About Books, Vertigo and Tea!


“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde


Self Declared Book Reviewer With a Taste for Tea and the Inability to Walk Straight. Yes, that is what I actually considered naming this blog. Catchy huh? While pretty accurate, I have decided to keep it short and sweet. And Presto! Welcome to Books, Vertigo and Tea. You have stumbled upon my  humble abode among the many bloggers of the internet.

I am Danielle, a 30 “ish” yr old mother of two. I have an insatiable appetite for all things books. I adore bookstores, libraries, and falling asleep while surrounded by my current reads. I prefer to do the latter with tea in hand.

I also happen to have a lovely brain lesion currently taking up residence in the left, lower portion of my brain. Rent free I may add. What can I say? I am a bleeding heart. So I suffer insane bouts of vertigo that can leave me debilitated for extended periods of time.  Sounds like this should be fun, right? I sure hope so! Needless to say while I have always loved books, they have recently became a safe haven for me. When all else fails, and I am stuck in bed, I have my books. I love them so much more for this. I think I would surely lose what is left of this mind if it were not for the comfort and pleasure of reading.

I also happen to be a fan of my kids, anime, food, and life in general when I can partake! I am also 100% anti-adulting when possible, so if you are easily offended, I apologize in advance 😉 But only a little, because life is seriously too short to be serious all of the time. You will probably see a little bit of everything that is me here at Books, Vertigo and Tea. Enjoy!

“Acceptance over Expectations”


72 thoughts on “About Books, Vertigo and Tea!

  1. OH GOSH. HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO WRITE SO MANY REVIEWS? THAT’S SO AMAZING! (Btw, I suck at writing reviews.? Most of the time, it’s just me fangirling and drooling over the book ) I love your blog so much, it’s very organized!! ❤❤

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    1. Oh that is so wonderful of you!!! I really appreciate it and the heads up 🙂 To be honest, I am missing a lot and falling behind lately. I have an important appointment tomorrow and some RL stuff that has been weighing on me. You are so awesome! Thanks again.

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  2. It always feels so nice to see mothers having their own blogs and finding out time to do this stuff! Honestly, I wish I could be like that one day too. I really like your blog 🙂
    Wish I had started this blogging thing earlier. If you have time, check out my blog as well!

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  3. Wow, I didn’t realise your ‘vertigo’ name actually was because you suffer from vertigo 😮 ! Wow, hope it’s not too horrible for you. Tea and books are definitely a perfect combination, I’m an obsessive tea drinker, lol

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    1. I live for tea haha. It is not only a part of my daily life but well incorporated into treating my symptoms as the come and go also 🙂 The vertigo is honestly a nightmare, but that is one of the joys of chronic illness ❤ Thank you again for the visit! It means a lot.

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