Books I’ll Probably Never Read Tag


I saw this one over at the ever wonderful Orangutan Librarian’s place, and could not help myself! I cannot recommend following the Orangutan enough. Excellent reviews, discussion and illustrations ❤

A Really Hyped Book You Are Not Interested in Reading?

I actually have many that will probably never make the final cut with my evergrowing TBR. It’s nothing personal, it just takes a bit more to entice me now. These are a few popular titles that never managed to fully capture my interest enough to warrant adding them to the list.


A Series You Won’t Start/Won’t Be Finishing?

Mask of Shadows boasted a promising protagonist and plenty of potential. I truly wanted to love this book. Unfortunately, we failed to connect on multiple levels and I will not be continuing with the series. If you are really curious, you can read more about why here.


A Classic That You Are Just Not Interested In?

Hands down.. (sorry, not sorry).



Any Genres You Have Never Read?

I will circle back to this if I come up with a definitive answer, but I believe I have dabbled in just about all of them at some point. I do tend to avoid most self-help books like the plague. Maybe I am my own worst enemy?

A Book On Your Shelves That You’ll Probably Never Actually Read?

Okay, so I actually want to read Robert Jordan’s ‘Wheel of Time’ series, but the longer the books sit on my shelf, the more unrealistic that goal feels.


That was fun! Now drop me a line and tell me how you feel about my choices? Have you read them or do you plan to? 

I tag: anyone who cares to join in!

Danielle ❤

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70 thoughts on “Books I’ll Probably Never Read Tag

  1. I’m not going to read The Fault in Our Stars either or Paper Towns by John Green.. I saw the movies already and when I already know what’s going to happen it just doesn’t make me want to read the book anymore. I do want to read Turtles All The Way Down though and hope to do so in the near future, if I can stop requesting books ;-).

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  2. Just could not get into Moby Dick either. There’s a slew of classics I have given up being embarrassed about not reading – and others I will read again. Anything remotely ‘Tolkeinesque’ is on the no pile…

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  3. I did read Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series (and I even saw the movie. I might see 1 every three years). The others I wouldn’t read except possibly the Wheel of Time.

    Classics: I will won’t read Jane Austin.

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      1. I did enjoy the series. I admit I skimmed the politics and financial portions (vague recollections. I read these as they were released.)

        I’m not into the classics. I don’t typically read books with English settings (that was part I didn’t enjoy about the Memiors of Lady Trent series but I did enjoy it overall).

        I do like Poe.

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  4. I was sceptical too about The Young Elite series but thank God I gave it a chance!! It’s so good and dark, but good!! I’ll probably never read the other books in you list too!

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      1. I totally understand that. In fact that’s exactly me with Sarah J Maas, for some reason I’m just not atracted to her books but I do hope I’ll try someday!

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  5. I have no intention of ever reading Moby Dick either, It just sounds like a tedious read… Haven’t watched or read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Someday I might watch it but probably won’t ever read it.

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  6. What a great idea for a blog post! I think I might borrow it some time in the future. 🙂

    Agree with you there on The Fault in Our Stars and The Eye of the World. I’ve read both and can confirm that neither are worth your time.

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  7. I don’t like classics so I’d have a lot of answers to that question! I read specific genres so most books people rave about are going to pass me by when I don’t read contemporary, romance, SF, very little fantasy or YA!

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  8. I tried The Wheel of Time. I read the first few books in a matter of days. By the time I got to book 9, it took me three months to finish, and I skipped any section that didn’t involve a main character. It had gotten so bloated I couldn’t take it anymore and put the series down for good. No regrets.

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  9. Aww thank you so much for the lovely shoutout!! ❤ Fair enough on TFIOS- I feel like I was out of the loop for that one and didn't end up liking it as much as I wanted to. hehe I feel like I should read Moby Dick… but also don't really want to 😉 Awesome post!

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  10. Oh, I just might do this the next time I need a tag post! I’m right there with you on Moby Dick. I know it’s a classic but I just…don’t…care? Maybe I even tried to read it at one point and didn’t make it very far, I can’t remember now. A little disappointed you included Girl with the Dragon Tattoo though! Larsson does get a tad preachy at times, although it’s still a great story overall. If you haven’t seen the Swedish trilogy of films I’d highly recommend them as an ‘abridged’ version 🙂

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  11. I struggled through Moby Dick a few years ago, and you are SO right to not bother with it. There’s not much story there, and instead you get huuuuuuge essays on how to properly behead a whale and the best way to affix a carcass to your boat… ugh. It’s tedious and gross, all at the same time.

    Also with you on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which is also very tedious, and The Fault in Our Stars which is really over-hyped.

    I would recommend The Wheel of Time series though. The books are really long, but they fly by. They’re just ‘proper,’ good, enjoyable fantasy 🙂

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    1. Thank you Hanna! And that is exactly what I feared with Moby Dick. I have zero desire to ever pick it up or explore it in any manner.

