Earth Apples

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Author :
Release : 2011-08-19
Genre : Poetry
Kind : ebook
Book Rating : /5 ( reviews)

- read free eBook in online reader or directly download on the web page. Select files or add your book in reader. Download and read online ebook write by Edward Abbey. This book was released on 2011-08-19. available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Poems about love and landscapes by the author of the classic Desert Solitaire, an “environmentalist, nature writer, novelist and all-around iconoclast” (The New York Times).
While better known for his nature writing and his comic classic The Monkey Wrench Gang, Edward Abbey was also an enthusiastic creator of verse. The New York Times called his memoir Desert Solitaire “deeply poetic”—and now Earth Apples gives us his actual poetry, in Abbey’s first and only collection.
Whether writing about vast desert landscapes, New York City, or a love of bawdy women, Abbey's verse is eloquent, irreverent, and unapologetically passionate. The poems gathered here, published digitally for the first time, are culled from Abbey’s journals and give an insightful and unique glance into the mind of this literary legend.