Blogging Life: The Challenges I Encounter With Discussion Posts

Discussion posts rank highly among my favorite aspects of the book and blogging community. They bring us together, offer insight and encourage..well discussion. Through them, we can learn a lot about one another and expand our own views. They can be a highly rewarding experience. But for me, they are not without their own set of challenges.


The Challenges I Encounter With Discussion Posts

Insert my usual disclaimer: These are my own thoughts and experience, not intended to be advice or guidelines. I do not believe there is a right or wrong. Just do you.

Discussions, they are wonderful! And I will continue to present them and hopefully grow through the experience and improve not only as a blogger but as a person. I consider them to be one of the most beneficial aspects of the community. Afterall, we are all here to share common passions and hobbies. What better way to do so than through friendly talk and debate? But I have found that I am at times intimidated by the prospect of posting a new discussion. It is not something I openly admit, but sometimes I force myself to hit that schedule or publish button… It is easy to wear a mask of confidence behind this screen.


So Why Do I Struggle At Times?

  • Coming up with original content is practically impossible in this sea swimming with millions of bloggers. Is my discussion still relevant? Do my viewers want to read it?
  • Tackling sensitive or personal issues is very important but challenging. I do hold that secret fear that I will unnecessarily offend or upset another (which is something I will never, ever intentionally do). I proofread discussion posts for hours to assure my point is clear and not offensive. But it can still happen. And I am still nervous every time I post.
  • Constructive debate and exploration of opposing views and thoughts are what discussion is all about. However, there is always that chance that someone will respond in a negative manner. It happens, but how do we handle it? I finally encountered this in last month in June, and I was floored and honestly, heartbroken. I attempted to apologize and steer the conversation back on track. I failed. So I simply stopped replying since I did not wish to block the commenter or encourage argumentative behavior. I am still not sure I handled this correctly? Is there a correct way?

coversation over

  • Is my point actually clear or am I rambling? I find it difficult to address topics that I feel strongly about without my post turning into a very winded and personal session. And I do not want this. I want it to remain open and encouraging for all opinions and viewers. I often worry that personal ramblings may come across as selfish or pointless.
  • Discussion posts tend to gain more views and shares than book reviews, tags, etc. I feel like I am really putting myself out there and it really intimidates me at times. I know this point might sound ridiculous because isn’t that the point of blogging? Yes, but there is still something about logging in to see a discussion post making all of the rounds that has me slightly on edge. I suppose I am sitting here reflecting on all of the above.

And there you have it. I am sure I could spend another hour rambling about my personal experiences with drafting, sharing and responding to my own discussion post but these are the biggest hurdles I encounter. Do you post discussion posts and if so, what are some of your own struggles? Maybe you have some personal advice or tips you can offer for myself or those who still encounter many challenges.

Let’s Chat,


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34 thoughts on “Blogging Life: The Challenges I Encounter With Discussion Posts

  1. I keep meaning to do another discussion post (in fact I’ve got a few drafts sitting waiting) as I really enjoyed putting it together and the response to it. However I was so nervous about posting it because I was convinced it was going to annoy or offend someone. Fortunately it didn’t but it I think it was a very tame subject, re-reading, so it obviously didn’t wind anyone up.

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  2. I love reading discussion posts and I love how many comments you get on them when you publish one. I haven’t had any bad reactions yet but then I don’t have too controversial topics either. I think I’d simply ignore bad reactions and give a vague reply if any :-). I’d love to post another one but I don’t have much inspiration really… Your discussion posts are great, keep ’em coming darling!

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  3. Great post, as usual and I’m sure many, like myself will agree with you. 😀

    Original content is a hard one as many topics have already been covered, many, many, many topics and it’s hard to find one that hasn’t but! My view is that each blogger has their own blog, views and way of writing posts so even if the topic has been covered many times it will still be a fresh look as it’s your view, blog and written post and those aspects make any topic no matter how many times its been covered unique to each blog and blogger.

    Ah, negativity. The whole idea of a discussion post is to discuss views and share your thoughts, same with reviews and both seem to garner the occasional negativity and personal insults which I can’t fathom how someone thinks it is right to go onto someone else’s blog and insult them.

    I remember your incident. You handled in a far classier way than I would have done.👍

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  4. Wonderful post!

