🎉Books, Vertigo and Tea Turns 2!🎉

It was officially 2 years ago (this week) that I registered with WordPress and began my journey as a blogger. I still feel incredibly new, but also incredibly welcomed in this wonderful community that has become a second home. To celebrate I want to share a few reasons why I love it all, my most popular posts to date, and a small giveaway!


💃Top 5 Reasons I Love Blogging💃

  1. The community is incredibly supportive and close for how larger and ever-growing it is ❤ This is constantly demonstrated through the eagerness of fellow bloggers and readers to help one another, their willingness to welcome new faces, and their ability to establish friendships that carry offline.
  2. This is my home away from home. When life is becoming too frustrating, or personal challenges feel overwhelming, I can always log in and find an escape and support.
  3. I learn something new about myself every time I share a post. Our discussions and interactions constantly encourage me to explore different things and myself. I am better for this.
  4. Writing is a creative outlet that helps me process my own thoughts and offers me many therapeutic benefits.
  5. I read better because of the recommendations and encouragement to explore that I gain from each of you.

 ❤ BVT’s Most Viewed Posts ❤

Blogging Life: 10 Times I Failed As A New Blogger & Lived To Blog Another Day

10 Things I have learned As a Blogger That Make Life Easier

My Personal How To: Affording Books On a Budget

Let’s Talk About My Abrupt Absences

Red Sister by Mark Lawrence


🎉The Giveaway🎉

  • Must be 18 yrs old+ (or have parental consent) to enter & be willing to supply a valid shipping & email address for contact and prize delivery. Must follow me (no giveaway accounts).
  • Winner will be selected/announced on social media & contacted via email in one week & have 3 days to respond before a new winner will be selected.
  • Opens to everyone that Book Depository ships to (not sponsored or hosted by Book Depository).

Enter to win a book of your choice (up to 15 USD) on Book Depository

Thank you for making it an amazing two years. I love you guys!

Danielle ❤

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135 thoughts on “🎉Books, Vertigo and Tea Turns 2!🎉

  1. I totally agree. It’s weird how attached you can get to an outlet such as blogging. ‘Home away from home’ is totally spot on! So when something breaks, you can’t help fretting about it, but you also realize that you can’t quit, cause… You’d kind of be only half the person you were when you blogged? At least that’s how I feel.
    My two years are coming up soon, and you know what I can’t believe? That’s we’ve only recently become friends!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy blog anniversary, Danielle!! ❤ ❤ ❤ *raising my glass * Here´s to many many more years of writing wonderful posts and being a wonderful addition to the book blog community and for being the beautiful person you are! ❤ ❤ ❤


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