REN: Reposed by Brittany Quagan

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REN: Reposed
By Brittany Quagan
ISBN: 9780578201559
Pages: 256
Genre: YA Fiction



From foster kid to awkward teen, Ren Nagel has always wanted to be “normal.” But, that’s probably never going to happen. Ren is just a little more than human––she’s an Implement sent to Earth to save the world. She knows what she’s supposed to be doing, but for now, Ren is ignoring all the signs.

Bound by promises made a very long time ago, and with the help of her friends––some human, some not––Ren reluctantly sets out on an adventure that, if it doesn’t kill her, will change her life––and everyone else’s.

There are other Implements out there whose help she needs to keep humanity from destroying itself, but first she’s got to find them. And then, she’s got a few debts to pay with her old friend Karma …


This series! I am going to be slightly immature here and just openly admit that I completely fan-girl when it comes to Ren Nagel. I would call this a guilty pleasure, but truth be told, there is zero reason to feel guilty about enjoying this series.

I do not want to dissect or summarize the plot too heavily, as I prefer to avoid spoilers for anyone who has yet to read REN: Awakened. If interested, you can read my thoughts on it here. I will say that Reposed follows Ren after the events having occurred in Awakened lead her to seek a “normal” life. However, this simply is not in the cards. She has obligations. Ignoring them will come at a high cost that could spell an end to all of humanity.

Character development is obviously Brittany Quagan’s forte. She establishes a solid cast that continues to evolve effortlessly and feels not only genuine but familiar. Ren Nagel might be anything but the girl next door, yet I find myself comfortably returning to her like a life long friend.  There is a strong sense of connection and attachment one longs for in a protagonist. She is an Implement with incredible powers and tasked with the unimaginable, yet she is ever convincing. Her actions and emotions continually progress in a direction that offers persuasive and often relatable responses. Sharing in Ren’s victories and losses comes as second nature.

“Of all things I know, that’s the one thing I can tell you with every ounce if confidence. The world will benefit from knowing you.”

However, these feelings are not limited to Ren. With the welcomed return of previous characters (I absolutely love Al) and some fascinating new introductions, this was rewarding and highly character driven adventure that offered a refreshing perspective, challenging the reader to place their self within the shoes of individuals who literally carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Story-line progression met and exceeded expectations with incredible ease. This was a sequel that I knew I would appreciate, but I admit I was apprehensive when picking it up. I struggled to imagine how Ren’s story would continue while avoiding the usual clichés and tropes you typically encounter in YA fiction. My concerns were thankfully unwarranted. Brilliantly expanded with added elements that almost felt like a beautiful blend of fantasy and mythology (that is all I am divulging) took REN to new heights. The result was a refreshingly unexpected and original experience that I found to be fully captivating and engaging.

World building is aptly detailed and immersive, creating an environment that feels real even when fantastical, while avoiding the superfluous. I was thrilled to discover that Ren’s journey expands to new locations and found myself vying to explore these fascinating new areas and the additional level of complexity and depth the gave to Ren and her story.

Brittany Quagan’s writing is invigorating and inviting. Within a matter of minutes, it is easy to establish her personal connection with the story she is weaving. Intelligent and well-balanced blends of spiritual principles, psychic abilities and realism offer the reader a mystical and memorable experience that successfully explores humanity, responsibilities and consequences. This is one series I will never stop recommending as I feel that while it is incredibly entertaining it is equally significant. With each encounter, I find I learn a little more about myself.

*I would like to thank the author for my copy of REN: Reposed. The above review is my own, unbiased and honest opinion.

Untitled design Served with several cups of Oolong Ginger tea and a splash of honey.

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About the Author:

Brittany Quagan has spent most of her life daydreaming like the stereotypical Gemini she is. As an anxiety-riddled teen, her existence became nothing less than a burden, but she was determined to escape it––convinced there was more magic to be discovered within her story.

Today, Brittany owns a holistic healing, spiritual & intuitive development center where she helps others who suffer from anxiety disorders, those who believe in the unseen to tap into their intuitive powers, and help people to grow, find empowerment, and manifest like a boss. She is also a therapist.

When Brittany isn’t teaching, counseling or writing, you’ll find her traveling with family & friends, dying her hair every color of the rainbow, trying craft beers, and talking to the moon.

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