Excerpt ~ Queen of Corona by Esterhazy

Today I am excited to share an excerpt of Esterhazy’s contemporary, new adult book; Queen of Corona. As part of a book blitz hosted by Xpresso Book Tours, this also includes an international giveaway for one signed copy. So please be sure to enter at the bottom of this post!


Queen of Corona
Publication date: December 15th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult



Queen of a Corona delves into the mind of a young American adult growing up in today’s multicultural society. It is a human look at contemporary existence “from the bottom of the barrel.” It tells the story of a high school senior who is running after a student protest ends in tragedy. She is ushered onto an airplane by her mother, headed back to the land of her ancestors for the first time in her life. Her journey is both a way of escaping a seemingly dead-end existence and a chance at rediscovering herself by stepping outside the confines of societal standards. Queen of Corona is a coming-of-age novel in a dangerous age, in the age of Trump and all the forces stirring with and against the American president.



There comes a day when you go looking for your roots and you realize they’re all gone.

You grope about in the dark and find nothing. Nothing but bits and pieces of a legacy gone astray like a dog that was never loved in the first place. No matter where you come from, the day you become an American is the day you lost it all. No matter if you were born here or made it over by plane, train, bus or banana boat. Just like that, thousands of years of memory vaporize like the plane that hit the Pentagon. You forfeit miles of spindly roots planted into the earth by your ancestors from way back when. Slowly, painfully, you squander your family recipes and all them heirlooms, memories, traditions go slipping through your fingers. You figure you’re living the dream, but something’s off. Something’s missing.

Something you didn’t even know you needed. You lose track. You lose your ground. The connection with the earth that made you. That dust that hardened into your bones and softened into your skin. You think you can go on making the tamales, the pierogis, the same old samosas your grannies made for generations but they’re not the same at all. The flour here is different. The water is different. The proportions are all out of wack. And you know it’s just a dumpling and dumplings don’t always come out right, but for some reason you’re bawling your eyes out. Because you know it’s not just a fluke. It doesn’t come out right no matter how many times you try. Because it just ain’t in you no more.

A sourness that tastes like shame comes up in your throat. Shame that flips on itself, turning on the past, turning on your parents because they’re the ones who made you and brought you here. Your loving parents are now the bullseye for your shame. Their accents and their crazy foods. It was their brilliant idea to ship you all the way across the ocean before you had anything to say about it. So now you do all you can to keep them at home, hidden behind closed doors. You never invite anyone over. You do what you can to become like everyone else. You want to look like the girls in the videos. The selfie-stick chicks on the gram. Then you start dressing like the guys in the videos so the dudes round the way no longer feel obliged to tell you that your ass is too big or your ass is too flat. You convince yourself that you’ve been here all along.

That there is no motherland. No Poland, Ukraine, Honduras, Philippines, Bangladesh. The past fades like the last wisp of smoke after a dumpster fire. But the stench of it lingers, you know. There’s nothing you can do to make it disappear for good. It’s a blemish that won’t go away. An ugly little blackhead of guilt. Because you denied your ancestors, denied your heritage. When you denied them, you denied yourself. You denied your very existence.

This is the tragedy of assimilation. The old folks give up trying to talk sense into you. They throw their hands up and let you be what you always thought you wanted to be. An apple-pie-eating, base-ball-bat swinging shiksa like all those other girls in the hood. You try telling them that shit ain’t really you at all. So they ask you, who is you then? And you try to tell them but it’s like snakes crawling up your throat. You can’t spit out a syllable. So, you figure maybe they’re right. You start grasping at straws, the frayed threads of history, shreds of a native realm.

There comes a day when you finally realize you have no idea who you is or even who you are, and where you came from. So maybe you get on a plane and try to take a good hard look at things from a distance. Try to take in the bigger picture and all. Back to the future. Though the truth is I’m not really doing it for the right reasons. My story ain’t all high and mighty like that. There’s more dirt I’ll have to dig up at some point, for sure. I’ll get to it when the time is right. No point in rushing things. We have all the time in the world.

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esterhazy.jpgAbout Esterhazy

Esterhazy is a journalist, writer and translator. A native New Yorker, she holds degrees in Comparative Literature from New York University and American Studies from the University of Warsaw. Queen of Corona is her debut novel.

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Sunday Sum~Up


The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer that I am linking my Sunday Sum-Ups with. Stop by and say hello!

This will probably be my last Sunday Sum~Up until the New Year. I have an upcoming blog break planned to begin on December 22nd. Our son will be leaving right after Christmas for several weeks, so the plan is to take some much-needed time and dedicate it to family and rest (when not working). It has been a great year, but not without challenges. I am a tad exhausted and still combating symptoms as we prep to celebrate. So I believe a small break is a good call at this point, as many of us will be incredibly busy over the next two weeks.

I did have a very satisfying week that included a trip into the actual office. It was fantastic to see my amazing coworkers and catch up. I have a wonderful job ❤ I am looking forward to not having to send the kids off to school for a bit 😉 The blog was fairly busy. And I was able to hop a little. I will be making more rounds today as able.

Oh and we worked on The Walking Gingerdead.. bahaha. Was tons of fun! Admittedly we have a morbid sense of humor and love TWD in this house.


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(New)Other HappeningsIt was a good week on the blog that ended with two reviews and three posts.

What I am watching this week:

Netflix Original: The Break (La trêve )thebreak.jpg

This Belgian crime drama begins with a suspected suicide and the mysterious details surrounding a young man’s death. It is too early to speculate, but there is a lot happening at only 3 episodes in. I am hooked!

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I was also unable to find an English subtitled trailer. But it is shaping up with promise 😉

I think that covers it for this week. Happiest of holidays to those who will be celebrating and a beautiful week to you all! I am looking forward to 2018 with each of you! Thank you for being here.


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Help Wanted: Reading Challenges!


I already have threads going on social media, but thought the blogosphere might be the best place to bring this discussion (or question). I am in search of a good reading challenge for 2018.

Now, I do not normally participate in reading challenges for a variety or reasons. I usually just set personal goals and go from there. This year, I would like a more “defined” path. But I have some specific things I want from a challenge.

What I am looking for:

Diversity! – In terms of authors and content.
Genre Exploration – Something that will push me out of my comfort zone.
Clear, defined goal and challenges.
If possible 30 books or less (I still want time to tackle my personal TBR).
Something that allows me the option to post and discuss my progress but does not require it or check ins – my health may not allow for regular posts and I don’t want this to be stressful or feel obligatory.
The inclusion of library books! – this is a must. I do not want a challenge that is my bookshelf only.

I have been looking at Pop Sugar’s 2018 Reading Challenge & Book Riot’s 2018 Read Harder Challenge.

I am totally open to looking at multiple challenges or supporting another’s bloggers 2018 challenge if it meets my needs. Claire at BrizzleLass Books did share one that many of you might like if you are looking for a challenge geared at cleaning out the TBR pile: The Mount TBR 2018 on My Reader’s Block.

Do you participate in reading challenges? I would love to know which ones you sign up for and why. Do you have any suggestions for my upcoming 2018 reading goals? I am hoping to look through a few more before making a decision, but I want to decide soon. I would like to plan a TBR (I know, I hardly ever do this) going into the new year.

Happy Reading!

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