    “Tackling sensitive or personal issues is very important but challenging. I do hold that secret fear that I will unnecessarily offend or upset another (which is something I will never, ever intentionally do). I proofread discussion posts for hours to assure my point is clear and not offensive. But it can still happen. And I am still nervous every time I post.”

    This same fear is what stops me from writing discussion posts though I’ve started several and never actually posted them. I’m so afraid I’ll accidentally upset someone and they will attack me in the comments :/


  5. *Raise your hands if youre Sure*

    It doesn’t matter if the topic has been done! First, it’s your version/opinion of it so it’s original. Your readers want to hear your thoughts and want to engage with you. Second, not all readers have read the topic. You post great topics, keep them up!

    Negativity: the internet is just a cesspool of it. Very easy to spew negativity with anonymity. Re: Disagreement (whatever happened within the June discussion): I’d say rebut once. Don’t engage if it’s going to become a cycle. Or just respond with essentially, “well this is my opinion”. But then I’m kinda cold blooded 🙂 Honestly, I think you’re so nice and considerate that if someone is offended, they want to be offended/argumentative.


  6. I agree with everything you’ve said. Content is so hard, but for me it’s worrying that I’m going to offend people. I’ve second guessed myself and even trashed a few posts afterward! I always try to see both sides though and refrain from arguing. I love discussion posts! ❤


  7. If your audience is wide enough, you’ll undoubtedly end up with a few people who will take offense to some small thing, no matter how minor it is, and forget about big things. Keep posting the discussions, though! I enjoy hearing about your thoughts on things!

    I have a few discussion topics in the back of my mind that I need to just sit down and write…


  8. I love writing discussion posts and to be honest I’m never worried or concerned about doing them. I just decide on my topic, give my opinion and say why I have that opinion. I then just ask everyone else to give thir opinion by asking a few questions at the bottom of the post. Most fights I get into are about opinions on certain books rather than my discussion posts! I moderate every comment before I publish it so anything offensive is weeded out before a problem starts.


  9. OMG, I relate to this post so much. Discussions are my favorite posts to read and write. I’d post more of them, but I have no ideas, and they’re extremely time-consuming to write. I usually spend hours editing them. A lot of the ones I write require research, too. I don’t have time to write as many as I would like.


  10. Danielle, your thoughts mirror my own. I’m always thinking that my discussion posts are not original enough and I hate to pinch another blogger’s ideas.
    I do like writing them, and reading the comments, but that is time consuming – so I always like to write a discussion post when I know I’ll have the time to give it the attention it deserves.


  11. I love discussion posts, I don’t think anyone should ever be afraid to post their opinion because it’s their opinion. 😀 As long as you aren’t screaming or doing it hatefully which you don’t, then I think it’s fine. I like that almost all of us can talk back and forth on these posts about different topics and opinions on what we think..


  12. I agree SO MUCH with everything you stated here. The biggest issue I have with posting discussions is one of the first things you mentioned – wondering if my content is even relevant enough for people to want to read the discussion post! I feel like I try to make discussion posts about things I don’t see talked about often, but it can be really daunting and it’s such a big community that sometimes I struggle to get out of my own head in that aspect.


  13. I sympathize with so many of these! Particularly the worry that a topic has already been covered “in full” and I won’t add anything new—despite encouraging other bloggers to ignore that worry themselves 😂

    As for that one unpleasant commenter a little while back, I think you handled it very well. Obviously each encounter is unique and requires its own approach, but some people just want to proclaim that they’re right, you’re wrong, and cling to those principles. They don’t want a discussion or a debate, just an announcement. At that point it doesn’t matter how respectful you are; unless you change your mind and agree, it will just go downhill. All of which is to say, I think you handled the situation very gracefully 🙂 All we can hope for on our blogs is that those visitors are very few and far between!


  14. Fantastic post! I love reading discussion posts but I am often afraid to comment, out of fear of something coming out wrong. I am nervous right now. lol I would love to post some on our blog but I share some of the same thoughts as you do. I have that fear it won’t be interesting enough for anyone to comment on. You have inspired me and maybe I will be brave enough to give it a try.

