You Choose, I Read!

You Choose,I Read!


I am excited to shake the dust off of this feature as I finally catch back up on some reading, opening up some space in my active (but endless TBR pile). You Choose, I Read! is one of my favorites simply because it helps break up some of that monotony and encourages exploration. I have made a few changes, so please read the guidelines if entering a title.

Concept (for those who are new to the feature):

I am allowing you to choose one of my next reads. I will include a link with this feature through RaffleCopter where you may submit one book title (with author) and then in a week I will randomly choose a winner. The chosen entry will be my next read and the future review will feature the selected follower.

Easy But Necessary Guidelines:

  • Please do not submit non-fiction, romance, or spiritual titles.
  • All books must target a middle-grade audience or higher.
  • I do accept Manga and Graphic Novels!
  • If I choose to DNF the title, I will still provide a DNF review explaining why.
  • I must be able to actually obtain a copy of the book. If I am not, I will contact you to allow you to choose another title. I will also do this if I have already read the selected title or find a potential issue.
  • Please keep page number in mind when selecting titles, as I would like this to be a somewhat regular feature. (Maybe skip GRRM or anything heavier).

Enter Your Book!

That is it! I hope this is something everyone will enjoy. Any feedback on this is greatly appreciated. Please use the link below to enter your selection and have fun! Entries open for 1 week.

Enter Your Choice Here!


Danielle ❤

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69 thoughts on “You Choose, I Read!

      1. I finally entered! I kept getting distracted by your other posts 🙂

        It’s part of a series but you can read it as a stand alone (the others aren’t available in English anyways).

        Liked by 1 person

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