You Choose, I Read!

You Choose,I Read

It is time for round 2 of this newer feature! I just completed The Bear and the Nightingale and plan to have a review up soon! In the meantime, it is time to choose another book.


I am allowing you to choose one of my next reads. I will include a link with this feature through RaffleCopter where you may submit one book title (with author) and then in a week I will randomly choose a winner. The chosen entry will be my next read and a future review that will credit (and link to blog if available) of the selected follower. I will host this feature each time the previous selection and review have been completed.

A Few Guideline to Keep in Mind:

  • I will not accept religious titles, romance or erotica.
  • I will also not acceptΒ anything below a targeted YA audience at this time (i.e. no middle grade or lower). This rule will change in the future πŸ˜‰
  • If I choose to DNF the title, I will still provide a DNF review explaining why.
  • I must be able to actually obtain a copy of the chosen book. If I am not, I will contact you to allow you to choose another title. I will also do this if I have already read the selected title.
  • Please keep page number in mind when selecting titles, as I would like this to be a somewhat regular feature. (Maybe skip GRRM or anything heavier).
  • Last but least, I will adjust these guidelines as needed.


Enter Your Book!

That is it! I hope this is something everyone will enjoy. Any feedback on this is greatly appreciated. Please use the link below to enter your selection and have fun!

Enter Your Choice Here!


Danielle ❀

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51 thoughts on “You Choose, I Read!

  1. I’m curious, why don’t you accept religious titles, romance or erotica? (you don’t need to answer if you don’t want, I’m just curious haha). Not that I’d never recommend any of those haha

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  2. YOU promised you’d tell me when the next one came around! smh lol luckily for me, I am camped out in BooksVerttigoandtea πŸ˜‰ entered, may the best book win <3's! *throws some good juju on my entry* Bahaaaaaaaaa!

    Liked by 1 person

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