Mini Reviews: Tor Books

mini reviews

I have decided to start the week of on a lighter note with several small recaps of some recent short stories/novellas I have completed. As I mentioned not too long ago, these brief encounters offer me a chance to cleanse the “palate”. Particularly when I am combating a slump or finding myself indecisive. Often more so than not, that right short story will point in the best direction πŸ˜‰

Tor Books

With an affection for all things fantasy and sci-fi, I am certainly no stranger to Tor Books and As many of you probably know, they boast some incredible reads. They also happen to publish a very wide and rewarding range of short stories and novellas. I will often turn to Tor when seeking a casual, quick read. So not too surprisingly, this week’s short story collection happens to be all Tor titles.

burdenA Burden Shared
By Jo Walton


This is a very brief story with a strong residual after effect. Portraying a life where we are given the ability to transfer pain between individuals, it shows the effects of a family choosing to share a daughter’s burden. A Burden Shared raises significant questions and addresses the importance and value of our own pain. As a mother and a woman living with chronic illness, this was an amazingly heavy hitter at only 19 pages.

mdiplopiaMental Diplopia
By Julianna Baggott


This is an elegantly sad tale that explores the downfall of humanity during a unique virus that returns people to their past memories before eventually killing them. At only 31 pages in length, I feel this one should be left to explore without further insight. Haunting and lingering.


deaddjinnA Dead Djinn in Cairo
By P. Djeli Clark


While maybe the least memorable of my recent short story reads, A Dead Djinn in Cairo still packs a nice punch. Set in 19th century Cairo, surrounding the investigation of, you guessed it, a dead djinn, this story cleverly spins elements of the supernatural and mythical into a fast paced and fun urban fantasy that goes off without a hitch.


motoHello, Moto
By Nnedi Okorafor


Okay, I am convinced I will read anything with this author’s name on it. Ever since I began Binti, I am hooked on her ability to weave fascinating stories that offer a nice dose of diversity and unexpected elements. Here she has combined witchcraft and science to create a brilliant story in the mere span of 16 pages.

Have you read any of these or would you? What, if any, short stories have you read recently?

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37 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: Tor Books

  1. I admit I don’t read all that many short stories, but I do love how it gives a break in between other reads. And so many don’t realize just how difficult is to write a proper story in just a few pages! I can really appreciate that.

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  2. ahhh, you’re just great at keeping up with reads from various sources! I tried stories as well – based on your rec actually πŸ˜‰ – and I liked what I read but find myself very seldom going back now… and I know that I am missing out… then again, I have you to remind me and recommend some good shorts πŸ˜‰


  3. I used to read shorts all the time a couple of years ago, but I don’t anymore at all. I should start visiting again because all of these sound great. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And you are right, I find reading short stories a fab slump buster. πŸ’œ

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  4. Got to admit Tor has some of the most notorious and fascinating short stories. If I had a thing for ebooks, I would’ve probably devoured as many of them as you do nowadays !! πŸ˜› Really looking forward to trying that Binti series and Mapping the Interior when I get my hands on a copy hahah

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