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I have found that I appreciate my weekends more and more lately. I did not know this was possible! But those small moments of downtime and peace are becoming more and more necessary to recharge. I also realized this past weekend that I need to stop pressuring myself to be “more” social. Regardless of what others believe would be best for me, it is okay to just be happy. With that said, we are shifting gears here in the home. We are making huge lifestyle changes involving how we eat and tackling physical activity. While there is no “fix” for me, I am noticing benefits. I have slept better, dropped some weight and feel more motivated. It makes it easier to combat the hard days ❤ Side note: 3 ingredient banana and oat cookies are not so great, but edible.

The poor nonhubs had to travel to multiple places this weekend to pick up a copy of The Shape of Water for me, but he succeeded. Hopefully, I will have or be watching it by the time this posts. My TBR took a detour, but it was due to some unexpected but very welcomed book mail that I could not wait to tear into. So far, I am only off by two titles, so not too shabby!




2 for 1 Review

the hazel wood

The Hazel Wood




30339493The Isle of Blood and Stone
By Makiia Lucier
Available April 10, 2018


Elias reached across the table and flicked aside two shells with a fingertip. The map curled into itself. “It’s bound to be a goose chase. You know that?”

“Or a treasure hunt,” Ulises countered, “and you’ve always been good at those.”

Nineteen-year-old Elias is a royal explorer, a skilled mapmaker, and the new king of del Mar’s oldest friend. Soon he will embark on the adventure of a lifetime, an expedition past the Strait of Cain and into uncharted waters. Nothing stands in his way…until a long-ago tragedy creeps back into the light, threatening all he holds dear.

The people of St. John del Mar have never recovered from the loss of their boy princes, kidnapped eighteen years ago, both presumed dead. But when two maps surface, each bearing the same hidden riddle, troubling questions arise. What really happened to the young heirs? And why do the maps appear to be drawn by Lord Antoni, Elias’s father, who vanished on that same fateful day? With the king’s beautiful cousin by his side-whether he wants her there or not-Elias will race to solve the riddle of the princes. He will have to use his wits and guard his back. Because some truths are better left buried…and an unknown enemy stalks his every turn.

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What I am watching this week:


Guillermo del Toro! I have been on a book buying ban, so now I obviously need to invest those funds into my bluray collection 😉 I picked up The Orphanage and The Devil’s Backbone.

What I am listening:



I finally found a copy of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake on vinyl that I wanted!


How has your week been? Did you find time to manage a good book or two? It always feels like work picks up significantly as Spring moves in.


“A book, too, can be a star, ‘explosive material, capable of stirring up fresh life endlessly,’ a living fire to lighten the darkness, leading out into the expanding universe.”
~Madeleine L’Engle


Danielle ❤

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55 thoughts on “Sunday Sum~Up

  1. Swan Lake, what a stunning piece of music! I just bought tickets to see the English National Ballet perform it on my birthday in November. Got in early and bought them on pre-release so have great tickets. 😁

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  2. I laughed out loud at your remark about banana oat cookies– I’ve contemplated making them so many times. Nice to know that they’re edible, if not enjoyable 🙂 Glad you had a great week!

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    1. Thank you James ❤ I make an effort to push myself out and enjoy things when able, such as the ballet this month. But I am learning I do not have to have a large social circle. I am not sure why so many in society think very active social life and larger circles equate into more happiness. I draw a lot from family and a few trusted.

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  3. I love Swan Lake and Tchaikovsky is a genius! 🙂

    Don’t be social if you don’t like to be social…and especially if it means hanging out with people you don’t like or have no interest in connecting with. Life is too short for that! Hope you have a good week to come! 🙂

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  4. I’ve spent the whole week re-thinking my reading and blogging and realising that I’m the one who is stressing myself out! I’m now thinking that I need to enjoy my leisure time instead of stressing about what I’m doing and not doing!

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  5. A recipe with three ingredients sounds perfect for me, and I love bananas.. but it’s a bit of a downer that it isn’t very yummy. It’s been a weird week here.. one day it was Spring weather and suddenly at the end of the week it was stonecold and snowing again. I’m slowly starting to look for an apartment to buy (whereas I rent now) but there’s much anxiety to move away and I’m horrible at decision-making, always opting for the safe side (staying put). I know rationally that it’s a good idea to live in a city and it’ll solve many problems I have now (as simply as going to the hairdresser) but it’ll be a very difficult step. Talk again in 10 years and see if I’m still here or not :-). Anyway, I hope The Shape of Water was wonderful to watch!

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    1. I do hope the apartment search goes well! It could be fun to get a new place and change of scenery. Although, I do understand why the idea is also a daunting one ❤

      The cookies are best warm and more like breakfast food. They were not terrible per say, but not incredible haha ❤ I watched the Shape of Water last night and loved it! But it will find a mixed audience I am sure.