    From my experience with my travels through the internet I find the best way to deal with negative and unpleasant comments and people is to ignore them. Often they just want a voice, if they don’t get they usually move on.

    Thank you, for a great post that has given me something to think about.


  15. I just delete comments if a commenter gets pugnacious or irrascible. I don’t bother to interact with them beyond determining what they’re really after. If it is a fight they want, they don’t get it, just deletion 🙂


  16. I always worry that someone will come on and yell at me, too! It has happened a few times and I’m never quite sure why. (Well, sometimes the person clearly didn’t read/misunderstood the post and what am I supposed to do with that?) There are far more lovely bloggers than angry ones, but sometimes the angry people seem to take over and they’re all you can remember! I did block a commenter once, though, because he was pretty angry and didn’t seem like he was going away.


  17. Your discussion posts get more views than your reviews? That´s interesting. It´s the other way around for me. My review views shoot high and discussion posts are… well… let´s not go there. Lol.

    To your points * rolling up non existent sleeves *
    * You probably won´t come up with original content for blog posts. Many authors have the same problem with their stories as well. It´s just too hard to reinvent the wheel. All you can do is give that wheel a nice coat of paint. 🙂 ❤ I think it´s a strong case of what you do with what´s already been told before. You know… twist and remodel an idea until it suits you and your blog. I do that sometimes and I feel no shame in doing so. Lol. It´s actually nice to get "inspired" when you´re feeling a tad frustrated about coming up with new topics to write about.

    * You will always (!!!) offend someone. Even if your intentions are good.. some eejit will be a nitpicker and complain. The best way to handle this is post and hide. Works wonders for me. 🙂 ( seriously, I hide after posting something I know will strike a cord or two ) Because there´s no way to deal with difficult people. I´m not saying that people who are easily offended are idiots…but some are offended by the dullest things. They´re randomly offended. My grandma always said " You can´t fix stupid." ( I never liked her much but she did have a few crack up sayings Lol ). I apply that saying to readers who get easily offended. It´s not them who are stupid.., it´s their words.

    * Negative responses…. should be gracefully ignored. I´m not sure who it was that said this quote but I´m for giving them a medal. " Arguing with a fool ony proves that there are two." It´s never worth the hassle. Once you give in then things can get worse. Some people have problems with having a civilized discussion and that makes it hard for those who are open to friendly debates. ❤ I feel your pain on this one badly. A lot of times I have to hold back or take a day to find the right words instead of telling them to "fuck off".

    * Aaah, there´s a fine line between rambling and rambling. You can ramble in a negative and positive way. It´s all about balance. Same goes for rambling and giving valuable information on certain topics. You can easily combine the two and still make it out to be a positive / informative post worth reading and sharing. Again, it´s all about balance ( something I have yet to discover, but hey! I´m giving advice. HAHA. Would hate to ruin the moment ) The only issue I see is getting too personal. When you´re in foul mood and feel like giving a proper rant then I´d say it´d be wise to step back ( unless you want to give it everything you´ve got. Then you have my blessings ) If you don´t want your post to have too much of a personal touch then… I don´t know. I´ve never been able to write something that didn´t have a personal remark from me. Lol. I think I´ve lost the point on this point.

    *All posts ( when read or shared ) are intimidating. You´re basically sharing your thoughts and those thoughts travel. It´s actually cool. But on second thought.. scary as hell. You immediately think of all the negative that can follow. Will someone spot a typo? Will anyone go against my thoughts and try to prove me wrong? Is my 350 word count post even worth sharing? How will others see my work? Will they judge my thoughts? ( btw, those are all my thoughts after seeing my shared posts making rounds )

    YOU ARE NOT ALONE! And your struggles are our struggles. Instagram is one of my biggest struggles ( I think I have a post scheduled about that soon ). My thoughts on Instagram go a little like this: WHY did they like THAT pic of mine? Why not the other one that´s way better? Why aren´t they liking that pic? What am I doing wrong? Is it because I don´t care as much as I should? Or is it because I care too much? Why do I even care about something that´s being ruled by teenagers with so much time on their hands? I assume you can´t answer those for me, huh? Lol. I´d still appreciate it, though. Istagram is giving me a headache.

    Your discussion topics are a true treasure and so meaningful for the rest of us blog people! Keep up the good work ❤ ❤ Loved this.