      I do believe I would enjoy the Wheel of Time series. The problem is that it is hard to convince myself to start something so long at this point. But I own the first 4, so you never know 😉


  12. The Fault in Our Stars was horrid! Ha ha. You are not missing anything. 😝

    I was just commenting on Facebook that Moby Dick, The Old Man and the Sea, and The Red Badge of Courage were the only assigned readings I hated in high school. I think there is a Moby Dick graphic novel, though. 😁

    I will never read the Throne of Glass books even though I have four of them on my Kindle. I found out they are about assassins. I will read books with assassins in them, but not if the entire story is about assassins. I am kind of miffed that they were recommended to me so many times by people who knew I didn’t like assassin stories, just because the author was one of their favorites and they wanted me to buy her books. 😒

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    1. Haha, I love ToG. But I can honestly say that not picking them up is a good call on your part. I cannot imagine you liking them. But you never know 😉 My daughter lover Fault in Our Starts so I feel like I should be interested, but his work really doesn’t speak to me in any way. Not my cup of tea I suppose. And as far as Moby DIck goes, I cannot understand the appeal and never will 😛

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  13. “the longer the books sit on my shelf, the more unrealistic that goal feels.” I died laughing hahahahahah I heard Moby-Dick was some of the most boring literature ever too. I don’t think you’re missing out on much anyways. 😛

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  14. Yea, skip Fault in Our Stars. It ain’t that great. Lol. Well, I at least don’t think it’s as good as everyone says it is.
    The Robert Jordan books are decent, but you’re not missing much if you don’t read them.

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      1. Lol I understand. It does seem daunting when u consider the series as a whole. I’m halfway through it all currently baut had given up on it for 2 years because I became frustrated by the characters n dialogue. It is an interesting story though.

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  15. I can promise you that you’re not missing anything with The Fault in Our Stars. Ugh. If you’ve read one John Green, you’ve read them all. And if you haven’t read any John Green, that isn’t a great loss either.

    I’m a big lover of classics but, dear god, Moby Dick is one of the most boring books ever written haha. Good choice to avoid.

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  16. What I like most about this tag is how brief it is! Some of these tags go on and on and on…

    Oh man. I LOVE The Wheel of Time. However, I started reading the series in the 90’s and I was all in and paying full attention when Jordan died and Sanderson took up the mantle. It’s a big commitment, but I am honestly considering re-reading the whole series. I miss that world.

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      1. They are surprisingly quick reads, actually. For fantasy they aren’t particularly dense– at least, the first few aren’t. I will admit, Jordan gets a bit lost in books 6-8. ( or 7-9, depending on your preferred storylines), but it is 100% worth the effort. HIGHLY recommended.

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  17. Ah Moby-Dick…Melville needed to learn how to use a period and a carriage return. 😉 You’re not the first person to put a John Green book on your list for this tag. I’m finding that very interesting. I thought everyone loved John Green. (I’ve only read one of his books and liked it but he just seems like an author everyone loves)…I suppose I’m just surprised. With you on Girl with a Dragon Tattoo though – the movie was more than enough for me.

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    1. Yes, to be honest I have sampled Moby Dick and the concept and writing are both just unappealing. It will never happen. I have also noticed John Green popping up a lot! I have no real reason aside from his stories are not for me. I do think I may be tempted to try the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on film (Swedish adaptation). I am told the original films are good 😊

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      1. I roll my eyes anytime I see Moby-Dick on best book list…Really? I feel like people just think they should like it. 🙂 I saw the Swedish and the English one (Swedish first). It was good. The English one is good too. But the Swedish one, while it doesn’t tone down the violence at all, it might even be more raw. It just feels less overproduced and more real, at least it did to me!

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  18. Omg. My eyes landed on the cover of The Fault In Our Stars and I was thinking “NO SHE DIDN`T!” For some reason, I thought you are one of the few people I had that in common with- no having read THAT book. I panicked for a second. I stopped hyperventilating after I read the post title. HAHAHAHAHA.
    I did watch the movie, though. It was by accident, as I don´t normally seak out these types of stories / movies. I´m never in the mood for devastation, you know? And from what I´d heard that book will mess with your emotions. I realized halfways through the movie what movie I was watching and… after the movie I was like ” I F*****G KNEW IT! I KNEW WHY I DIDN`T WANT TO READ THE DAMN BOOK!”
    Also, it was one of those super hyped reads I lost interest in right away because everyone was raving about it.
    I also never read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. But Mirjam read it and she didn´t like it.
    I admit, I did read Moby Dick. 🙂 It was a tough read for me because… well…. I saw no point in the story. * shoulder shrug * .
    I love this post! Do more, please! ❤ ❤

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    1. Moby Dick seems entirely pointless to me haha. I know I will make some cringe admitting that, but it is the truth. I should want to read and watch The Fault in Our Stars as my daughter loves it, but I have no desire. I just do not fair well with stories like that often. Glad I am not alone in that 💕


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