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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer that I am linking my Sunday Sum-Ups with. Stop by and say hello!

This past week has felt like a never-ending obstacle course. I am utterly exhausted. Work has been trying for myself due to symptoms and the nonhubs for a multitude of reasons. We lost our ovens only to be left with none (you can find that rant below if interested) and my son had to leave Friday morning for a scheduled visitation that he is still never quite cheerful about. Add a few other matters into the mix while dealing with these headaches, and I feel run down. More so than I have in a while. So this weekend was a welcomed reprieve and I chose to unplug. We weny ouy to watch the new Tomb Raider and have sushi. I enjoyed the film incredibly and was pleased with the portrayal of Lara Croft. I will do my best to catch up this coming week.

I am working on reducing graphics & tweaking the blog. Not eliminating, but trimming. As my eyesight continues to waver at times, I am finding they just are not working so well. So please feel free to send feedback and comment on any changes. My goal is to keep it aesthetically pleasant but easy on the eyes. I cannot focus on “busy” blogs and I want to avoid being one. So I am weeding out some of the “unnecessary” but nothing is changing in terms of logos, etc.

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Brain on Fire
By Susannah Cahalan


An award-winning memoir and instant New York Times bestseller that goes far beyond its riveting medical mystery, Brain on Fire is the powerful account of one woman’s struggle to recapture her identity.

When twenty-four-year-old Susannah Cahalan woke up alone in a hospital room, strapped to her bed and unable to move or speak, she had no memory of how she’d gotten there. Days earlier, she had been on the threshold of a new, adult life: at the beginning of her first serious relationship and a promising career at a major New York newspaper. Now she was labeled violent, psychotic, a flight risk. What happened?

In a swift and breathtaking narrative, Cahalan tells the astonishing true story of her descent into madness, her family’s inspiring faith in her, and the lifesaving diagnosis that nearly didn’t happen.

*I have to give pause here to admit that so far this book is terrifying, but I find it to be a fantastic read.

Other Happenings

I am still watching and listening to the same vinyl and series I have shared recently. Although I did finish The Frankenstein Chronicles on Netflix. I loved it! Have you watched it? What are you currently reading or watching?

“It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.”
~ Oscar Wilde


Danielle ❤

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56 thoughts on “Sunday Sum~Up

  1. Maybe it’s just me but there’s only one Lara Croft for me :-). I haven’t seen the movie yet though, just a small trailer, but she’s just not showing the same power and kick-ass attitude in the very small part that I saw but must have been one of the better parts of the movie… I’m very intrigued hearing about the book you’re reading now.. Brain on Fire.. I haven’t heard about this one before either..
    I hope you have a good week coming ahead, take care lovely!

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    1. Brain of Fire is stellar! I am not finished with it, but recommend it with complete confidence.

      I grew up playing Tomb Raider and have to admit, that this version felt more real to me. It has some of the more predictable moments we expect. The nonhubs pointed out that this would good though, because she is behaving as fans would expect. If you decide to give it a try, I hope you enjoy!

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  2. I have to go check out Child of Nob looks like something I would like to read. I was never into Lara Croft so I will not be seeing it. Not into those types of movies but my hubby LOVES them so I am sure he will see it. Have a great week!

    Mary my #SundayRoundup

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  3. Oh maaaannn, I am sorry now I cancelled going to the cinema to see Lara Croft.. honestly? I couldn’t arsed.. was meant to go last weekend but we have like a 50 minute drive to get to a cinema and I just thought I rather sit at home on my arse and read or some such. I wish now I would have gone… if it’s still in the cinemas next weekend, I shall definitely go!

    I hope the weekend helped you recuperate from a difficult week and here’s hoping the new week will be tons better! ❤

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    1. I just really enjoyed the more realistic portrayal honestly. I think you might appreciate that as well. I loved the games and thought the first movies were fun, but this was more genuine while still predictably Lara 😉 But yeah, a 50 minute drive would deter me too haha ❤ I am rested enough for now. I will survive!

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      1. Honestly- I don’t think I’ve even seen any of the earlier movies 😀 hahaha, the only reason I know Lara is because my hubby used to play the games. He has three loves- Lara Croft, Milla Jovovich and Kate Beckinsale- I have some serious competition hahaha… But yeah, I quite like Alicia Vikander as an actress so I am excited for the movie 🙂

        Glad to hear the weekend rest restored your power! 🙂 Upwards and onwards! ❤

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  4. I’m so sorry to hear that last week wasn’t a great one for you. I’m glad you’ve had the chance to rest and recuperate over the weekend and got to see the new Tomb Raider. I have to confess and say I haven’t even seen the original, but I think I might check out the new one at some point!
    ‘Brain on Fire’ sounds like an interesting read. I’ve just has a quick Google of it and I think I might have to invest in a copy! I’ve read a few non-fiction, real-life accounts lately and I’m on the lookout for more 🙂 Excited to hear your thoughts on it! Have a great week ❤

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    1. I am loving Brain of Fire and would highly recommend it for a memoir read! I am not finished yet, but soon I hope and will share some thoughts. Tomb Raider was refreshing. I enjoyed the ones with Angelina Jolie but preferred this one. Hopefully you will enjoy it if you watch.

      And thank you ❤ I am rested well enough for now. How have you been though!? I know you have had some hurdles. I think about you often.


