Why I Have Not Responded Lately

Unplanned Break This Past Week

I finished off the previous week dealing with a bit of depression. This is not a complaint, as I am accustomed to the emotional side effects of living with chronic illness and know to self-care. But to ice the cake, I developed cold and flu symptoms that turned into a long stretch of a pretty bad virus.

As many of you can imagine, when dealing with constant vertigo and headaches, a cold (particularly when it reaches your head) can wreak havoc. And that is exactly what is going on and why I have been silent.

giphy (3)

I have spent this past week combating a barrage of symptoms I was not mentally or physically sickprepared for. Are we ever? And my immune system is having a hard time doing its job. Add the insurance debacle, and I am weathering a storm and not sure how soon I will return to the land of fully functioning human beings.

Until then posts are still scheduled, I am skipping Friday Favorites this week, and I will begin to pick away at comments as able.

Thank you for all of the support, shares and well wishes I have received. As always, you guys go above and beyond to remind me of why the book community is the best!


Danielle ❤

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61 thoughts on “Why I Have Not Responded Lately

  1. Oh no, I’m sad to hear you’ve come down with a cold! And to top it off, you experienced insurance push back.

    I hope you’re feeling better soon. Don’t stress and wear yourself out with commenting if you need to rest! We will still be here when you are feeling better.

    Take care and enjoy more tea 🙂

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  2. I hope you get better, Danielle. And, what is more, I hope that you recover from at least some of these chronic illnesses troubling you. I know that some things can indeed be chronic, but sometimes some of these things can be overcome, perhaps. At times the doctors are the ones causing people to get more ill. Just a thought.

    Take care! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Geoffrey 🙂 This one was just a passing virus. Unfortunately, it took its toll. I do know what you mean my friend. I had to remove myself from a multitude of meds last year after being shoved around by doctors. And while not all of this can be fixed, it was definitely better for me and my system to remove some of the unnecessary toxins 🙂

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  3. I virtually go into hibernation during flu season so I can’t catch anything. There is nothing worse than these horrible things striking you when you already have ongoing health issues. I really hope you can get better very soon *hugs*

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    1. Thank you! Working from home, I do pretty well. But my nonhubs and son travel constantly and both kiddos are in school. With a shot immune system, it happens at least a few times a year. I just laid in bed for a week whining and consuming tons of tea and vitamins. I think I am finally almost over this. *Hugs to you*


  4. Sending you my best wishes and I really hope you’ll manage to come out the other end of the virus soon- it is terrible and difficult and it absolutely sucks that you have to go through all this 😦
    Take care! ❤

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      1. Ah you know- I thought I’d go all out EVERYWHERE… the more spiritual messages and wishes go out there, the better.. never know, it might work what with all the Universe vibrations and some such 😉 You are a tough cookie alreaight! 😉 Just the way we like ’em 😉 ❤ 😀

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