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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer that I am linking my Sunday Sum-Ups with. Stop by and say hello!

This has been a long but quiet week. I say long because on the working end, even though my days are shorter, it feels like I am cramming more into them. However, my daughter is away for a few days and soon flying to Ohio to see my mother, while my son is still visiting his father, so it is also very quiet. My plan is to start unhauling my bookshelves, as soon as I am cleared to move around enough. Although I admit I picked up several new additions this weekend. The nonhubs and I cheated on my activity restrictions and snuck out for crepes and a trip to BN. I have no regrets.


I started watching Pose on FX. If you have not seen it, you really should. I was quite saddened to finally catch up to the current episode and have my binge session come to an abrupt halt. I also discovered that the nonhubs picked up tickets to finally see The Nutcracker in December! *queue fangirl squees of delight* This was to be an early Christmas surprise, but I had a moment of tears over being so isolated and lonely so he told me in an effort to help perk me up. I cannot lie, it did.

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Suicide_ClubSuicide Club

baby teethBaby Teeth

the_thiefThe Thief

Reading This Week

the wild deadThe Wild Dead (The Bannerless Saga #2)
By Carrie Vaghn


A century after environmental and economic collapse, the people of the Coast Road have rebuilt their own sort of civilization, striving not to make the mistakes their ancestors did. They strictly ration and manage resources, including the ability to have children. Enid of Haven is an investigator, who with her new partner, Teeg, is called on to mediate a dispute over an old building in a far-flung settlement at the edge of Coast Road territory. The investigators’ decision seems straightforward — and then the body of a young woman turns up in the nearby marshland. Almost more shocking than that, she’s not from the Coast Road, but from one of the outsider camps belonging to the nomads and wild folk who live outside the Coast Road communities. Now one of them is dead, and Enid wants to find out who killed her, even as Teeg argues that the murder isn’t their problem. In a dystopian future of isolated communities, can our moral sense survive the worst hard times?

i am still aliveI Am Still Alive
By Kate Alice Marshall


Jess is alone. Her cabin has burned to the ground. She knows if she doesn’t act fast, the cold will kill her before she has time to worry about food. But she is still alive—for now.

Jess hadn’t seen her survivalist, off-the-grid dad in over a decade. But after a car crash killed her mother and left her injured, she was forced to move to his cabin in the remote Canadian wilderness. Just as Jess was beginning to get to know him, a secret from his past paid them a visit, leaving her father dead and Jess stranded.

With only her father’s dog for company, Jess must forage and hunt for food, build shelter, and keep herself warm. Some days it feels like the wild is out to destroy her, but she’s stronger than she ever imagined.

Jess will survive. She has to. She knows who killed her father… and she wants revenge.

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Other Happenings

I am working on finding that ever changing balance between blogging, social media, reading and life. I am quite comfortable with my current routine but also learning that as some accounts evolve, my focus tends to be shifting. I have to remind myself that unplugging is so important.

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”
~Neil Gaiman in Coraline 

What books are you excited to tackle this summer? Do you plan to pick up my current reads?

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56 thoughts on “Sunday Sum~Up

  1. Cheating sounds good when it involves a trip to BN. 🙂 And yes blog/ life balance can be so elusive. I hope you’re finding the right mix for you. 🙂

    Baby Teeth I think I need to try!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Still no coupons from BN so haven’t ordered from them in a bit (because stubborn) . I will have to give in as there’s a couple new releases I want.

    I’m interested in your unhauling process. What makes you decide which books to purge? Alternatively, what makes you decide you want a physical copy (obviously beyond you liked the book)?

    The Thief might be interesting; I like sarcasm. And the trilogy is out lol (I did see it took about 5 years between volumes)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just cannot understand why you are not getting your coupons! I have never had this problem with them. I would be stubborn also I think.

      My unhauling will involve clearing most of my worn paperbacks I have read or do not plan to, to donate. I am also taking the remaining books (newer and hardback that I did not enjoy or just do not plan to keep) to Powell’s for credit. I will only be keeping and buying books of special interest and series I want to continue I think. Not sure what my system is haha. It really boils down to me loving it 😂


      1. I have informed delivery so I know they are not being mailed to me!

        I dont have much of a system on keeping books either. Which is why I asked. It’s easy to get rid of books I didn’t like but there are some I liked but I know I wouldn’t read again (or at least not for over a decade). If I got rid of too many I’d probably go wild and buy tons. Lol

        Liked by 1 person

          1. I think I figure out the Barnes and Noble problem excluding their terrible customer service. I signed up for all of their stupid emails the other day and today I got on for events at “my” store. Which was still TX. I dug around and found that I have a membership address that’s not tied to my shipping. Checking my address was something BN could have easily done or suggested.