  5. I love the sound of Brain On Fire! And I still have to check out The Frankenstein Chronicles, but I’m kind of watching the whole The Walking Dead series on Netflix right now and even though I don’t really like zombie stories I’m hooked. xD I also need to watch the newest Vikings season… Although it’s not on Netflix just yet. I hope next week will treat you better! ❤


      1. Vikings is brilliant! And not just because of the music and wardrobe. ❤ And you are right about The Walking Dead! It's so much more than just a zombie series… I'm about halfway done with season two right now, so I have a lot of catching up to do still. 😉

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  6. Glad to hear the new Tomb Raider is good. I kinda want to see it, looks fun. And sorry to hear about the oven problems! Let’s see, what am I watching? Well mostly Riverdale (though I’m behind), The Walking Dead (same, trying to catch up) and I just started rewatching the 100 S4. Since S5 is a month away roughly!

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    1. I really preferred this portrayal of Lara. Maybe I am biased, but it was all around more believable while still maintaining all of the elements I love about the character and game.

      I am way behind on TWD haha. We started it back up today, but in my heart, I know deaths are coming.. and I am stressing and proscratinating haha. I still need to check out the 100. Do you remember the Show Sirens you mentioned a while back on your blog? I am trying to remember what station that was?


      1. Siren I believe is gonna be on Freeform? Which I don’t have and I’m not even that familiar with it? If Amazon doesn’t have the episodes for sale I’ll probably be waiting a while to see it, unless I can purchase Freeform somehow…

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  7. I haven’t watched the Frankenstein Chronicles yet, but I’m intrigued. (Plus I’m so behind on my Netflix queue it really isn’t funny!) And I’m sorry to hear it was a trying week. I hope the little movie and sushi break helped to clear out some of the cobwebs and re-center things 🙂

    Good luck with the blog tweaking— I’m already looking forward to how you adjust things! I do really love your logo and the other watercolor touches you have, though, so I’m happy to hear that those will probably stay 🙂 Whatever you choose to do, I know it will look fabulous! Hope you have a good (and relaxing) week Danielle ♥

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    1. Thank you JJ ❤ Operation movie and sushi was a success and I feel rejuvinated. We just have a lot going on mow and sometimes adding that to all of my symptoms just honestly wears me down!

      The blog changes will be minimal at best. Overall, I am super pleased with it. Just omitting some clutter and unnecessary work on my end. A few graphics are being cut out. I am really not one for a lot haha. I love how elegant your blog looks!


  8. I couldn live without my oven. Possibly slightly dramatic…I could, but I really wouldn’t want to! It would just make life more complicated than it needs to be x hope this week is better for you x

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  9. Hope the upcoming week is better for you!

    I used to play Tomb Raider! I discovered she bounced off walls and sometimes would run her into a wall for a laugh. :/ LOL

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  10. I’m sorry to hear all these obstacles, Danielle! Maaaaaan, I wish I could just grant you immunity against all them. Like.. Just typing /cast immunity and solve it all for you! 😦 Hopefully you’ll find more peaceful days real soon. By the way, nice current read! I was interested in that title way back when I first heard about it too. Do you plan on checking out the movie adaptation with Chloe Grace Moretz too? I don’t think it was well-received though hahah

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  11. Weeding out some of the unnecessary…. You have my full support and blessings on that one. * insert fist bump * Of course, it´s a matter of taste but I, too, prefer blogs that are easy on the eye.

    Too much of everything is just…chaotic. Makes me nervous. The less you have the more you can take in and appreciate. I surrender immediately when I don´t know where to look first.

    There´s nothing against a little tweaking here and there. I love what you´ve done already. ❤
    I hope you feel better soon and that you´ll have more positives to share next Sunday! Hugs xx

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    1. Thank you so much ❤ You are always too good to me! I have to have easy on the eyes. With the lesion, my eyes literally shake and suffer blind spots. When I am fighting with graphic or those layouts that have multiple things divided on the screen, it triggers a horrible spell. One of my favorite blogs recently uodated and now I can only handle reading it on my phone. I was so bummed!

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      1. Thats not..good. I´m sorry to hear you´re dealing with vertigo. 😦 Do you always suffer when you see chaos or does it just come and go sporadically?
        That´s a real pain if one of your fav blogs redecorated. :-/
        I don´t like busy looking blogs because I seriously have no clue what to look at first. And I honestly don´t have time during the day to read blog posts. If a blog has a clear and clean layout then I can shove in a post. I´m super impatient.

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        1. I suffer vertigo constantly. One of my common symptoms with the lesion and everything else ❤ So I have adapted, but busy never works for me. I do not fair well with too much on the screen or layout where my eyes are competing with graphics on one side and text on the other. No ability to focus. I switch to mobile haha 😉

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  12. Brain on Fire! I love that book. My “day job” is a medical editor/writer and I love medicine and medical mysteries. I don’t usually read non-fiction (mostly b/c I read non-fiction all day for my day job and I like writing/reading fantasy as an escape), but this book really tapped into that side of what I love. I hope you like it too. It’s so fascinating!!

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      1. It is such a crazy story and really makes you think about how we treat mental illness in this country. It didn’t know you were an acute care nurse! That is very intersting!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I have been in the medical field for a while 🙂 I loved my days as a nurse. Unfortunately, health no longer allows me to do as I used to. I could not agree more though. Mental illness and our approaches to it have a long way to go, from the process of diagnosing to treatment and the still present stigma, we must continue to push for change ❤

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