You Choose, I Read!- Round 4

You Choose,I Read!

This one of my favorite features simply because it helps break up some of the monotony and encourages exploration. Several of you have asked about linking up and doing the same. Please do! The more the merrier. I simply ask that you link back to my most current You Choose, I Read post and credit the blog. Feel free to adjust the guidelines to meet your own needs.

Concept (for those who are new to the feature):

I am allowing you to choose one of my next reads. I will include a link with this feature to RaffleCopter where you may submit one book title (with author) and then in a week I will randomly choose a winner. The chosen entry will be my next read and the future review will feature the selected follower.

Easy But Necessary Guidelines:

  • Please do not submit non-fiction, romance, or spiritual titles.
  • All books must target a middle-grade audience or higher.
  • I do accept Manga and Graphic Novels!
  • If I choose to DNF the title, I will still provide a DNF review explaining why.
  • I must be able to actually obtain a copy of the book. If I am not, I will contact you to allow you to choose another title. I will also do this if I have already read the selected title or find a potential issue.
  • Please keep page number in mind when selecting titles, as I would like this to be a somewhat regular feature. (Maybe skip GRRM or anything heavier).

Enter Your Book!

That is it! I hope this is something everyone will enjoy. Any feedback on this is greatly appreciated. Please use the link below to enter your selection and have fun! Entries open for 1 week.

Enter Your Choice Here!


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37 thoughts on “You Choose, I Read!- Round 4

      1. Not yet! I haven’t decided if I’m going with the same book or a new submission (I actually can’t remember my previous choice. Gah old age lol). But I will!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh yay, how nice.
    Hope you’ll like whichever you pick!
    I kinda recommend Little Fires Everywhere to everyone. Not sure if you read it yet. I did a quick search on your blog but couldn’t find it, so maybe not… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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