Blue Spider’s Attic & Bookcase Club Review

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This past month I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try out a few subscription boxes. Those of you who know me well enough, know I generally do not spend money on book boxes. So after much deliberation, I selected Blue Spider’s Attic and Bookcase Club. This review is of the May boxes.

Blue Spider’s Attic Box

This subscription box immediately caught my eye with the promise of “The Magic of a Used Bookstore Delivered“. You can easily subscribe or choose to purchase a one time gift that varies in price depending on how much you opt to receive. But the real beauty of Blue Spider’s Attic Box lies within the fact that they deliver second-hand books, offering a more nostalgic experience.

I selected a one time gift box that included three books, tea (naturally) and bookish accessories. My total was $21.99. This month’s theme was Steampunk. Here is what I received (mind my lack of photography skills):

20170525_130248-02_wm (1)

  • 3 Used Books (based on my selected preference of sci-fi, horror and fantasy):
    Bloodstone by David Gemmell
    Guardian by John Saul
    Orphan’s Destiny by Robert Buettner
  • A Wonderland Postcard
  • 3 samples of tea (Twinings and Good Earth)
  • A bookmark with a Treasure Island quote
  • The Coggler (a vial of an essential oil blend)
  • A scent locket for your essential oil with two pads
  • A lovely skeleton key
  • And a faux mustache (not pictured because my son discovered it and now it is conveniently missing 😉 )

Final Thoughts:

Totally worth it! At 21.99 and wrapped in some of the most beautiful packaging I have seen, this box was a ton of fun. I had a picture of the initial opening, but unfortunately a slight mishap occurred. While I was a bit disappointed to receive a books that were not the 1st in a series, I adore that idea of a company that is finding a new home for used books! For my selected genres, I felt this was on the mark. I will be visiting Blue Spider’s Attic again. Recommending to any one who enjoy used books and coffee or tea. Check them out here.


Bookcase.Club delivers a selection of handpicked books to your door based upon your chosen theme. They currently offer 8 themes to choose from and subscriptions that range from month to month up to up to a full year. I opted for Bookcase.Club because the pricing is very reasonable. My chosen theme was Strange Worlds (2 sci-fi/fantasy novels).  My total with shipping was $14.99 for month. Here is what I received:


2 Hardcover Books:
The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher
Armada by Ernest Cline

My Final Thoughts:

Maybe it is worth it. If you enjoy receiving random titles, then sure. The books arrived in pristine condition. But it is worth mentioning that the two books I received did include remainder marks. I do not recall any information in the subscription process that they would. So if you are a collector, skip this one. Otherwise, it is not a bad deal. You can find more information here.

Do you subscribe to book boxes? If so, which ones do you recommend? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Danielle ❤

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81 thoughts on “Blue Spider’s Attic & Bookcase Club Review

  1. Far too manly for subscription boxes, unless they do a books and bosoms one!😂 (side note people, it’s a joke based on a post I wrote so don’t take offence).

    The first box looks really cool, especially getting second hand books. The other one not so much as it’s just really two random books, heard great things about both books though.😀

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    1. The books in the second box, I am looking forward too. I was a bit put off to find they had remainder marks. I feel the company should have been clear about this. But you cannot win them all eh? And about the subscription box, just search online. They have something for everyone haha.

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  2. OK, wow, the Blue Spider’s Attic box looked so fabulous! Steampunk is a cool theme and that merch looks fab! 🙂 LOL@ the mustache! I went to a wedding that had those faux mustache thingies on a stick and I swear we were playing with them the whole night… XD So, I’m not surprised they’re conveniently missing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha that is exactly what it was! And in the blink of an eye my son was off and running. I actually found it on his desk this morning when I went to grab laundry 😉 The Blue Spider’s Attic Box is totally worth it in my opinion.


