Review Policies

 Review Policies.png

I am currently closed for review requests and will not be responding to them while away on medical leave. I will be accepting audio books only upon my return in September and open up for book reviews as soon as I am able. However, I will still receive titles if I am on your mailing lists. Please contact me if you are interested in a spotlight or guest post and I will respond when I return in September. 

Please read before sending a review request.

I will accept physical books for review in either hardback or paperback. I will also accept  audio-books and some ebooks for review.

All reviews are of my own honest opinion and my sole property. I have the right to decline any review or material at my own discretion. The length of time it takes me to complete and review each title will vary. I do not promise a specific time frame for accepted review copies.

If you are interested in contacting me, you may do so at or by completing the contact form. I monitor my inbox daily to the best of my ability. I am not always able to respond to every request.

How I Review

All reviews are honest and unbiased. I currently do not use a rating system. While it rarely happens, I retain the right to forfeit any title I accept should I feel I cannot continue. If I am unable to complete a title, I will send feedback accordingly. I do not review titles I have not completed. 

If you have a concern regarding a review I have posted, please feel free to contact me via email or the contact form.

What will I read and review?

  • True Crime
  • Thriller/Mystery
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Horror/Paranormal
  • YA
  • Manga/Graphic Novels
  • Poetry

What I will not review? Let’s be fair, if I don’t like the genre, you probably do not want my review. Please do not contact me to review the following.

  • Romance
  • Self-help Titles
  • Religion

Please feel free to contact me with any other questions.