June Reading Goals & Challenge Updates

This is probably the most pathetic update I will hopefully ever post *snickers*. I set a TBR consisting of 2 books for May, and I failed. Yes, you read that right. I completed 50% of my 2 book TBR.


So what happened you may ask?

Well, a whole myriad of events ranging from an unexpected hiatus to a back injury leaving me on medication that is kicking my behind. I did successfully complete Amy Reed’s The Nowhere Girls and loved it for so many important reasons. You can read my review here.

However, let us talk about 1Q84. This book.. It compromised my entire TBR for the month if we are being honest, and I failed miserably with it. On so many levels..


  1. I purchased a physical copy (wrong! it is nearly 1000 pages – should have opted for ebook).
  2. I was attempting a book that requires (and deserves full attention) during a rather large flare up (again wrong!).
  3. I left it on my nightstand and now it has collected a layer of dust I think. This is not the ideal spot for large reads. If I want to remain encouraged, I have to pack them around (again should have purchased it in digital format).
  4. I began chapter reading (you know where you force yourself to read a chapter a night) and then allowed more and more time to pass between each chapter.

So what happens now? I am reshelving it and hoping to attempt it at another time. It’s not you 1Q84, it’s me.

June TBR

This month I need to seriously tackle my ARCs and they are taking the forefront.

bring_me_backBring Me Back
By B.A. Paris
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press


A young British couple are driving through France on holiday when they stop for gas. He runs in to pay, she stays in the car. When he returns her car door has been left open, but she’s not inside. No one ever sees her again.

Ten years later he’s engaged to be married; he’s happy, and his past is only a tiny part his life now. Until he comes home from work and finds his new wife-to-be is sitting on their sofa. She’s turning something over in her fingers, holding it up to the light. Something that would have no worth to anyone else, something only he and she would know about because his wife is the sister of his missing first love.

As more and more questions are raised, their marriage becomes strained. Has his first love somehow come back to him after all this time? Or is the person who took her playing games with his mind?

Suicide_Club_October_17_EDIT_NEW_3.inddSuicide Club 
By Rachel Heng
Publisher: Henry Holt & Co.


Lea Kirino is a “Lifer,” which means that a roll of the genetic dice has given her the potential to live forever—if she does everything right. And Lea is an overachiever. She’s a successful trader on the New York exchange—where instead of stocks, human organs are now bought and sold—she has a beautiful apartment, and a fiancé who rivals her in genetic perfection. And with the right balance of HealthTech™, rigorous juicing, and low-impact exercise, she might never die.

But Lea’s perfect life is turned upside down when she spots her estranged father on a crowded sidewalk. His return marks the beginning of her downfall as she is drawn into his mysterious world of the Suicide Club, a network of powerful individuals and rebels who reject society’s pursuit of immortality, and instead chose to live—and die—on their own terms. In this future world, death is not only taboo; it’s also highly illegal. Soon Lea is forced to choose between a sanitized immortal existence and a short, bittersweet time with a man she has never really known, but who is the only family she has left in the world.

By Nadine Brandes
Publisher: Thomas Nelson


Thomas Fawkes is turning to stone, and the only cure to the Stone Plague is to join his father’s plot to assassinate the king of England.

Silent wars leave the most carnage. The wars that are never declared, but are carried out in dark alleys with masks and hidden knives. Wars where color power alters the natural rhythm of 17th century London. And when the king calls for peace, no one listens until he finally calls for death.

But what if death finds him first?

Keepers think the Igniters caused the plague. Igniters think the Keepers did it. But all Thomas knows is that the Stone Plague infecting his eye is spreading. And if he doesn’t do something soon, he’ll be a lifeless statue. So when his Keeper father, Guy Fawkes, invites him to join the Gunpowder Plot—claiming it will put an end to the plague—Thomas is in.

The plan: use 36 barrels of gunpowder to blow up the Igniter King.

The problem: Doing so will destroy the family of the girl Thomas loves. But backing out of the plot will send his father and the other plotters to the gallows. To save one, Thomas will lose the other.

No matter Thomas’s choice, one thing is clear: once the decision is made and the color masks have been put on, there’s no turning back.

2018 PopSugar Challenge Updates

Total Completed: 28
In Progress: 1
Remaining (If I go for Advanced): 21
(I am pretty sure my math is way off here, but my head hurts too much to fight with it)

I made next to little progress this past month and expect this month will ultimately be the same as I work on knocking out review titles to make room to focus more on my challenge come this fall.