  3. Blue Spider’s Attic sounds pretty cool! I’ve heard of several different book box companies, but I’ve never been tempted the try one out. The last time I got a random book selection (Blind Date with a Book from my favorite used bookstore), I ended up with Philippa Gregory’s ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’, which remains the only book I have ever thrown at a wall. Ugh!

    I might give Blue Spider’s Attic a try, though. We shall see!

    Thanks for the review!

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      1. Anne Boleyn is one of my favorite historical figures, and Philippa Gregory reduces her to this arrogant, scheming harridan, while Mary Boleyn is treated like some naive little saint. Both characterizations simplify and flatten these women who were so complex. It seems to be a pattern with Gregory, however much she claims to be a ‘feminist historian’. She has her favorites and her villains and basically reduces them to black or white. It does a disservice to some very colorful historical figures.

        I try not to be so wild, but ya know, when the rain keeps you inside for days and days, you have to let off some steam sometimes!

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          1. I honestly haven’t read that much historical fiction regarding Anne Boleyn. I’m so picky about historical fiction that I’ve had a hard time finding authors I like for any period of history… I’ve mostly read biographies about Anne or her daughter, Elizabeth I. Alison Weir has ‘The Six Wives of Henry VIII’ and ‘The Lady in the Tower: The Fall of Anne Boleyn’, and ‘Mary Boleyn’, about Anne’s sister Mary. Antonia Fraser also has a book called ‘The Six Wives of Henry VIII’. I think I’ve read both of them, though with the same title, it’s hard to remember for sure. Alison Weir has some historical fiction, but I haven’t been terribly impressed by her prose, though I’ll probably give her new book, ‘Anne Boleyn: A King’s Obsession’ a try.

            I did a quick search for historical fiction books about Anne Boleyn, and came up with this:

            so you might give one of them a try. Hilary Mantel’s ‘Wolf Hall’ and ‘Bring up the Bodies’ won all sorts of awards. I started reading ‘Wolf Hall’ and was in the wrong sort of mindset for it, so I’m going to give it another shot soon.

            As far as fictional Anne Boleyn’s, my favorite screen version is from Showtime’s, ‘The Tudors’, where she was played by Natalie Dormer. Her Anne is full of all the spark and complexity you’d hope for. Genevieve Bujold’s Anne of ‘Anne of the Thousand Days’ is a popular portrayal, too.

            Sorry for the length! I’m a total Tudor nut, though. The fact that Anne Boleyn, Katherine Howard, and Lady Jane Grey are buried there was part of the reason I visited the Tower of London my first time in England! And don’t get me started about seeing Elizabeth I’s tomb in Westminster Abbey!

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            1. Thank you for all of this! I actually have copies of Wolf Hall and Bringing Up the Bodies here 🙂 Did you watch the Wolf Hall mini series by any chance? It was fascinating!

              I bookmarked the article for a little morning coffee reading. I just might find some new titles to pick up 🙂

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              1. I tried to watch the miniseries, but it was so quiet and English that I just couldn’t get into it. 😦 I really should give it another shot.


          2. After looking over that summary of ‘Brief, Gaudy Hour’ by Margaret Campbell Barnes, I went and downloaded it from the library. Good thing I have a long weekend!


    1. They are fun, but I am the same. Picky about my books and also tight with my money haha. The only regularly subscription I have is “To Hunt A Killer”. My nonhusband just gifted me six months for my birthday! Pretty excited for it. But normally this is a very rare occasion 😉


  4. I love the idea of book boxes but have never tried them. The first box appeals more to me than the second because of all the random stuff, which is the bit I think looks like fun. I reckon you should find that moustache and post a pic of yourself wearing it… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They have several different categories you can choose from. YA was one of them 😉 I would be curious to see what selections they came up with. My only complaint was that two of the books were not the first in a series, but otherwise it was nice.