            Liked by 1 person

              1. Let me know next time you get coupons and we’ll see if I get any lol Maybe I’ll get some in August. Or maybe they will continue to make me mad and I’ll buy from Amazon (whichoght be quicker for me. They’re opening a huge fulfillment center next to work. Have you seen one? This one is 0.25 miles long)

                Liked by 1 person

  3. My bookshelves are such a hot mess right now. I keep telling myself I need to set aside time to finally re-organize them – and get rid of tons of books – but I keep putting it off for other activities…like reading. 🙂

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  4. I live right around the corner from B&N, and love perusing the bargain tables…and drinking coffee while reading from my Kindle. A slap in the face of the Nook people? LOL

    I checked out your review of Baby Teeth. Great review, but I think I would hate that child. LOL.

    Enjoy your week, and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

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  5. Yes, unplugging is so important! I’m almost looking forward to jury duty this week so that I can have some phone and computer-free reading time while we wait around. And I love that you’re featuring your Instagram pictures now…at least, I think that’s new? I’m going to tackle my first VE Schwab book soon: either Vicious or A Darker Shade of Magic. I’m really excited to see what all the fuss is about 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Yay for The Nutcracker! I haven’t been in a few years. No one wants to go with me anymore and my one friend who would, does not come up from The City during the winter anymore because bad storms seem to be able to come out of nowhere with all the climate changes. It’s great to have something to look forward to like that. 🙌🙌

    Have a wonderful week. 🌞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have grown to really love the ballet and now that I never get to leave the house, I guess the nonhubs feels it is worth it to treat me a few times a year (although he will likely fall asleep hehe). I just love it though. We dress up and make a small day of it. 💜 I do understand not making the trip during the winter. That is a bummer. If you were here, we would go together!

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  7. I hope that you are cleared for restrictions soon so you can get around to organizing your books and just get out of your house a bit! You are always in my thoughts, love.

    Unplugging is so very important, and I am generally fairly good at it… sometimes too good. I feel like I need to find a better balance between obsessed and 1000% absent, but I too am generally happy overall with my routine. Hope you have a good week! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am going to tackle shelves piece by piece I think and just deal with the mess. It looks like I am on restrictions for a bit, and I am tired of waiting hahah.

      My routine feels ideal until I get sick and fall behind. Maybe I just need a better “catch up” plan? Thank you so much 🖤🖤🖤


  8. It sounds like you had a great week on the blog, at least. 😉 I’m glad to see you got out of the house. Crepes are a weakness of mine! And the Nutcracker?! Awesome! 🎄

    I am hoping to read The Raven Boys series this summer. I quite enjoyed the first book and I recently picked up Book two. It’s a different sort of summer read, but super interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Raven Boys is still on my radar! I will watch for your continuing thoughts on the series as I am always on the fence.

      Yes, I love crepes and the ballet! I feel aside from health hurdles, I have been very blessed 🖤 Thank you so much Jackie. Hope you have a wonderful week my friend!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Hey girl!!! How the heck are you?! It sounds like health wise not the best since I last tuned in. I’m sorry to hear it, and I’m sorry I’ve been such a crappy follower this year. I vow to rectify that moving forward.

    How’d the unhauling go? I desperately need to re-do my book cases and do a massive unhaul. They are packed to the brim at this point… HOWEVER I haven’t been buying many books this year, so there’s that lol

    Sooooo I see on your instagram feed that you read The Summer That Melted Everything?!? Have you reviewed it?! I have to know what you thought!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey you!!! 🖤 No worries, I know how life can really pull us in a million directions and you have had a lot happening. No apologies are ever needed. I will always take you when I can get you!

      I have not unhauled yet. I hope to start this week. It will be slow. I meet with the surgeon on Wednesday and pray he tells me I can now resume some physical activity and exercise. I have been on restrictions for 5 weeks and going insane!

      I loved the Summer That Melted Everything! I have not reviewed it yet. I am so behind. Soon I hope 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh man! 5 weeks would be rough. I hope you hear good news tomorrow!

        Yay! I’d love to read your review for The Summer That Melted Everything. It is definitely a favorite. I see Tiffany at lots of book festivals here in Ohio. She is awesome. I hope she will be able to get another book published!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I have been corresponding with her in email some and absolutely love her! I think maybe I put off the book not wanting to be disappointed because I have come to really enjoy our chats haha. But I fell in love with it! I hope I can find time for a full review. You need to send my love when you see her next and thank you so much Amand 💖 headed out soon to see surgeon!

          Liked by 1 person

  10. Ooh, I am still Alive sounds good! I think I’ve seen it before but then i forgot about it.
    I still need to read The Summer That Melted Everything 🙈😃

    Crepes are always a good idea!

    Liked by 1 person

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