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  6. What was the bookmail? Now I’m curious as to what you got!

    It’s been a typical Nebraska March around here– warm, then cold, then warm, then cold.. Today it’s cold, and I’m going to curl up on my couch and read. 🙂 I feel like I should cue up Swan Lake on Spotify as I go about my day! I wish a company would bring the whole production somewhere near me!

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  7. I had vowed to be more social this year, in that my One Word is CONNECT. But I love connecting online…and occasionally being social. And…I get most of my energy from time spent alone reading and watching movies. I had thirty years of being “social” in a career that required me to be F/F with so many people.

    I think we have to pay attention to our bodies and our souls…our needs.

    Enjoy your week! Here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

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  8. I’ve spent most of my life in law enforcement, so socially I was out there more than enough. Now that I am staying at home with our kids, and I do meet with some of the parents that my kids hang around with, but that is about it. I am quite the homebody now, and I have to say I enjoy it more than I ever thought I would. You do what makes you happy and that’s all the matters.

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  9. Oh, I love Devil’s Backbone! I hope you enjoy it too 🙂 If you haven’t seen it, Cronos is also a really lovely take on vampires from del Toro as well. That cover art for Swam Lake is gorgeous too.

    I’ve had to learn the socializing lesson myself too. It helps to remind myself that if I go out even when I don’t want to, my grumpy company won’t make me or anyone else happy. Sometimes you’re just in the mood for “me time” and that’s totally ok 🙂 Glad to hear you’re seeing some positive results from all those changes! I know I started sleeping much better once I turned sodas into a treat instead of a daily staple. Hope you have a wonderful week Danielle 🙂 ♥

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    1. Thanks so much JJ ❤ I have just come to embrace the fact this a quiet life is the right one for me. I know others mean well, but I just do not need a large circle to run or late nights out 😉 The Devil's Backbone is a favorite of mine. I plan on ordering Chronos soon, but believe it is Criterion also? They get pricey. I know B&N will have a 50% sale in June, so I may call in and put a hold on it then!


  10. Ooh The shape of Water is out? I need to get it to and give it a watch, I’m kinda excited for it? And yeah weekends are sooo important, totally agree. I really feel like as people we need that time to rest and recharge and just… have a break. 🙂

    I recently gave up red meat so even though I’m not “going vegetarian” per se, I have made some rather drastic (for me) dietary changes. Just trying to be healthier in general. It’s a challenge but kinda fun too? And I feel good about doing it, so there’s that.

    The Warrior Within looks interesting!

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    1. I am also nixing the red meat as much as possible. I am sure for health reasons the same as you probably are. I am attempting to really incorporate a healthy diet and any physical activity this body will allow. I am enjoying it, but it is a process haha.

      I loved The Shape of Water, but I can easily say it will not be for everyone. But I found it oddly enchanting, as I do all of his work!


  11. Welcome to the world of banana oat cookies! xD I’ve been trying to eat healthier and lose weight as well, so I know what you mean here. 😉 Try adding a little dark cacao powder to the mixture, coconut or crushed nuts. Definitely helps with the flavor! I hope you will have a wonderful week. ❤

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      1. Ah yes they are not the easiest thing to get used to haha. I actually prefer eating a piece of fruit over them, but then again I’m a fruit addict in the first place. 😉 I hope nuts will work for you! ❤

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  12. I feel the same way about those three ingredient banana oat cookies. Ha! And good for you! I hate when I suggest things to people and they are like, “… well that’s not going to help my [insert problem here], but like you just said a lot of things will make dealing with the [insert problem here] easier. Sometimes I wonder if some people’s problems actually affect their lives as much as they say they do, because I think people who are genuinely suffering from something will take any amount of easement. You go girl. 😘

    I need to start going to the library to look for DVDs. I have my son’s old large screen HD laptop now and it would be perfect for watching movies in bed. I also want to look for a compact turntable. Everyone talking about buying vinyl is making me want to listen to my old LPs! 🎵

    I will be back shortly to hop and comment (vomit) more. I am especially curious about your The Hazel Wood review. Have a wonderful week. 💜

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  13. I’m going to assume that you’ve finished watching The Shape of Water and ask how was it?!?! Deserved its Oscars? 😀 I’m sort of waiting for it to get on Netflix, but who knows. I might get around to it before out of pure spontaneity!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It got like 4 oscars and countless nominations 😂 Among the wins there’s best picture and best director (Guillermo), so you can sort of say it got 2 of the 3 biggest categories this year 😂 I’m definitely adding it among my priorities now then! Do you plan on trying the book (that came out post-movie)? 😁

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