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  5. I love the ideas of book boxes, but so many are overpriced from the looks of things. Although I have no will power and I get the Moth box, and I justify it to myself because it is every other month. I like them because they only pick independent publishers, so I have never heard of them, also it’s a book tuner that I trust and she has read them all before sending hem out…..but it is over priced. I love the idea of the used book box though. Thanks for sharing this:)


    1. Well WordPress somehow just now shared this in my spam. So sorry I missed it. I never sub to the boxes. They all get very expensive. These were not to bad in price and offered a one time purchase 😉 I was mainly drawn to the Attic box with used books. You do have me curious about the Moth Box though. I love that idea!

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  6. I don’t subscribe to any boxes mainly because of not working right now so the cost is a bit out of my budget at the moment and all the companies I am drawn to are based your side of the pond and the postage to my side is exorbitant! 😂
    It’s probably a good thing though I have nowhere to keep all the books not to mention all the little extras! 😲

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  7. I love the idea of subscription boxes, but I always chicken out with them because I have such a hard time paying money for books I’m not sure I’ll like and to not even know which books it will be just makes me nervous. And I read a lot of YA books and those boxes tend to have “swag” that I’m not interested in at all by this age (like temporary tattoos and posters). I do like the extra stuff in the first box you got, though.

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    1. I tend to avoid them because they are not in my budget and most often it is a bunch of stuff I will never use 😉 But the mention of tea samples and being treated did sway me. It was fun but not something I can afford to make a regular habit of haha.

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  8. I don’t have any subscription boxes myself (partly to blame to the fact I’m living in Argentina), but I do love the sound of the Blue Spider’s Attic Box! 🙂

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  9. I wouldn’t mind getting second-hand books if they were in a good state so I’d definitely be interested in the first box. It looks great and not too expensive. Unfortunately there are no subscription boxes here with free (or low) shipping so I don’t think many people here have them. I signed up for one from the USA now (shipping as much as the box almost) for one time and I think of it as my birthday treat (3 months away but that’s a detail) but we’ll see when it gets here if it was worth it :-).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Such a bummer to have to pay so much extra. In my opinion many of the boxes themselves are pricey. This one was a treat as well. For my Birthday the nonhubby has purchased 6 months of “To Hunt a Killer” for me. Have you seen that one? They send you monthly boxes full of clues to solve a murder mystery! I just got the first box. I will share it as soon as I explore it more 😉


  10. Oh, this is way too sweet. I’ve never heard about these two subscription boxes though. I do really like the idea of second-hand books, especially when they deliver everything in such a nostalgic/vintage-y feel. Sucks that there was no warnings for the remainder marks for the second box, but I still think you got some pretty good books (you got Armada!!! It’s like a sign from the gods telling you to read it first, before Ready Player One!!! :P) Thank you so much for sharing this, Danielle! It’s got me curious enough to want to give some subscription box (with… hopefully.. cheap shipping fees to Canada) in the near future. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lashaan! I am not sure about shipping in Canada. Hopefully it is not too bad. I looked for boxes that appealed to me but offered a one time purchase. They can be pretty pricey (at least in my opinion). The used book idea is wonderful! I also think that you are right and I will be approaching Armada first 😉

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  11. excuse me, I’m a little tardy for the party…love the idea behind teh used bookshop box but it sucks that they didn’t send you the 1st book in these series. I think the Bookcase.Club one is more my stilo & the price is awesome! I own a copy of The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher…another unread book baby *for shame* lol Hope you’re enjoying these boxes <3!

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    1. The Aeronaut’s Windlass looks like a rather large undertaking. Not sure when I will tackle it haha. They were fun ❤ but most of the time I think I am more of a take my money to the bookstore kind of gal 😉 I am soooo moody haha.


  12. I’ve never heard of either of these subscription services!

    “While I was a bit disappointed to receive a books that were not the 1st in a series, I adore that idea of a company that is finding a new home for used books!”

    What?!?! How are they going to NOT send the first book in a series? I would be super annoyed… But I agree, I like the concept of finding a home for gently used books 🙂

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