Book of the Month


Read my full review here.

What did you read in May? Have you read any of the titles from my upcoming TBR or do you plan to? Drop me a line!

Happy Reading,
Danielle ❤

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72 thoughts on “June Reading Goals & Challenge Updates

  1. 1Q84 is still on my TBR but it’s so intimidating.. 1000 pages.. I don’t know of I’ll get to this one soon.

    I just finished Bring Me Back last week and I liked it! It’s a real page-turner. I’m curious about Fawkes and Suicide Club.

    Happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Man, with everything going on in your own life, it’s no wonder 1Q84 kicked your butt. And a physical copy no less! I have found that any book,in hardcover, over 600 pages tends to be just too big now for me to comfortably read for hours on end. And I’ve got a relatively healthy set of arms and shoulders!
    * muscle poses *

    I am also glad to see your spirits staying up. Whether a conscious decision or not (I suspect it is), I am glad you’re not allowing yourself to spiral downward.

    Trusting June is a little better for you…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha.. I am lacking in the muscle department. I do feel like it is a workout! I have sat it aside. I may cave and check out a digital copy from the library when ready to try again. Between tremors and all, it just feels like too much 😂 And thank you. I actually feel like I have been a tad bit of a gloomy gus lately, so I am trying to turn that around! Just tired I think.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I hope your appointment brings you some relief for your back injury.

    Maybe when you pick up IQ84 again, I will too. Like a half buddy read (since I’m not a blogger) lol Too bad it doesn’t come in volumes. Maybe your library has it on Overdrive?

    June is a special month for you isn’t it? I’m thinking blog and birthday…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hope your back is healed Danielle! I read a Stephen King 1000+ last year and broke down and bought the ebook (way to thick to hold and haul around with me). Looking forward to your June reviews.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Firstly, I hope your back is feeling better – I’ve got scoliosis so I’m forever trying to manage my back pain. Secondly, I love the way you include challenge updates in your wrap up post, something to consider for mine…. Thirdly, I’ve read 1Q84 so I can attest to its hugeness, lol, luckily I read part 1 and 2 as one book, and part three as a separate book. The split was actually brilliant because I loved parts 1 and 2, but part 3 not so much. I look forward to your thoughts when you do eventually get around to it! I read it as part of an instagram book club so it was added motivation to know others were reading it too. I hope you have a brilliant June!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah nice to know someone who has conquered 1Q84 😁 I have heard a lot of great feedback. Physical copy was just the wrong way to go huh? Maybe a digital loan from the library next.

      Scoliosis must be hard. I am not sure how you manage that? Regular back pain is not something I wish on anyone. I think the doc said about 6 weeks at least since there is nerve damage. Fingers crossed. I have a follow up tomorrow 💗 I just finished a round of steroids.

      Have a wonderful June as well Janel!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I must confess, I do quite like reading big books in print because I like to see the progress I’m making, but that means I can only read then at home as I wouldn’t ever carry a big book around with me. Ebook or buddy read may be the way the go…

        I’ve got a hospital appointment on 4th June to find out how to manage this condition because I’ve had it all my life but its never caused me the level of pain it’s causing me now. …I remember when I had a chest infection and I was prescribed a course of steroids, I had to dissolve them in water and drink steroid water – it was vile, haha, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I was hoping for the same gratification, but between my muscle symptoms and others I may need to go digitial. I am also thinking about a group read as several have mentioned wanting to buddy read it!

          I am crossing my fingers for you for your appointment and hoping you get some positive direction Janel ❤ I simply cannot imagine. Sending you love!

          Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m sorry. May was a tough month for you Danielle. Hopefully June will be better. I read IQ84 when it first came out and I wound up with mixed feelings about it. I liked the first half but found the middle mind numbingly tedious and repetitive. I think maybe part of the problem was that in Japan this was released as three separate books, whereas here it was all contained in one volume. I’ve never reviewed or rated it, but if I did I’d probably give it 3-3 1/2 stars.

