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This will probably be my last Sunday Sum~Up until the New Year. I have an upcoming blog break planned to begin on December 22nd. Our son will be leaving right after Christmas for several weeks, so the plan is to take some much-needed time and dedicate it to family and rest (when not working). It has been a great year, but not without challenges. I am a tad exhausted and still combating symptoms as we prep to celebrate. So I believe a small break is a good call at this point, as many of us will be incredibly busy over the next two weeks.

I did have a very satisfying week that included a trip into the actual office. It was fantastic to see my amazing coworkers and catch up. I have a wonderful job ❤ I am looking forward to not having to send the kids off to school for a bit 😉 The blog was fairly busy. And I was able to hop a little. I will be making more rounds today as able.

Oh and we worked on The Walking Gingerdead.. bahaha. Was tons of fun! Admittedly we have a morbid sense of humor and love TWD in this house.


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34189556The Wife Between Us

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The Shadow Girl
By Misty Mount



It’s more than just her imagination—she’s fading away…

Painfully shy, thirteen-year-old Zylia Moss is no stranger to living life in the shadows, pushed aside and unnoticed by both her large family of nine and her fellow classmates. As her “symptoms” of invisibility increase, she uncovers an old family mystery leading to her Great-Aunt Angelica, who vanished curiously at Zylia’s age. If she’s going to save herself from being erased from the canvas of this world, she’ll have to travel far outside her comfort zone—maybe even to another dimension.

(New)Other HappeningsIt was a good week on the blog that ended with two reviews and three posts.

What I am watching this week:

Netflix Original: The Break (La trêve )thebreak.jpg

This Belgian crime drama begins with a suspected suicide and the mysterious details surrounding a young man’s death. It is too early to speculate, but there is a lot happening at only 3 episodes in. I am hooked!

Netflix Link

I was also unable to find an English subtitled trailer. But it is shaping up with promise 😉

I think that covers it for this week. Happiest of holidays to those who will be celebrating and a beautiful week to you all! I am looking forward to 2018 with each of you! Thank you for being here.


Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another_ What! You too_ I thought I was the only one.dy text (1)

Happy Reading!

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Help Wanted: Reading Challenges!


I already have threads going on social media, but thought the blogosphere might be the best place to bring this discussion (or question). I am in search of a good reading challenge for 2018.

Now, I do not normally participate in reading challenges for a variety or reasons. I usually just set personal goals and go from there. This year, I would like a more “defined” path. But I have some specific things I want from a challenge.

What I am looking for:

Diversity! – In terms of authors and content.
Genre Exploration – Something that will push me out of my comfort zone.
Clear, defined goal and challenges.
If possible 30 books or less (I still want time to tackle my personal TBR).
Something that allows me the option to post and discuss my progress but does not require it or check ins – my health may not allow for regular posts and I don’t want this to be stressful or feel obligatory.
The inclusion of library books! – this is a must. I do not want a challenge that is my bookshelf only.

I have been looking at Pop Sugar’s 2018 Reading Challenge & Book Riot’s 2018 Read Harder Challenge.

I am totally open to looking at multiple challenges or supporting another’s bloggers 2018 challenge if it meets my needs. Claire at BrizzleLass Books did share one that many of you might like if you are looking for a challenge geared at cleaning out the TBR pile: The Mount TBR 2018 on My Reader’s Block.

Do you participate in reading challenges? I would love to know which ones you sign up for and why. Do you have any suggestions for my upcoming 2018 reading goals? I am hoping to look through a few more before making a decision, but I want to decide soon. I would like to plan a TBR (I know, I hardly ever do this) going into the new year.

Happy Reading!

Danielle ❤

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Confessions of a Tea Sippin’ Blogger: Everything I Did Wrong & Right in 2017

Another year will soon come to a close. But this past year has been different for me due to a variety of reasons. One of those being, my first full year as a blogger!  It has been a lot of fun and I have connected with some amazing people. Blogging is a journey I look back on with no regrets, but…confession1

I made quite a few mistakes. Most of them may have went unnoticed and plenty were not visible to followers and friends (thank goodness). But that does not change the fact that they still happened. And no, they were not detrimental. I am not losing sleep over them. They were often necessary, teaching me and helping grow and hopefully improve. But as everyone begins to talk about blogging goals for the upcoming year, I find myself reflecting on the ones from last year that I failed to meet, and the ones I should have probably set. After all, this is how I will establish my future goals. And while blogging might be a hobby, it is one I am severely passionate about and invested in. So I do have plenty of goals!


My Bad…

A little list of some of my personal  blogging blunders during 2017.

  • Remaining in groups that I did not request to be a part of due to the guilt of leaving because a friend added me – this actually caused me a lot of stress throughout the year for reasons I will share in a later post.
  • Bookmarking Netgalley – Easy access to a multitude of “amazing” titles led to a significant list of egalleys that I really was not up to in the end.
  • Accepting review copies even though I stated I was closed in my policy – this was a huge problem. Again, guilt led me to respond to and even accept requests that I should not have even received. My own fault.
  • Accepting every friend request I received from a fellow blogger on Facebook – this is a touchy one, but I am admitting it. Just because you like someone’s blog or share an interest does not automatically make you ideal friends. It is awkward when you discover how constantmy negative or crass they are and then have to delete them or unfollow to try to hide them in your feed.
  • Allowing myself to feel obligated to post and respond at the same frequency as others – this not only resulted in a period of early burn out but soon led to a huge flare up in symptoms due to the strain of forcing myself to continue when I needed rest.
  • Listening to other bloggers too much – I know this sounds weird, but it is truth. There are a lot of posts circulating that will tell you write and wrong, how to and not to, there are just as many bloggers willing to do the same. And while helpful advice can be good, there are limits and differences. I found myself doubting my own posts and social media presence. Not good..
  • Last but most important, taking it all too personal at times – I will be the first to admit I wear my heart on my sleeve. When someone pokes fun at me or says something negative about myself or my work, it weighs heavily on me. I allowed comments and remarks that should not have mattered to affect my experience and time as a blogger. Wrong move!

The Good…

I did manage to do a few things well enough 😉

  • Diversified my reading – I am forever thankful that blogging and my new friendships as a result of it, have expanded who I am as a reader and person ❤
  • Improved my writing and review skills – Okay, so this one is technically subjective, but looking back, I feel I have evolved tremendously as a writer!
  • Gained confidence – Yes, in spite of the above, I have grown significantly in terms of my abilities to approach others and seek out opportunities I desire. The positive feedback and relationships I have acquired have fueled me to aim higher.
  • Developed incredible relationships – For every odd Facebook request or email, there has been an equally rewarding one. Some of my closest friends (which I know talk to daily) began as blogging acquaintances.
  • Gave up on feeling obligated, unsolicited groups and requests! –  I have finally removed myself from unwanted groups, cleared some clutter, deleted or said “no” to the review requests and learned to find a healthy balance. Yes to all of that! *fist pump*.


So with that said, my new goals for 2018 are pretty simple! Remain closed for reviews so that I may read off of my own shelves, continue to maintain balance, and share more creative posts.

If you look back at 2017, do you feel there were things you could have done better? What are some of the things you feel you actually did rather well? Maybe you had goals going into 2017 that you did or did not hit. What has this year in blogging taught you?

Let’s chat!

Danielle ❤

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