's one thing I love about writing – you're always improving, with each and every single piece you write. I hope to one day hone my multiple genre writing skills 😛

        Liked by 2 people

  4. I love this post! How did you and Benny get in touch, Danielle? What was the inspiration for this post? It seems to random — but awesome. Random and awesome. 😉

    Benny — Thanks for sharing your experiences! You mentioned that these stories tend to fall out of your skull in the middle of the night. How do you (or other sufferers of MGWS) capture those stories when the idea sparks at random? How many of those do you keep around?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It is such a wonderful post! I had been in contact with Benny regarding a possible book review, but since I am not open right now he was very obliging when I requested a guest post! I was not expecting so much 🙂 Brilliant really! He is awesome to work with.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the comment, Jackie…
        Idea capturing:
        Night Strategy– Stumble to keyboard. Type. Do not look at anything but the keys or the idea will disappear. Keep typing. Sit in the cold darkness with eyes closed until the idea re-forms. Type. Decide to stay up as it’s only a few hours until morning. Type.
        Day – Email myself, or scribble on something.

        As far as keeping the ideas, I feel in some ways that ideas are living creatures, and if they’re not right for you, it’s only fair to set them free once more – for someone else to nurture – rather than keep them trapped on a page.

        Liked by 2 people

  5. This post was so seriously cool, it was cooler than Johnny Bravo with his sunglasses on! I swear I sucked that info up like a sponge and… yeah… can you feel my excitement for this post? I mean… again, going back to the fact that I’m a cold Eastern European, I am not even pretending to be excited here. Anyway, truly enjoyed this! Thanks… and I’m so going to have a bash at that giveaway… NSA, especially, sounds like something I have to read… I loved Catch 22! I love it more now than I did love it while reading, but you know.. getting older, appreciating different themes and things… ok.. I’ll stop now! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awesome! Thank you so much Liz 🙂 It is a fantastic post and more than I was expecting. I am so thrilled that you are having a go at the giveaway. I would love to see your take if you win. I wish I had something equally cool (in comparison to Johnny Bravo) to say right now, but up since 4:30 and brain dead so I agree with your comment whole heartedly 😉 Good luck ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh gosh, I’m [praying to book gods I win cause NSA is like… yes please… however, if I don’t win, I’ll defo buy it anyway 😉

        awh, you poor thing! ❤ sending you positive vibes and hope you get some rest over the weekend to feel better!

        Liked by 2 people

  6. I’ve always wondered how authors ever manage to dip their toes in SOOO many genres. I do applaud those who do it with success, but in the end, I applaud writers for doing what they love!! 😀 Thanks for sharing this with us! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lashaan 🙂 I couldn’t agree more. It is all so impressive and to take the step of branching out! I am glad you enjoyed this.

      Side note – why does it feel like I have not traded banter with you recently? Hmm.. must be off from being ill 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments, and a great big squeezy hug of appreciation for Danielle, who has been tremendous fun to work with on this, and so efficient/professional (my words) or obsessive/compulsive (her words) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Haha, it’s okay, there are so many of us many-genre-readers 😀 actually, boyfriend often comforts me about this, cause I often ramble about how weird I am that I don’t blog about (or at least focus on) just one genre of books, like a lot of bloggers do 😀 can’t help enjoying and needing the variety!

    Liked by 2 people

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