Small Health Break

Small Health Break

It is that time again where I must make the decision to unplug temporarily. My body has been screaming at me for days and limits have been reached. I am taking a small health break this week and will be limiting screen time to work. Thank you for all of the wonderful shares, support and comments! I will do my best to respond when I return (very soon).

Please feel free to reach out via email ( if you need to contact me during my time away regarding any upcoming commitments or questions. And for those of you who have enquired about the You Choose, I Read feature, I will include a post with information on linking back when I return.

Much Love,
Danielle ❤

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65 thoughts on “Small Health Break

      1. I’m sorry to hear you are feeling in a funk a bit. Continue to take a break as needed. We’ll miss you but we will be here.

        I’ve been waiting for your return to say I loved Monster! Witty and dark humor. I did kinda skim through the last pages because I wanted to finish it before bed and I was already past my bedtime haha (it’s silly when I do that.) I’m glad you posted about it!

        I’m slow, I’m still getting things truly put away and *gasp* my books are a mess. They’re all mixed up in the cases still. Woken up by a leak in my ceiling (almost an exact year after one in my apartment in Houston!) today.

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        1. A leak! Ugh. I hope that will not be a huge pain to remedy! Take your time I say on the rest. Best to get it right and the way you want it.

          I am thrilled you liked Monster! That makes my day Karen! And I have done the same when eager to finish titles and fighting that impending sleep so I get it 😆


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