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I am currently semi-drafting this as I find myself engrossed in the 1982 animated film, The Last Unicorn. I am a sucker for the animation and musical score. I will never outgrow it. Aside from that, it has been quiet. My x-ray results were not “A” okay, so they have kept on me on restrictions and are sending me for MRIs. Although, I am sure it will be worked out soon. It is just difficult spending so much downtime. On the plus side, I have read some great books! But my hair has seen better days and I am beginning to think it is time to further expand my pajama collection 😉



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What I am Currently Reading

By Nadine Brandes


Thomas Fawkes is turning to stone, and the only cure to the Stone Plague is to join his father’s plot to assassinate the king of England.

Silent wars leave the most carnage. The wars that are never declared, but are carried out in dark alleys with masks and hidden knives. Wars where color power alters the natural rhythm of 17th century London. And when the king calls for peace, no one listens until he finally calls for death.

But what if death finds him first?

Keepers think the Igniters caused the plague. Igniters think the Keepers did it. But all Thomas knows is that the Stone Plague infecting his eye is spreading. And if he doesn’t do something soon, he’ll be a lifeless statue. So when his Keeper father, Guy Fawkes, invites him to join the Gunpowder Plot—claiming it will put an end to the plague—Thomas is in.

The plan: use 36 barrels of gunpowder to blow up the Igniter King.

The problem: Doing so will destroy the family of the girl Thomas loves. But backing out of the plot will send his father and the other plotters to the gallows. To save one, Thomas will lose the other.

No matter Thomas’s choice, one thing is clear: once the decision is made and the color masks have been put on, there’s no turning back.

My Current Audio

becoming nicoleBecoming Nicole: The Transformation of An American Family
By Amy Ellis Nutt


The inspiring true story of a transgender girl, her identical twin brother, and an ordinary American family’s extraordinary journey to understand, nurture, and celebrate the right to be different—from the Pulitzer Prize–winning science reporter for The Washington Post.

Other Happenings

“There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after.” 
~ J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

What are you reading this weekend? Drop me a line with your current reads or recent favorites!

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Sunday Sum~Up


Sunday Sum_Up (1)

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer that I am linking my Sunday Sum-Ups with. Stop by and say hello!

I started off the week feeling like there was no way I was going to manage content this week and quite honestly defeated. But somehow I began to slowly level out on the meds and produce a few reviews and posts. I feel like I am now semi back on track and happy to be settling back into the routine I lost last month. I did obtain xrays yesterday and we are hopeful they will be clear as my physician is leaning towards nerve damage at this point.

Today we are having our usual combo celebration of my birthday and father’s day before my son leaves. It is tradition to celebrate this way every year before his summer trip so that he does not miss celebrating with the nonhubs. So I may not be online as much but for good reason. I am cheating and having cake, so I am very excited!


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What I am Currently Reading

daughter of the burning cityDaughter of the Burning City
By Amanda Foody


Sixteen-year-old Sorina has spent most of her life within the smoldering borders of the Gomorrah Festival. Yet even among the many unusual members of the traveling circus-city, Sorina stands apart as the only illusion-worker born in hundreds of years. This rare talent allows her to create illusions that others can see, feel and touch, with personalities all their own. Her creations are her family, and together they make up the cast of the Festival’s Freak Show.

But no matter how lifelike they may seem, her illusions are still just that—illusions, and not truly real. Or so she always believed…until one of them is murdered.

Desperate to protect her family, Sorina must track down the culprit and determine how they killed a person who doesn’t actually exist. Her search for answers leads her to the self-proclaimed gossip-worker Luca, and their investigation sends them through a haze of political turmoil and forbidden romance, and into the most sinister corners of the Festival. But as the killer continues murdering Sorina’s illusions one by one, she must unravel the horrifying truth before all of her loved ones disappear.


9780803739260_NearlyGone_JKT.inddA Line in the Dark
By Malinda Lo


The line between best friend and something more is a line always crossed in the dark.

