Blogging Life: 10 Times I Failed As A New Blogger & Lived To Blog Another Day

Let’s face it. Blogging is not easy. It is incredibly rewarding and fun, but not easy. While we all like to play it cool, it is an ongoing process of trial and error. It might be a hobby, but most of us tend to take hobbies pretty serious. They embody our passions and usually include a few personal goals. And like most, I am no exception to rules. But if you follow this blog, you already know that. We learn from our mistakes as well as those of others. So today I thought it might be worthwhile to share 10 of the biggest mistakes I made as a new blogger and invite you to do the same! 


10 Times I Failed As A New Blogger & Lived To Blog Another Day

(Please keep in mind these were mistakes for me, and I understand not everyone will consider them to be mistakes. We all have different goals and this more about sharing my experience not offering advice)

  1. Taking it all too personal. I am guilty of this on multiple occasions and it almost drove me to quit this past year. A few snide comments and unsolicited advice left me in tears. I will probably make this mistake again.
  2. I spent nearly 3 months purchasing and reading books I could care less about in order to keep up with what was trending. I followed the hype train and it derailed. During my first year of blogging, I believed I had to present content centered around what others were talking about and it backfired. My posts fell short of enthusiastic and so did my desire to keep reading.
  3. I joined the follow for follow frenzy because I did not know better. Okay, so technically this was a blogging and social media nightmare that I brought upon myself. I knew next to nothing of followers, except that I wanted them. Well, I gained a few and a massive headache.
  4. I commented on every single person’s blog that I followed daily. Again, this was a failed attempt to integrate myself into the blogging community that left me utterly exhausted, overstretched and ready to quit as soon as I began.
  5. As part of my enthusiasm to begin blogging and reach an audience, I opened accounts in every social media platform I could find. Do we even need to discuss why this did not work out in my favor?
  6. I posted every single day for nearly a month! It was terrible. My content was lackluster and rushed, and I found myself unable to keep up with responses. Even though I am not sure why anyone wanted to comment on that garbage. I eventually learned that it is not necessary to post daily. More power to those who can easily do it. I cannot.
  7. I blogged for nearly half a year before it dawned on me to check my spam folder or that I might even have one.. doh!
  8. I started this blog with the sole purpose of reviewing books, yet I had zero review policy or review index in place. Again.. doh!
  9. Then there was that time I became too relaxed and thought I could just wing it. That was funny. And a complete nightmare. I require a schedule and recommend some form of organization no matter how light it may be.
  10. In the beginning, I was overly enthusiastic about each review request and I overcommitted, overcommitted, overcommitted. Okay, I still do this but only with titles I actually want to read now.

What are some of the biggest hurdles or problems you remember encountering when you decided to take the plunge and start a blog? I have been blogging for nearly 3 years and still find I have so much to learn.

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137 thoughts on “Blogging Life: 10 Times I Failed As A New Blogger & Lived To Blog Another Day

  1. I think I’m the ‘winging it’ party. I have no idea what I’m doing even after 10 years but people seem interested in my reviews and posts so I guess I’m doing okay? I try and read all the blog posts that I’m actually interested in, I particularly love discussions but I’ll only read reviews of books I’ve read – I don’t like expecting certain things from books because of another reader’s opinions or worse, spoilers.

    Vee @ Under The Mountain

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I completely understand that! I tend to avoid a lot of reviews for similar reasons unless I am very familiar with how the blogger writes their reviews. I have trimmed my own down for those purposes. I do not want to explore the who story for others or set extreme expectations. So I can appreciate that! And quiet honestly, there is a lot I am totally still winging 😉 I am only about 3 years in and clueless haha.


  2. Ohh thank you very much for this ; a good way to see how we mostly are all alike, and I agree, learned a thing or two hehe. I will gladly include this post in my shoutout part of my Bujo Post.

    I so take everything personnal aswell … *aherm* even in terms of in my workplace .. I cannot separate the two, which we all should. Yeeah, I saw pretty soon that commenting on every. single. thing was just NOT possible; plus that all of them don’t necessarily even catch your eyes so frankly, the best is just do what you can every day and even if you comment on a few, it’s not that bad… better than nothing !

    Only reason I got a review policy, is because other “bigger” blogger said I needed one.. hahaha soon I saw that well, they were SO right !! I also am kind of guilty with wanting to accept everything to help writers, but also wanna be sure it’s something that atleast interrest me a bit ! and not something totally random ..

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    1. Yes! I am so happy to see so many can relate. I find comfort in that. I think I will always take most things too personal to be honest. I am told I wear my heart on my sleeve (which is not bad) so it all affects. Sounds like you might be the same! ❤ I still overstretch myself with commenting and trying to respond, but I will eventually find a balance I think. It seems to be an ongoing process.

      And reviews policies! Darned if you do and darned if you don't. Some people seem to be fine without them. Maybe it depends on your goals with the blog? I needed one, but then again, it gets ignored 90% of the time haha.

      Thank you so much Kristina!

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