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Sunday Sum_Up (1)The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer that I am linking my Sunday Sum-Ups with. Stop by and say hello!

I am reducing screen time a little more this week, so I will be keeping the personal life updates brief. But know that our son returned Friday and most things are going as they should. I am just living in a bit of a fog until I regain full access to all medications and can meet with the new specialist. No valid complaints, just happy to be ❤



Wolf in White Van (Audiobook)

logansrunLogan’s Run (Book vs Film)

readingRed Clocks was delayed due to a lost shipment, but I will be starting it soon! I have to give a shout to Book of the Month for the excellent costumer service. They contacted me with concerns about the tracking before I even had to reach out to them, and they immediately shipped a new book.

By Sofi Oksanen
Translated by Owen Witesman



When Anita Naakka jumps in front of an oncoming train, her daughter, Norma, is left alone with the secret they have spent their lives hiding: Norma has supernatural hair, sensitive to the slightest changes in her mood–and the moods of those around her–moving of its own accord, corkscrewing when danger is near. And so it is her hair that alerts her, while she talks with a strange man at her mother’s funeral, that her mother may not have taken her own life. Setting out to reconstruct Anita’s final months–sifting through puzzling cell phone records, bank statements, video files–Norma begins to realize that her mother knew more about her hair’s powers than she let on: a sinister truth beyond Norma’s imagining. As Sofi Oksanen leads us ever more deeply into Norma’s world, weaving together past and present, she gives us a dark family drama that is a searing portrait of both the exploitation of women’s bodies and the extremes to which people will go for the sake of beauty.

darkenAnd I Darken (The Conqueror’s Saga #1)
By Kiersten White



NO ONE EXPECTS A PRINCESS TO BE BRUTAL. And Lada Dragwlya likes it that way. Ever since she and her gentle younger brother, Radu, were wrenched from their homeland of Wallachia and abandoned by their father to be raised in the Ottoman courts, Lada has known that being ruthless is the key to survival. She and Radu are doomed to act as pawns in a vicious game, an unseen sword hovering over their every move. For the lineage that makes them special also makes them targets.

Lada despises the Ottomans and bides her time, planning her vengeance for the day when she can return to Wallachia and claim her birthright. Radu longs only for a place where he feels safe. And when they meet Mehmed, the defiant and lonely son of the sultan, who’s expected to rule a nation, Radu feels that he’s made a true friend—and Lada wonders if she’s finally found someone worthy of her passion.

But Mehmed is heir to the very empire that Lada has sworn to fight against—and that Radu now considers home. Together, Lada, Radu, and Mehmed form a toxic triangle that strains the bonds of love and loyalty to the breaking point.

happenings (1)

What I am listening to:

cruel prince.jpg
The Cruel Prince

By Holly Black
Narrated by Caitlin Kelly

Goodreads synopsis and info can be found here.
*I am enjoying the narrator, but still waiting for this one to click for me. I am about 30% in.

What I am watching this week:

electric dreams

Prime Original:
Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams
Season 1

This is a sci-fi series composed of standalone episodes based on the works of Philip K Dick. I am really torn at the moment. I am several episodes in and find I have enjoyed a few, but I have not noticed anything particularly memorable. It does boasts a nice cast though.


It has been an uneventful week, but sometimes there is a great appreciation to be found in the quiet and peacefulness of it all. I hope the same can be said for you and that you are well. I would love to know what you are reading, listening to, or even watching this week!

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.
~Philip K. Dick

Happy Reading!

Danielle ❤

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40 thoughts on “Sunday Sum~Up

    1. Oh! That is always a struggle for me. A narrator can completely destroy a book in my opinion. I have actually switched from audio to physical copy in a few rare cases where the narrator was not working but the story showed promise. I hope it works out for you – xx


  1. I’m happy with quiet weeks :-). I hope your new specialist will be able to help you, keep us updated! Have a good week Danielle! I’ve seen And Then There Were None on tv, a series by Agatha Christie. She’s done it again, put me on the wrong foot and surprised me in the end. So good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha. I really need to explore Agatha more. I am ashamed to admit I have not. But she is on my radar for this year 😉

      Quiet is good and welcomed here. I am feeling positive about the new specialist I have scheduled. Struggling a bit without some meds, but all is well. Will keep you updated for sure ❤ Have a lovely week Inge – xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You had a busy week!

    I’m so excited you are reading And I Darken! I actually really enjoyed that one, and the second book: Now I Rise. It’s funny that you started reading it because I just mentioned that I would recommend that series to fans of The Girl in the Tower. Lots of political intrigue, especially in the second book. I hope you enjoy as much as I did 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The quiet moments come to mean so much more when you’re not well or life is busy or stressful, don’t they? I hope you get an emergency appointment before April, it’s hard waiting. I’m doing okay thanks, just taking each day as it comes at the moment. xx


  3. That cover for Norma is gorgeous. And the synopsis is…weird? The kind of weird that could turn into an excellent book, or a very frustrating one, haha! Looking forward to your review 🙂 This week I’m reading The Storm King by Brendan Duffy, which suits the gloomy weather perfectly.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Quiet weeks are a wonderful thing sometimes.I hope you get your medicine all situated, it can be frustrating not to. Hope you have another great week and happy reading.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jenea 🙂 I am sure things will straighten out eventually with meds. I have been in this spot before while in between specialists and insurance, so I just ride it out. I hope you have a nice week ahead full of great books!


  5. Dude, you snuck a Logan’s Run post in this week and I missed it? Gah!! I need to go read that post haste lol. And glad you’re doing okay. I just started Electric Dreams last night and liked the first one. I think that series is gonna be fun. 🙂

    Love the quote!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha.. it is a quick post. I just did a side by side comparison (took the lazy approach). Ah yes, I liked the second episode much better I think. I am kind of torn. We will see how I feel about it in the end. I do love anthologies though. It is always nice to see a series with standalone episodes 🙂 Happy week ahead my friend!


  6. Sofi Oksanen… ha.. fancy seeing her name on your list… she’s pretty much from ‘my neck of the woods’ (Estonia/Finland) … I haven’t read any of her books myself though, I’ve just seen her in Estonian media.. hehe… I’d probably expect something… “different” from the book 😀

    Oooh… you’re 30% into The Cruel Prince… intrigued, so I am… simply cannot wait for your review for that one 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Cruel Prince is not grabbing me as well as it has some, but there is still time 😉 We will see. I hope to finish it this week. The Oksanen book is a weird read. I have been back and forth over my feelings for it. It is translated of course. I did think of you when I discovered where the author was from! I will be curious to see how I feel when I review it. Sometimes reflection is the key ❤


    1. I know! I was overly impressed with them. They sent an email stating my tracking was concerning and to please reply if I had not received my book. Exceptional and unexpected customer service in a day and age where it is all so automated!


  7. Peace and quiet can definitely lead to a pretty exciting future too! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on those books you’re reading. I heard a lot of great things about The Cruel Prince and maybe you’ll end up being one of those who adores it! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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