Blogging Life: 6 More Things I Have Learned Since I Started Blogging


I recently took a small hiatus to rest and recover.  My time away from the blog, long or short, always allows me to reflect on how much I am enjoying the process, what I am learning and what I could do to improve that time. This is the cycle of my brain in pretty much all aspects of my life. So today, it felt appropriate to share several more things I have accepted learned since I became a blogger.



6 More Things I Have Accepted Learned Since I Started Blogging

(These are simply personal reflections and not intended to be advice. I do not do advice.)

  1. Finding that distinct voice that I mentioned here, is actually quite a process at times, at least for me. Maybe it should not be, but it is. In a world where there are over 440 Million Blogs (according to the internet), we are each small fish in a very large pond. Depending on our personal goals, making our own mark can be challenging. I find myself constantly discovering new ideas and content the inspire and influence me. This also means I am constantly assessing the direction of the blog and the content I want to provide. In other words, I never seem to have a clearly defined direction. Who am I as a blogger? Which leads us to number 2.


  2. I am living in a perpetual state of “winging it”. No matter who much I plan and organize, there will always be something. I am simply not an individual who has the ability to plan months of content in advance (not for lack of trying), and when I begin to gain a firm hold on posts life seems to inevitably happen. Be it health, family matters, or even just simply brain fog and lack of creative inspiration, I am destined to fall behind at least once a month. Setting unrealistic goals and spending hours on end trying to catch up will only worsen the situation. Sometimes I just have to roll with the punches and hope for the best. This can include last-minute content that is drafted sometimes only a night in advance.
  3. While I avoid stats like week-old leftovers, I value followers with all of my little <3. After all, I do this to be part of a community. It is always refreshing to see new faces and know that I have like-minded individuals I can share my passion with. I spent over a year and a half feeling guilty and concerned about each health break and hiatus I had to take. I was nervous that I would lose some of you and perhaps disconnect with the community in some way during my unplanned time offline. I was wrong. Breaks are not something I plan to make a habit of but they are beneficial and not detrimental. The book and blogging community is incredibly supportive and understanding. Not only do each of you continue to encourage me to take the necessary breaks, but I often return to several more new faces and feeling ready to tackle new content.


  4. It is ok to deviate from the normal topic from time to time (or even often if that is your thing). I am a book blogger in the sense that this blog was created to share my love of all things books. Every social media account attached is also focused on books. Reviews, book photos, book discussions, interviews, you name it. But that does not mean I cannot talk about other things. In fact, I have found that post such as my Friday Favorites are normally well received. The ability to branch out at times and share other hobbies or passions helps maintain my enjoyment of blogging and recharge the creative fuel! And I feel like this helps with number one ⇑, finding the distinct voice.
  5. I will always preach that blogging is a hobby and should never feel like a chore. But sometimes it does, and it will. I have goals for the blog and the connections I want to establish within the community, and with those goals come some commitments. I have to accept that to achieve some of my personal goals I will need to put in some work, and work is a chore at times. But the important thing here is that I am reaching for something I desire and am passionate about. So it is not detracting from my overall enjoyment. Passions and hobbies can include aspirations and working hard to achieve these is simply another extension of that commitment and enjoyment.


  6. I will never have all of the answers or win the internet. Each day will be a continuous process of learning from each of you and growing on a personal level. Embracing this aspect of blogging allows me to enjoy it to the fullest.

I wanted to do something a little different today and ask you, what are several things you have learned since you started blogging? I would love to know! So I am inviting you to share a post or your responses on social media and tag me or this post so I can see!

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You Choose, I Read! – Round 5

You Choose,I Read!

This one of my favorite features simply because it helps break up some of the monotony and encourages exploration. Several of you have asked about linking up and doing the same. Please do! The more the merrier. I simply ask that you link back to my most current You Choose, I Read post and credit the blog. Feel free to adjust the guidelines to meet your own needs.

Concept (for those who are new to the feature):

I am allowing you to choose one of my next reads. I will include a link with this feature to RaffleCopter where you may submit one book title (with author) and then in a week I will randomly choose a winner. The chosen entry will be my next read and the future review will feature the selected follower.

Easy But Necessary Guidelines:

  • Please do not submit non-fiction, romance, or spiritual titles.
  • All books must target a middle-grade audience or higher.
  • I do accept Manga and Graphic Novels!
  • If I choose to DNF the title, I will still provide a DNF review explaining why.
  • I must be able to actually obtain a copy of the book. If I am not, I will contact you to allow you to choose another title. I will also do this if I have already read the selected title or find a potential issue.
  • Please keep page number in mind when selecting titles, as I would like this to be a somewhat regular feature. (Maybe skip GRRM or anything heavier).

Enter Your Book!

That is it! I hope this is something everyone will enjoy. Any feedback on this is greatly appreciated. Please use the link below to enter your selection and have fun! Entries open for 1 week.

Enter Your Choice Here!



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Sunday Sum~ Up

Sunday Sum_Up (1)

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer that I am linking my Sunday Sum-Ups with. Stop by and say hello!

This past week has been mostly quiet. Work was work and the house was mainly mine as the nonhubs has been in Florida, my son Ohio and my daughter had work. I did receive my scan results back and was not cleared for activity. So I am to remain on restrictions until the neurosurgeon can see me. I am frustrated with the lack of activity and climbing walls (also internally nervous but trying to play it cool), but remaining optimistic that the surgeon will have better news. In the meantime, I am just reading more! But I would be lying if I did not admit how sick I am of lying in this house 😉


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Other Happenings

This was another week of reviews as I continue to “try” to catch up. I am laughing as I type this because I think we all know that “trying to catch up” is my perpetual state of existence. But I am very excited about some upcoming reads and sharing them with you.

“I am reading six books at once, the only way of reading; since, as you will agree, one book is only a single unaccompanied note, and to get the full sound, one needs ten others at the same time.” 
~Virginia Woolf

I am a multi-reader! Do you read more than one book at a time? I can often be caught with 3 or more books open and lying around. What’s on your nightstand this week?

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