Holiday Break Announcement 

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I want to thank each of you for making 2017 a wonderful year for myself and Books, Vertigo and Tea! You have been fantastic and this has been a great year ❤ I am excited to enter into the new year with many new friends and connections. I wish each of you the happiest of holidays and very safe travels (if you find yourself venturing away from home).

I will be taking a small break to focus on family during the upcoming holidays. My son is scheduled to be away for several weeks after Christmas, so I plan to spend as much time enjoying both of the kids being home and on break before he leaves. I will return with the New Year at the latest. Until then, may the books and the tea be never-ending.

Here is to 2018 and each of you!

Cheers Bottle With Popping Cork on Google Android 8.1

Danielle ❤

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Update ~ Extended Hiatus This Month


*I hate to insert this here, but please do not send review requests without seeing my policies. I am spending more time than necessary filtering emails for requests that I am not currently accepting. 

It is with a very heavy heart that I must announce a temporary break for the month of August for medical purposes. I plan to continue on the new medications and hope to return by the end of the month.

If you currently have a pending spotlight, interview or review with BVT, I will be contacting you directly via email and greatly apologize for the inconvenience. I will continue to be available at (contact form) and via my Goodreads profile. I will be refraining from social media but checking emails weekly.

Thank you again to all of you who have continued to follow and support me through this past year. This was a very difficult decision that I am saddened to make. But in the end health and life must come first and I know you would tell me the same. You guys truly are the best!

Please feel free to email or add and message me on GR. I look forward to returning in better health!

Danielle ❤

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Vacation Response.. Minus the Vacation

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I have spoken with many of you regarding that fact that a break is needed. I have chosen now to enforce said break upon myself. This past week (as some of you know) I have experienced an increase in some symptoms that have made blogging and social media challenging. The onset of tremors and some weakness have turned each post into an endless battle of delete and spellcheck that just drags on. I keep fighting to push forward, but in the end I feel I may be my own worst enemy.

My son is also leaving in a week for his summer visit to Ohio. A long trip he is not excited for but must oblige. So piling in many current factors, I am hopeful this burst of spontaneous muscle activity can be attributed to my stress levels. Makes sense, right? I am sort of all over the place and will be prone to more drop attacks if I do not check myself. So this is me checking myself before I wreck myself… heyyy heyyy 😉

I will spend the next week resting with my family and hopefully return rejuvenated and ready to go! I will announce the next You Choose, I Read selection and post a review for the previous as soon as I return. In the meantime, social media will be off but email and phone are a go if you need me. Please feel free to send lots of books and tea (or wine) 😉

Take Care,

Danielle ❤

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