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Sunday is upon us once again. What a week it has been! I have nothing to contribute aside from the fact that I have been incredibly busy was juggling the normal hurdles. I did manage a few posts though and score some great books. Maybe a book haul later this month? Maybe not? I am terrible with posting them, but am aiming to try to post more on Instagram so we will see. FYI – you can follow my poor little account here. <– Shameless self promotion never hurts. I am all about it this week 😉 Let’s get crackin’!


68783Girl, Interrupted

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

While I enjoyed all three books, the winner of the week is definitely Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. This is a true must read!


See What I Have Done
By Sarah Schmidt


In this riveting debut novel, See What I Have Done, Sarah Schmidt recasts one of the most fascinating murder cases of all time into an intimate story of a volatile household and a family devoid of love.

On the morning of August 4, 1892, Lizzie Borden calls out to her maid: Someone’s killed Father. The brutal ax-murder of Andrew and Abby Borden in their home in Fall River, Massachusetts, leaves little evidence and many unanswered questions. While neighbors struggle to understand why anyone would want to harm the respected Bordens, those close to the family have a different tale to tell—of a father with an explosive temper; a spiteful stepmother; and two spinster sisters, with a bond even stronger than blood, desperate for their independence.

As the police search for clues, Emma comforts an increasingly distraught Lizzie whose memories of that morning flash in scattered fragments. Had she been in the barn or the pear arbor to escape the stifling heat of the house? When did she last speak to her stepmother? Were they really gone and would everything be better now? Shifting among the perspectives of the unreliable Lizzie, her older sister Emma, the housemaid Bridget, and the enigmatic stranger Benjamin, the events of that fateful day are slowly revealed through a high-wire feat of storytelling.

*I am struggling with this egalley. The concept is fascinating but the formatting and dialog are a tad messy. Time will tell!

10862575Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 1
By by Naoko Takeuchi,
William Flanagan (Translator)


Usagi Tsukino is a normal girl until she meets up with Luna, a talking cat, who tells her that she is Sailor Moon. As Sailor Moon, Usagi must fight evils and enforce justice, in the name of the Moon and the mysterious Moon Princess. She meets other girls destined to be Sailor Senshi (Sailor Scouts), and together, they fight the forces of evil!

This new edition of Sailor Moon will feature:
-An entirely new, incredibly accurate translation!
-Japanese-style, right-to-left reading!
-New cover art never before seen in the U.S.!
-The original Japanese character names!
-Detailed translation notes!

This version of Sailor Moon will be completely true to original. Join us as Sailor Moon returns to the U.S. for the first time in years!

*Ok so my secret is out: I AM A HUGE SAILOR MOON FAN. I have been waiting to own this box set for several years and finally have my own. 


I have a few spotlights lined up and a new You Choose, You Read in the works, but it has been pretty quite on the blogging front for myself. I hope you have enjoyed the week. Remember to savor the moment and enjoy a good book or..

“In the name of the moon, I will Punish you!”
― Naoko Takeuchi, Sailor Moon

Happy Reading!

Danielle ❤

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35 thoughts on “Sunday Sum-Up

  1. Sunday us upon us and if it wasn’t for Game of thrones I’d be like- slow down weekend! lol

    Yay for Sailor moon! I’ve never seen it but my friend’s wife LOVED it!

    Have a super week!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, just the fact that they are going from names like “Susy” and “Daisy” to “insert japanese name” is good enough for me.
        I was into the original Yugioh and the anime, put out by 4Kids, was a butchered mess with names like Joey, Tristan, etc. Thankfully, the manga was never “americanized”…

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh I think I have been fortunate that a lot of what I follow has held true to the original from what I can tell. I usually try to find all anime in original version with subs and am finding I can be picky about manga. I am still exploring though 😉

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Well you’re further along than I am, I don’t even have an Instagram account ;-). So a secret Sailor Moon fan huh, nothing to be ashamed of, we should all feed that inner child in us from time to time.. I still like Disneyland so there’s that ;-). I didn’t like See What I’ve Done, that is no secret :-). I’m looking forward to another You Choose, You Read soon, I really like that idea (for someone else, not for me hehe)!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE READING SAILOR MOON. Oh man. That really makes me want to jump on the band wagon. I’ve always been a huge fan and I’ve barely touched the manga. Do you own physical copies or are you reading them online/library/etc? My library doesn’t own them and I cannot afford the whole set right now, but I’d love to find a way to read along with you. ❤

    Also– I adore Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. That’s a book I read earlier this year but I couldn’t manage the review– I just kept stalling out writing it! Perhaps I’ll be able to try again soon. How do you manage to review all the books you read? It blows my mind. They take me forever to write!

    Keep up the great work, Danielle– I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us this month.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I received an Amazon card on my birthday that I used to pick up the first 6 volumes in a boxset ❤ Manga is pricey so I had been putting them off forever. Do you use comixology on the Kindle? Maybe the would be affordable that way? I haven't checked. I would love for you to be able to pick them up with me though!

      I really love writing! Like a lot. I don't feel like I have a special knack for it or have a secret novel in the works, but it is a huge outlet. Writing reviews seriously just helps my brain shift focus and I need that often haha. So it is easy for me to review each title ❤


  4. Hallo, Hallo > coming through #TheSundayPost linky!

    I dearly want to listen to Heartless via audiobook after I listened to @AudioShelfMe’s podcast about it! They also featured the narrator in a separate Guest Author Podcast recently which was a serious overload of hilarity! It was interesting hearing the narrator’s spin on how she developed the characters, too! Meanwhile, I am awaiting word to see if my library took me up on my purchase REQ for it. I clicked over to read your review for Heartless and Snow Flower.

    Thanks for introducing me to a few new authors!! In regards to the Lizzie Borden sequels, alt. stories, etc. their just not my personal cuppa. I’m glad your finding them but for me? I’ll take a pass. I had enough trouble with the #MurdochMysteries episode which was a bit of a parlay into this back-history although differently staged. I hope it became easier to read – it seemed you enjoyed the concept at least?!

    You can visit me You can visit me this week via my Sunday Post!


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