  18. Great post, Danielle. I feel you on the “is my content creative enough”. It’s hard to want to do something that’s already been done, but we all have our own unique experiences, views, and opinions. That is why I can read a bunch of discussion posts on the same topic – they are all different. Don’t try to force yourself to be innovative, just be the wonderful you!


  19. I completely understand where you are coming from, Danielle! I tend to write informally on my blog, but when I start to write discussion posts I’m worried that my point is muddled because I’m not writing it like an essay. I don’t do too many discussion posts because one, discussion post ideas don’t come easily to me; two, they tend not to get that many views/comments (big blocks of text are intimidating, I get it); and three, I have gotten negative responses and they always make me hesitant to write another post. BUT I do love it when people comment back and really start a conversation, whether or not they agree with me! ❤


  20. I’ve had some slightly negative comments on discussion posts before, but I frame the discussion from my own experiences, so I can always just reply, “That hasn’t been my experience,” and then not reply if they comment again. Like I said, I’ve never had a huge negative reaction on a discussion post, but maybe suggesting that their passion about their point would be better served in making their own blog post about it, and that you would be happy to read it, would be a fire extinguisher. 🔥💦


  21. Hmmm, an interesting post, Danielle. I never worry unduly about my posts but then I don’t often write about anything controversial. I mainly write poetry, fiction prompts and book reviews. I steer clear of anything political even in my reading of blogs.


  22. I can relate to quite a bit of this. I think the most effective discussion posts are the ones with extreme and passionate perspectives. However, I am rarely extreme or overtly passionate about much of anything (except perhaps reading, and that would make for an echo chamber of a discussion post…)! I tend to think of most of my series posts as… informative rather than discussion. This lens makes me feel more confident in what I’m writing. I’m not an expert, but I have a ton of experience behind me.


  23. Oh yes! All of this. I also struggle with discussion posts for all the same reasons. Nothing I write ever feels “good enough” and I worry that I will just make myself look stupid. I think the best way to approach discussion posts is an informal approach. Make it feel more like a conversation and not a lesson. Basically what you did here.


  24. I barely post discussion posts these days but when I first started blogging, I used to post a few discussion posts now and then. All this is to say that I really relate to the things you brought up in this post! I think one of the reasons why I stopped publishing posts like this is because (as you said) I have to put myself out there..and there’s a lot of pressure to be careful about the way you approach a topic. I don’t want to accidentally offend someone and dealing with negativity is..not easy. I also worried a lot whether my post is actually relevant. But these kinds of posts are definitely important and I really enjoy reading what other bloggers have to say about a topic or issue that’s important to them!


  25. If someone wants to be unreasonably argumentative after I’ve tried to have a civilized conversation (I am so very much not about being right, but understanding where someone is coming from), then I feel free to either ignore or even delete their comments. They may believe their feelings are hurt, but YOU don’t hurt someone else’s feelings. They choose to react to how you’ve behaved. If the person feels something you did caused them hurt, it’s your job to try and correct the hurt. You did that. It wasn’t enough for them. THEY’RE choosing to still feel a certain way. On my blog, it’s my space. My blog is letting guests into an e-house. If someone were being belligerent in my house, I would ask them to leave. This is what the ol’ therapist calls boundaries (which I’m only 65% good at after 4 years of practicing). Basically, if someone says, “YOU made ME feel X” they are inaccurate. It should be, “When YOU said X, I felt Y.”


  26. I thoroughly enjoy reading discussion posts, as many have said, same topics doesn’t necessarily equate to same content.

    Unlike most I don’t care much about offending as I’d mainly write about books (I know I wouldn’t have written anything malicious, derogatory etc) so how offended could someone get because someone else has another opinion 😏 on the topic of reading 🙄

    If you are someone who is getting offended on a book blog as your reading someone else’s opinion who’s blog it belongs to…don’t read and unsubscribe…simple.

    I’m NOT saying don’t voice your opinion but there’s a respectful way to disagree with someone, if you’ve got so much anger that you would need to lash out on a book blog discussion post…well you need help beyond what a book blogger can offer 😂

    Keep up the great work Danielle 😁 I think it’s safe to say MAJORITY of people really enjoy your posts…especially your discussion ones 😉


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