An Interview & Giveaway with Mist Mount, Author of The Shadow Girl

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Today I am pleased to welcome author of The Shadow Girl, Misty Mount, to the blog and share this fantastic YA contemporary fantasy that is for anyone who has ever felt alone or unseen. You can read my thoughts here. Misty is also giving away an e-book copy to one lucky reader, so please be sure to enter at the bottom of the post!


1. Thank you so much for sharing your time today! The Shadow Girl boast a very unique concept that I found incredibly difficult to put down. What was your inspiration behind the story?

Unlike some other stories I’ve written, I remember the specific moment the idea for the book hit me. A little over eight years ago I was at a baby shower that was crowded full of family I hadn’t seen in years and people I had never met. I got the impression that I was in everyone’s way because I kept getting brushed up against or jostled. The setting rendered me socially overwhelmed and I felt completely invisible. I even made a comment to someone and I could swear they looked right through me. Desperate for air, I escaped to the porch where I thought I was finally alone. While doing some deep breathing I spotted my 13-year-old cousin sitting in the shadows nearby. I asked what she was doing out there all alone and she explained that she also was feeling anxious and out-of-place. Then she asked: “Do you ever feel so invisible that you think no one would notice or care if you just disappeared?” I told her it sounded like a good story and right then and there I asked her if she wanted to take a walk and talk about it. That night Zylia was born.

2. Zylia is one of the most viable and relatable protagonists I have encountered in some time. Did you model her after someone you know personally or possibly incorporate a part of yourself in her?

I guess I sort of gave a little away with my last answer, but yes Zylia is very much like me at that age and I mixed in some characteristics of my cousin as well.

3. Being and adult and mother, did you encounter any obstacles while writing a story that revolves around a much younger cast of characters?

Yes, but I was lucky to have my little cousin to refer to for questions about emotions or interactions that I hadn’t experienced in quite a long time. She was Zylia’s age and grade when I started the story so I had my own “inside informant.”

4. I took away some valuable thoughts after completing The Shadow Girl that I feel are significant for anyone who has ever felt alone or unseen, but reading is a very personal experience. Is there a specific message you hoped to deliver to your audience?

I hope the book is a reminder to pay attention to the people who are least noticed in this world and that no matter what our personality type, we all have value.

5. Did you have a favorite secondary character to write about and develop? If so, why?

There’s definitely a part of me in every character but if I had to choose one I guess I’ll say Terra. She was a huge support to Zylia and gave her courage. We all need at least one friend like her.

6. Now that you have published your book, can you tell us a bit about that process and something you gained from it?

First off, it’s a painful process of rejection. I suppose that isn’t very encouraging, but it was true for me. Then, once I found a publisher that wanted to back my work and really believed in it, I was elated. It made me feel like my writing had more of a purpose. And, best of all, I’ve gained wonderful readers who have shared with me their feelings about my words.

7. As a reader, what is your preferred genre? Does this differ from what you enjoy writing about?

I read a wide selection of fiction: mystery, suspense, crime, gothic romance, sci-fi, young adult, paranormal….just about anything.

I actually have a goal to write a book in all my favorite genres that I like to read. I don’t know if that’s realistic, but I’m going to try.

8. Do you have a book(s) or author(s) that you have found to be an inspiration as a writer?

Yes! Authors and their books have been indelibly stamping my mind since its impressionable youth. As a child/teen I wrote Nancy Drew style mysteries and journaled obsessively like Harriet the Spy. (I also got in huge trouble for cutting a very large lock of hair from my best friend’s head after trying to copy Anne and Diana’s kindred friendship in Anne of Green Gables.) The Princess Bride completely ruined me for what relationships were really like and Agatha Christie made me suspicious of just about everyone.

When I think back on my life it’s in bookish segments like, my “Mary Higgins Clark or Larry Niven phase.”

9. Are you currently working on any titles we can expect to see in the near future?

I have a romantic suspense coming out in the spring. It’s actually a story I wrote before The Shadow Girl. And currently I’m working on a sci-fi mystery. Here I go testing out different genres.

10. And last but least, do you drink tea? If so, what is your favorite blend?

Yes! For hot tea I like Earl Gray and Red Rooibos and for iced tea I love it black with peach 🙂

auth bio

Misty Mount has written since age five and was first published at fourteen. By day she’s a caregiver, wife and mother to a young son but during the quiet hours of night she becomes a novelist. She resides in Wichita, Kansas

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The Shadow Girl
By Misty Mount
Publisher: Between the Lines Publishing
ISBN: 9780997939
Pages: 298
Genre: YA Coming of Age/Fantasy



It’s more than just her imagination—she’s fading away…

Painfully shy, thirteen-year-old Zylia Moss is no stranger to living life in the shadows, pushed aside and unnoticed by both her large family of nine and her fellow classmates. As her “symptoms” of invisibility increase, she uncovers an old family mystery leading to her Great-Aunt Angelica, who vanished curiously at Zylia’s age. If she’s going to save herself from being erased from the canvas of this world, she’ll have to travel far outside her comfort zone—maybe even to another dimension.

Purchase Links:  Amazon UK  Smashwords  Barnes & Noble  iTunes


One e-book copy of The Shadow Girl by Misty Mount.

  • Open internationally through 2/5/18 for one e-book (ePub, Mobi or PDF).
  • Winner must provide a valid email address and respond within 3 business days or a new winner will be selected.
  • Winner will be disclosed on social media (excluding personal info).
  • If winner is a blogger, the blog will be linked back to in announcement.
  • Following and entries will be verified before announcing the winner.

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    1. Oh Emily, that is a terrible feeling that I can actually relate to. It is never easy to feel invisible and I think this is one of the reasons Zylia and this story appealed to me so strongly. I hope you were able to enter. And sending you positive vibes and hoping you never experience that again – xx

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