    I added Nowhere Girls to my tbr after reading your awesome review, but I still haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet. I’m also reading Fawkes and Bring Me Back this month and I have high hopes for them.😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I will be able to appreciate most of 1Q84 when the time is right. It just is not now while dealing with med changes and high pain levels. I do not have the best attention span at the moment 😉

      I do hope you enjoy The Nowhere Girls ❤ It is such an important story. And fingers crossed we both love Fawkes and Bring Me Back (which will be my first BA Paris read). Thanks so much Kim ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I hope your back injury is settling down now, you have my sympathy as I suffer terribly with my spine and nerve pain. I’ve learnt the hard way to check the page count on books before i buy them and to buy big books on kindle, it’s just impossible to read a print book that is huge! I hope you enjoy the books you’re planning to read in June. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you ❤ I finally gave in and allowed them to start me on a med I have been avoiding, but it might be a solution. So fingers crossed.

      I bought a physical copy, so I knew how large it was, but my mindset cannot right now. I just do not have the focus this story warrants with med changes and my pain levels. And holding larger, physical books has become a challenge as well. I may cave and purchase ebook or audio. I hope you are managing and doing well ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  8. My life has been crazy, but I’m happy to be getting back in the swing of things. 1Q84 is sitting on my shelf, and we just don’t make eye contact, not the right time for something so daunting. Maybe one day we can buddy read it when both of our healths are doing well haha. Don’t be concerned about 50% of a TBR, my record is 0 haha, literally can’t do any worse:)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. All is good, it was just a little hectic for a month or so. I just needed some screws removed from my ankle, surprisingly it doesn’t hurt that bad. Least painful surgery to date. If there are more people who want to buddy read that sounds good too me, the more the merrier, I have never done a buddy read. But I thought with such a daunting book this might help up through it all.

        Liked by 1 person

  9. Long books can be so intimidating, especially when your mind is on other things. I haven’t read any of Murakami’s work but I’m familiar with his reputation. I’m just impressed you got a copy of 1Q84 and started reading it at all! And I’m sure you’ll circle back around and love it when you’re in more of a mood for it 🙂

    Bring Me Back sounds so good! And I think I have an ARC of Suicide Club as well…I’m not sure? I may cheat a little and wait to see what you think of it before I start 😉 And we’ll have to compare notes on Fawkes when we’re both done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My ARC pile is a mess. I am currently working on a spreadsheet to help ensure I read in the best order to allow for closest to release reviews. I do think Suicide Club sounds rather promising though! So I am hopeful. 1Q84 is definitely going to be revisited in the near future 😉


  10. Ah stuff happens. I’ve barely touched a book in a week! What’s wrong with me? No idea ha ha! Hope you’re feeling better, BTW!!

    Bring Me Back sounds great, and I enjoyed my first BA Paris book- I’ll definitely read more of her stuff. And glad The Nowhere Girls was so good!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. You are absolutely right about ebooks both being less daunting, and being less of a killer to hold in your hands, when they’re this long xD I find I finish a lot of looooooong books without knowing they were long that way.

    I hope you do better in June 🙂 I also didn’t do as good as last month (remember, it was that crazy month when I did 19, how did I even xD). But I feel like a month where I carried 50+ baby spiders of the house unharmed is a good month. xD xD xD xD xD

    Crossing my fingers for your speedy recovery 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Any month where you are able to face the spiders is a tremendously good month! ❤ I am confident that June will be much friendly in terms of health and reading, but time will tell. I am really considering picking up 1Q84 as an eBook for those very reasons 😉


  12. Hey, one book is way better than none! 😉 And I can definitely tell that you’ve learned a lot about the mistakes of this month. Hopefully June will be far more satisfying in terms of putting a dent in your TBR. 😉 Fawkes sounds like a lot of fun though! Happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Really liking the sound of Suicide Club. I’ve heard that people spend forever on 1Q84 but that it’s worth the read in the end. I’m a little intimidated by it if I’m honest.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. 1000 page book is intense, yikes. I don’t even know how I would tackle one of that length.

    Fawkes keeps starting at me with it’s lovely cover – I keep nearly requesting it on NetGalley but I am on a bit of a ban while I finish my queue. 😉 I hope you enjoy it!

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Haha. don’t you worry about this post. It covers everything you need it to. ❤

    All I can say for 1Q84 is NOPE. Too long, too complex. I know some people who love it, but… nope. I just don't understand the appeal! At least some of the ARCs you've identified sound like easier reads. Here's hoping June is easier!

    Liked by 1 person

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