Jess Wong is Angie Redmond’s best friend. And that’s the most important thing, even if Angie can’t see how Jess truly feels. Being the girl no one quite notices is OK with Jess anyway. While nobody notices her, she’s free to watch everyone else. But when Angie begins to fall for Margot Adams, a girl from the nearby boarding school, Jess can see it coming a mile away. Suddenly her powers of observation are more curse than gift.

As Angie drags Jess further into Margot’s circle, Jess discovers more than her friend’s growing crush. Secrets and cruelty lie just beneath the carefree surface of this world of wealth and privilege, and when they come out, Jess knows Angie won’t be able to handle the consequences.

When the inevitable darkness finally descends, Angie will need her best friend.

“It doesn’t even matter that she probably doesn’t understand how much she means to me. It’s purer this way. She can take whatever she wants from me, whenever she wants it, because I’m her best friend.”

Other Happenings

“Oh, magic hour, when a child first knows she can read printed words.” 
~Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

What are you currently reading? Do you have a recommendation from your recent reads?

Danielle ❤

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Blogging Life: Is There a Proper Etiquette for Unsolicited ARCs & Review Copies?


Recently I received an email from a publishing marketer wanting to know where my review was for an advanced reading copy they had sent. The problem was, this copy was unsolicited. It arrived in my mailbox as a pleasant surprise and after a courtesy Instagram post made its way to small but kind of growing pile of unsolicited book mail. This was not the first time an email like this has happened, and it kind of upset me. The more I thought about it, the more I felt the marketer was out of line to approach me in this manner. After deleting the email (I try not to allow myself to angry respond – lesson learned there) I took to Twitter with my grievances because that is what we do in this day and age of booming social media.


It turns out that many of you agree (because I am right) and I had some nice discussions about these unsolicited copies and unread review policies (Spoiler – nobody reads them). I wanted to carry that over to the blog and discuss it further because it’s fun to do. So let’s do this!

Unsolicited Book Mail: Is There A Proper Etiquette Involved?

This is a tricky one for me because I say yes and no. Technically, I feel as though I did not ask for it, therefore I am in no way, shape or form committed to respond or react to it. But I also happen to be a nice and appreciative person *wink*.  So do have a haphazard system in place that I hope is courtesy and grateful because I do love book mail and being thought of ❤


My System (Attempt at Unsolicited Book Mail Etiquette)

Keeping two shelves for ARCs & reviews copies: Here I separate the requested and agreed to reading versus the glorious and ever elusive surprise mail into two defining collections. And well, I bet you can guess which takes priority *double wink*

Contacting the publisher: If I am provided with contact or have the information for the sender (a few I work with regularly will send titles they think I might like) I will send an email thanking them for the book and let them know that if/when I have time to review it, I will be sure to send them the link. I do understand these ARCs cost them money and like to be appreciative and responsive when I can. However, I will not go out of my way to track down senders of the random titles that arrive with no additional information.

Brief promotion without/before reviewing: I always attempt to share the book mail on Instagram and social media in advance. Albeit my following count is hardly worthy of actually labeling this as a promotion. I feel that bringing any awareness to the titles is the least I can do before it goes on the glorious surprise mail shelf.

Reviewing: I will review and acknowledge that it was sent via the publisher and shoot them a link once I am finally able to do. I do not review the random romance or spiritual titles that arrive. To be fair, I have a policy that states I am closed for reviews and do not accept these titles EVER. Should have read that *triple wink* <– is that a thing?


I appreciate and respect those rare occasions that I am sent the unexpected. Particularly when it is accompanied by a nice note or explanation. I have one publicist who will send books with a card saying “This sounded like your cup of tea” I adore her! I do the best I can to acknowledge and review the titles. But I also believe it is out of line for any publisher to demand a review when the title was never actually requested. I am hoping this is a rare event that I will not encounter too often.

How do you handle unsolicited books? Perhaps you have experienced something similar (although I hope not). Do you feel there is a proper etiquette involved with unsolicited book mail?

Let’s Chat,
Danielle ❤

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