Small Break This Week

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I am taking a small break for the remainder of the week to rest. I am experiencing a relentless series of cluster headaches and increased symptoms. I will be returning Monday and look forward to catching up, as much as humanly possible πŸ˜‰

Hope you are all well and have a lovely weekend!

Danielle ❀

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64 thoughts on “Small Break This Week

    1. Thank you Karen πŸ™‚ I am making sure to rest plenty and not pushing it. I usually feel so bad about not being able to keep up and blog hop, but right now I just have to let my body cope and that is what I am doing ❀


  1. Please feel better Danielle and get all the rest you need! I definitely understand β€πŸ€— I think I’m about to do the same thing after I post one needed ARC review since I’m on day 13 or 14 of combined daily migraine/cervocgenic headache and the blurred vision, etc we talked about is not getting better. Much love to you, my friend. I’ll be thinking about you and saying a prayer. xxx

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      1. I haven’t yet since I needed to get a NetGalley book that is being published reviewed and posted, which I did today. But I looked back and I’ve only posted 1x a week the past 3 weeks, so I’m not really posting. I do need the rest very much, but it is a school/work break since that is where all my screen time and other time goes. Thankfully, my fall break from classes starts on the 7th-10th, so that will be something! I’m going to take full advantage if I can πŸ™‚ Thank you! I hope that I can too and you as well! ❀ xx

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          1. Thanks! Unfortunately, my class fall break and work fall break doesn’t coincide, or I would be able to take a complete break from the PC, but it will be something! πŸ™‚ I’m beginning to wonder what NetGalley would do to me if I didn’t review a book…I’ve never done it, lol. But I’m just not feeling it for the only 2 that I have coming up this month. Ugh. I’m beginning to hate my computer since I’m on it all the time, LOL. I think a break is much needed πŸ˜‰

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            1. I actually dnf’d two Netgalley titles last month, which is something I have never done. I sent feedback explaining why and apologized. I didn’t receive any form of response, but have since been approved for other titles. You could possible contact the publisher?

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              1. So, so sorry to just be getting back to you Danielle! I’ve been on a blog hiatus-finally and per my neurologist’s orders-since Oct 5th and not really been checking my comments or blog hopping at all. My vision symptoms got severe the day I went on hiatus with almost total vision loss in one eye. I was having very severe symptoms even though I didn’t quite as much detail on my hiatus post about my symptoms. I’ve been undergoing tests all week-bloodwork, MRIs, a spinal tap, chest xray, ultrasound, etc.

                It’s been a tiring week but very necessary week, and I’m thankful that I have good insurance!! I’ve got results, and they are not great, but I think you and I both suspected that…I really wasn’t surprised, not to be vague but just don’t want to put the results in the comments. I may just email you, if that is ok? Here is my email if you want it πŸ™‚

                I never DNF a book even when they are bad, but I so need to start!!! It’s a time waster. I guess I hope at the last minute they will be good or being a Lit professor I’m analyzing them HAHAHA! But I’ve only read 5% of a book that needs a review for next week, and I can’t get into it, but that could be more mood than the book. I have a book being released on 10/17 that needs a review, but I just haven’t written it and am not sure that I will between now and Tues. If you were in my position, would you just email the publisher and explain about the health issues/diagnosis and tell them that you have read it, but are on a blog hiatus per your doctor’s instructions and will post my review(s) as soon as I return to my blog? I definitely don’t want Harper Collins/William Morrow to get upset (both books are through them, and I have 6 total books by them to read and review through the end of March) and not approve me for more books since I think they and St. Martin’s Press are the publishers that I read the most of. But I will write the reviews by the time needed if I have to, but I just honestly don’t want to come out of my hiatus unless I have to with all I have going on….

                I hope you are well! Talk soon!! ❀ ❀

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                1. Ok, first of all I am actually glad to see you have been on a hiatus, because I know your health needs it right now and I would rather know you are focusing on you ❀ I am constantly taking the breaks and missing out on everyone's posts here for the same reasons. My doc would probably have a fit if he knew just how much time I am on between work and blog. But it is tough finding a balance.

                  I would like for you to email me if you have not. I will be checking them this week and would like a more personal update on things if you are comfortable with that? We can chat more when you do.

                  As far as contacting publishers and authors, I always just send either feedback (NetGalley) or an email explain the details of my situation and find they are super supportive ❀ I am am sure you will discover this also. I have even established some solid connections and built some friendships while doing so.

                  Email when you can and we will catch up there ❀

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                  1. Thanks you for all the advice and support <3! I'm doing as much as I can to focus on me. I've even taken some FMLA time from work just to have that off my shoulders as well, so I can just get through everything and focus on my health and classes right now since it's too late to withdraw from classes without losing all my money-yikes!!

                    I haven't emailed you, but I will this week since I would definitely love to share with you and chat.

                    That's lovely to hear about the publishers and authors! I needed to hear that! I emailed the publishing contact late last night for the October books, so I hope to hear positive feedback.

                    Have a lovely Monday! We'll catch up soon!

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      1. I’m sorry to hear about your headaches, but I’m glad that they’re easing up at least ❀
        All is good here! Classes are boring, but I've been making some nice friends πŸ™‚

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