Very Small Break & Update


Just a small update today. I am suffering a few flare-ups (mainly neurological) and need to pull the plug on screen time this week. I am finding myself requiring extra meds and time to rest. I thought a day offline would help me bounce back, but spending nearly 24 hours in bed my body is now warning me that it is time to listen. I am currently awaiting a callback from the neurosurgeon to meet and discuss the plans for the newly discovered condition of my lower spine. I have a feeling the pain and tension in my back may be contributing to the increased headaches at the moment.

I realize I have not responded to a lot of you and will do so as soon as I return. I will not attempt to catch up on missed blog posts though 😦 I normally aim to do this when I am able to log back in. However, the additional screen time at the moment is just not an option so please forgive me.

I hope to be back by Sunday or Monday and look forward to chatting soon! Wishing you all the best week ❤


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Small Health Break

Small Health Break

It is that time again where I must make the decision to unplug temporarily. My body has been screaming at me for days and limits have been reached. I am taking a small health break this week and will be limiting screen time to work. Thank you for all of the wonderful shares, support and comments! I will do my best to respond when I return (very soon).

Please feel free to reach out via email ( if you need to contact me during my time away regarding any upcoming commitments or questions. And for those of you who have enquired about the You Choose, I Read feature, I will include a post with information on linking back when I return.

Much Love,
Danielle ❤

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Why I Have Not Responded Lately

Unplanned Break This Past Week

I finished off the previous week dealing with a bit of depression. This is not a complaint, as I am accustomed to the emotional side effects of living with chronic illness and know to self-care. But to ice the cake, I developed cold and flu symptoms that turned into a long stretch of a pretty bad virus.

As many of you can imagine, when dealing with constant vertigo and headaches, a cold (particularly when it reaches your head) can wreak havoc. And that is exactly what is going on and why I have been silent.

giphy (3)

I have spent this past week combating a barrage of symptoms I was not mentally or physically sickprepared for. Are we ever? And my immune system is having a hard time doing its job. Add the insurance debacle, and I am weathering a storm and not sure how soon I will return to the land of fully functioning human beings.

Until then posts are still scheduled, I am skipping Friday Favorites this week, and I will begin to pick away at comments as able.

Thank you for all of the support, shares and well wishes I have received. As always, you guys go above and beyond to remind me of why the book community is the best!


Danielle ❤

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