Small Health Break

Small Health Break

It is that time again where I must make the decision to unplug temporarily. My body has been screaming at me for days and limits have been reached. I am taking a small health break this week and will be limiting screen time to work. Thank you for all of the wonderful shares, support and comments! I will do my best to respond when I return (very soon).

Please feel free to reach out via email ( if you need to contact me during my time away regarding any upcoming commitments or questions. And for those of you who have enquired about the You Choose, I Read feature, I will include a post with information on linking back when I return.

Much Love,
Danielle ❤

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82 thoughts on “Small Health Break

          1. Oh no!! I’m so sorry!! As someone with 3 herniated discs in my lower back and nerve damage, I would not wish that on anyone! Did they give you anything for the pain (not that I have found it to be all that helpful, and I know how Dr’s are being with meds lately)? Any relief is better than none. Oh, goodness, yes! I wish that we could! You have your back, I have torn the rotator cuff in my left shoulder when I had already torn it in my right AND it is now displaced, which means it’s basically rolling around in the socket all loose..such a wonderful feeling, let me tell you, and my son might not graduate HS in 3 weeks since he is no longer doing his math when he was a straight A student! Since it’s a required class, I’m not laughing…he’s in so much trouble right now, ugh!! Maybe a May do over is in order? Gentle hugs and much love!! ❤

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            1. Ugh about your son. No idea what to say there. Luckily my daughter has never lost focus! I cannot imagine! Yes, I am on everything under the kitchen sink. I have pain meds, steroids and muscle relaxants. I will be sleeping a lot this week when not working. I do not tolerate the meds well. I wanted to refuse them but cannot move around on my own without them. ❤ you and I need to get our stuff together Haha. I laugh because it beats crying my dear friend xx

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              1. Ugh is the right word…he’s going to pass, but after lots of hard work on his part (and momma’s). I didn’t know I was back in HS. It seems that he really took the school shootings horribly, as did so many, and became depressed but didn’t want to talk about it because he felt like I didn’t need one more thing to add to my own health things. One thing led to another and he spiraled. He’s been seeing a psychologist who has helped tremendously, but it just makes me so angry that he had to even stress about something like that anyway. He shouldn’t have had to worry about that but should have just been able to enjoy the last part of his senior year. 😦 Anyway….I’m glad they loaded you up with everything. And I hope it helped! I take gabapentin every day for my nerve pain, but it is not as effective as it once was, but I take a cabinet full of meds as it is, so I have no idea what helps with what anymore. Just that they all have side effects that hate, as you well know! I think we do need to get it together, lol. Maybe we could find a magic genie, perhaps? But then there is always a catch…I hear you! Better to beat it than let it beat you although there are times that crying certainly helps. Hugs my friend. xx ❤

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                  1. It definitely has been (and on us teachers too…I’m thinking of not returning in the fall with all of this going on since it’s one more stress that I don’t need added to my health). They definitely do, and I’m so proud of them! You too, lovely lady!! ❤

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      1. I’m sorry to hear you are feeling in a funk a bit. Continue to take a break as needed. We’ll miss you but we will be here.

        I’ve been waiting for your return to say I loved Monster! Witty and dark humor. I did kinda skim through the last pages because I wanted to finish it before bed and I was already past my bedtime haha (it’s silly when I do that.) I’m glad you posted about it!

        I’m slow, I’m still getting things truly put away and *gasp* my books are a mess. They’re all mixed up in the cases still. Woken up by a leak in my ceiling (almost an exact year after one in my apartment in Houston!) today.

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        1. A leak! Ugh. I hope that will not be a huge pain to remedy! Take your time I say on the rest. Best to get it right and the way you want it.

          I am thrilled you liked Monster! That makes my day Karen! And I have done the same when eager to finish titles and fighting that impending sleep so I get it 😆


          1. I’ll find out tomorrow I hope if it’s an easy fix.
            I’m doing my best to “put everything in its place and a place for everything”!

            It’s funny that as I’m reading, I think just go to bed! But that’s a sign of a good book.

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